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Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting:

The soul that rises with us, our life’s star,

Hath had elsewhere its setting,

And cometh from afar….

-William Wordsworth

We can say that love, in its broadest sense, which is the ‘force of attraction’, is the primary mover of life on Earth. Like microscopic particles, we are driven towards union. And one of the reasons we are, is to discover who we are – and – to heal our wounds.  But why are we all so wounded, and where did all these wounds come from?

It seems illogical to assume that everything we are, originated in this lifetime. As an evolutionary astrologer, my philosophy embraces a belief in the continuation of the Soul over many lifetimes. How else can we rationalise vast inequities that exist between people?  Why are some ‘lucky in love’ while others struggle with relationships their whole lives? Why are some struck by tragedy and others seem to live lives of relative easy? Really fair that.

It would seem reasonable to assume that those who have an easier time of it may have earned more karmic credits. Their lives are easier because they’ve passed the tests and paid their dues. But the spiritual literature suggests the reverse may be true. More advanced souls may in fact choose lives that appear more difficult, more challenging.  Because their spiritual muscles are well developed they may be better equipped to take on harder tasks in successive lives. From our perspective this seems bizarre – why would anyone willingly take on a lifetime of great difficulty?

The point here is – our perspective is a limited one.  From a spiritual standpoint, life is a very different scenario. It seems likely that we do consciously select different ‘lessons’ to work on through our various lives. Some lives we may be working on developing patience, or compassion. In others we may be learning about poverty, or the power of great wealth, or beauty. A lifetime as a cripple or handicapped person may be teaching valuable gems of wisdom around the deeper meaning of love and self-sacrifice – for the caregivers as much as the impaired person.  Entwined in all of this is the story of our karma.  Karma is best not to be viewed as a punishment, but rather as a mechanism of the universal intelligence designed to balance our Souls.  This is part of the mystery. Behind the mystery, is the grand design.

Chaos theory holds that within apparent chaos, there is always order. There is a pattern. Nothing is random. So if the nature of life itself is order – despite it’s apparent chaos at times – it is incorrect to think that the ‘fate’ of one’s birth is random. The only answer that makes any real sense is the continuation of the Soul over many lifetimes: or reincarnation.  Incidentally, some of the world’s greatest thinkers have believed in reincarnation:  Leo Tolstoy, Blake, Emerson, Walt Whitman, Isaac Newton, Da Vinci. 

As we spin through countless lives on the planet, we have a chance to experience it all : beauty, frailty, wealth, disempowerment, passion, loneliness, betrayal, anger, patience, compassion, selfishness, oppression……. Every emotion, we get to sample.  We are free to choose our emotional responses, as we learn that we can.

Chaos demands to be recognized and experienced

Before letting itself be converted into a new order.

-Herman Hesse

Don’t lose heart then, if your life feels without purpose, and at times utter chaos prevails. There is a purpose and a plan, and whether it feels like it or not, everything that happens to you is about taking you to the next level.  You are evolving through all the seeming insignificant choices and random events, including the painful ones, which take you through your days. Your life is meaningful and inutterably valuable.  Awakening to the truth of the greatness and value of your life is the quantum leap you make in becoming a conscious co-creator.  When you realize how precious your life is, and what an incredible opportunity this lifetime is giving you, life changes. You know on the deepest level that your ‘accidents of fate’ are not accidents. Your meetings and involvements with others are not by chance. You are travelling together for a purpose. However long or short a time, it is always in aid of your healing and your growth.  Life is really quite an adventure!

It is beyond the scope of this book to go into more detail on reincarnation, but there are many good books on the subject.  Dr Brian Weiss’s books Many Lives, Many Masters and  Only Love is Real , would be a good place to start. 

Great hearts steadily send forth the secret forces that

Incessantly draw great events.

R. W. Emerson

As the ‘Law of Attraction’ states – we are each and every one of us creating our lives moment by moment, by virtue of the thoughts we are sending out.  Our thoughts and feelings are the secret forces which are quietly creating our lives. We have created our own fate (or karma) and we are , moment by moment, making more of it. Where we find ourselves today is nothing more or less than the manifestation of our thought and feeling energy in the past.

But the essential point here is, we are NOT compelled to keep living out the patterns we have karmically set in action.  That we do so at all is because we do not know any better. We ‘create’ our lives by default. Being unaware that our choices are taking us either closer to love, or closer to fear, we act unconsciously and our inferior choices create in kind. Our creations may come packaged in the form of ‘bad luck’ – bearing no resemblance to anything that we could possibly have said or done. But believe it or not, that betraying partner was beamed on in to us compliments of our own vibrational energy.  I know that sounds heartless – but the ‘God Force’ is impartial.  It is so much easier to blame fate, as if it was something removed from us. Yet, we attracted this person through our own vibratory resonance – in order to learn something, or, to balance karma. The bottom line is: we create our own reality.

Hint of Future Attractions

Here’s the deal – through raising our vibrational energy, we can cut through any negative karma. We can terminate any negative effects of erroneous thinking in the past. How? Through re-directing our thoughts and feelings. You might well be thinking ‘easier said than done’, and you would be right. The hold the ego has over most people is strong and changing patterns of thought requires a high level of consciousness. In other words, it means we have to wake up to our natures!  If we want to put an end to our unhappiness and pain, this is what we must do. And if you have the heart for it, you can attract, along with the perfect partner, everything else you desire – so long as it supports the evolutionary intention of yourself and the larger consciousness system! Doing so means you need to put the energy in;  the thought and feeling energy. There will always be challenges, because that is the nature of life: we are on a mission to evolve. But when we wake up to our true natures, we will more smoothly and easily meet those challenges.

Given then, that we come to this life, not as a blank slate, but as a repository of experience, wisdom, learning and suffering – the composite of all our thought patterns of eons, we can appreciate the fact that the person we bring to our relationships is very much more than meets the eye.  Likewise, the person we make the choice to enter into a relationship with  is also a pot-pourri of emotions, fears, insecurities, wounds, as well as talents, gifts and other attractions.

Because of this legacy we carry, our psychology is inherently flawed.  That is, our psyche (Soul) is incomplete.  It is incomplete, or fractured, because of the wounds we have sustained through our countless lives.  Our task is to heal these and to refine our characters in the process.

Leaving aside entirely the territory of past lives, the wounds of childhood generate plethora of psychological defences which we carry through into adult life – in many cases, suffering from them for the duration of our lives. Even if we had blissfully happy childhoods (very few of us did, surprisingly) – at some point later on, life can beat up on us. We may marry someone who turns out to be an abuser. We may have a traumatic accident. At some point we will suffer the grief of losing someone we love dearly.  They all leave their scars.

As it turns out, intimate relationships provide us with a point of entry into our deepest, darkest selves. Intimate relationships, as we know, have the potential to generate wounds – as in the abusive relationship. But the more spiritually aware, or conscious we become, the easier it is to step back and see how we have drawn to us the particular partner we have. We are then able to dismantle the defences and projections that we have unknowingly brought with us into our relationships. It is these psychological defences that have prevented us from truly merging, and connecting with others. This means that our task, if we want to experience heaven on earth (deep intimacy is the closes we get to that), is to identify and overcome these defences. To do so, we must become more conscious.