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The Gods of Change….

Life has become quite bizarre of late – it all feels chaotic, confusing, surreal. We are in a weird place, as if we are on a precipice and somehow stuck, marking time, waiting for something…….   We read the predictions, of astrologers (maybe), financial commentators and others and the outlook, well, it’s not looking great, is it…

Talking of the astrology, I wanted to look at the quintessential message of the cosmos here today to try to glean something of the intent of the planetary players to, hopefully, help find a way through the quagmire of confusion.  The fact that so many planets have been in retrograde motion this past month has no doubt contributed to our feelings of stuckness.  This month the big players, Pluto, Saturn and several other planetary bodies will start moving direct again – meaning our inward focus will shift and we will become more action oriented.

Today (October 2) Mercury ends her latest retrograde period and in a sign she rules, Virgo, signals now is the time to start speaking out, expressing ourselves and our creativity.  The planet of communication and cognition will slip into Libra on October 11. Libra is a cardinal sign – its energy is outward, focused on action. We will begin to feel we need to act on our recent musings and cogitations – taking them out into the world and sharing with others.  There was a reason everything was going backwards. It was about the need to reflect, to assimilate and digest so much information. Now we are readying ourselves to make our contribution.  Even if it is only contributing to ourselves through implementing some positive changes for our health, security and well-being.

On the 9th (Oct) Pluto changes gears and begins to move direct again.  Pluto is about transformation. All transformative processes happen on the invisible level first and this is what the ‘god of the underworld’ has been about during its retrograde – transforming things from the inside, hidden from view.  Pluto is a planet that speaks to the collective. It features in our individual charts of course and has something to say there for each of us, but as a marker of the larger collective its movements have important information to deliver on a societal level.  You’d have to have been living under a rock at the bottom of a lake not to have registered that our society is undergoing a massive transformation – kicked off as it was by the conjunction of Saturn with Pluto in 2020. What then is Pluto going to deliver up, in the world of the visible, now that he is back in motion? (Until half way through next year when he goes backwards again).

“As long as you do not die and rise again, You are a stranger to the dark earth.”   (Goethe)

Not to put too fine a point on it – Pluto is the ‘god of death’.  His transits often bring us into painful contact with ‘death’ – of something. We cannot know if Pluto foretells of literal death or the ending of something significant; a psychological death. Either way. Either way the transformation that the ‘death of something’ brings, is designed to change us.  Our Earth Mother, Gaia brings forth life and in due course all life dies to make way for new life. We know this is the way of things. Our collective, call it civilization, is composed of organic life – us – and thus it too is subject to the regenerative cyclic processes of Mother Gaia.

The something that is dying now, is precisely that, it is the death of civilization as we know it.  Pluto is in the last degrees of the sign Capricorn, which is the sign of ‘the authorities’ and those systems of control that maintain the status quo in our society. That Pluto is moving out of Capricorn and into Aquarius – the sign of people power – is clearly significant. However, we cannot lose sight of the fact that he will return to Capricorn for one last blast next year. Our journey is close, but not at its completion.  So this shift from retrograde back into a slow but potent forward propulsion is designed to begin the implementation of some major changes – changes that have been birthed on the invisible, unmanifest level. Something new is struggling through the birth canal as we speak.

So far I haven’t told you anything you don’t already know I’m sure.  Here is another piece of the puzzle to ponder. Pluto’s domain of transformation encompasses integration and healing.  Integration is wholeness.  It is the nature of life to move towards wholeness. Pluto’s dramatic, scary and often painful processes are about precisely this – the move towards wholeness.  Do you feel that life as we have been living it has been ‘wholesome’ ?  Hmm. Probably not.  It’s no secret anymore what the ‘controllers’ have been up to behind the scenes.  There is a reason many of us have felt for a very long time that we don’t belong here, that something is not right. We have an innate awareness of our connection to our Mother planet, to the healing power of nature, to our intrinsic human spirituality. The sense of living inauthentic lives, as we’ve complied to the dictates of a spiritually bereft society is real and valid. We have been.  All of this came to head in 2020 as the wheels of the cosmos turned and we were ushered into a chapter we might call ‘the beginning of the end’.  Well, now we know.  Pluto is the archetype of annihilation and destruction – and concomitantly, death.  But now the truth is revealed – what is being destroyed is a system that has, for millennia, been intent on our dis-integration.  Now it is dying.

There is nothing for it but for us to face the beast.  Pluto evokes our most fundamental survival instincts and ignites our destructive, ferocious urges. None of this is going to be pretty then. Birth never is. But one thing seems clear, our days of quietly acquiescing, complying (unconsciously or not) with the forces intent on our ultimate destruction, are over.  We do have help though…..the Universal Spirit is ever compassionate. Believe it or not.

Scorpio season is not far off. Scorpio is the sign connected to Pluto and symbolises a period of ‘entering into the underworld.’  We have the New Moon in Scorpio on the 25th of this month and this is followed by minutes with a partial Sun Eclipse (just after midnight on the 26th here in New Zealand).  Eclipses signal powerful endings and beginnings.  It looks like the birth of the new is upon us.  This eclipse is part of a series of eclipses that are associated with authorities. The message is getting clearer and clearer.  Their time is done.  What precisely is dying now? What is being born?  I’m sure you have your own thoughts on this.  From the astrological symbolism alone it seems clear the financial system is a contender. We have the North Node of the Moon conjoined with Uranus in Taurus. Briefly, the North Node is our ‘way forward’… our collective ‘next step’.  Uranus is the deliverer of surprise, shocks, revelation and liberation. Taurus is our financial and material security (food, money).  Join the dots.  There could be a major ending of the current financial system – before the birth of a new one.  Note I word it ‘could be’ and not ‘will be’.  This is because I have been around this game for long enough to know that it is not wise to ‘make predictions’.  If that surprises you, well, welcome to the truth about astrology.  I observe with interest, often amusement and have done for decades, the ‘predictions’ of so many astrologers. The Trump election was a good one.  Pretty much every notable astrologer who ventured to make a prediction, turned out to be wrong.  The cosmos has the last laugh.  This is true for our individual charts as well. Often what appears on the horizon to be a transit of major upheaval and upset turns out to be not so bad (though something pivotal will be set in motion). And vice-versa – harmonious and positive transits also, often fail to deliver.  Why is this – and what is the point of astrology if we can’t make predictions you might ask.  In a nutshell, the point is, we can anticipate possibilities.  The transits and progressions (the tools of future reading) give us potent tools to discern the waves of energy that are poised to surf in to our reality.  How these energies actually play out is next to impossible to predict because there are so many variables.  In the individual chart the main one being our unique level of consciousness.  But one thing is clear – all of it is designed to move us forward on our evolutionary journey and when we are clued in to the symbolism of whatever energies are going to be impacting our energetic field, we are able to discern the evolutionary intent of the time.

The second eclipse in this series, a Lunar Eclipse, occurs on November 8 – just before the Taurus Full Moon.  Full Moons recall are about completion.  Something will be set in motion two weeks prior on the New Moon that has deep implications for our collective financial reality and be implemented (perhaps) on the Full Moon. Remember that this whole process we are going through together is about coming to a place of integrity or wholeness.  It is about the destruction, the ending of a system that was designed to fail, because it was not integrous. It was not honest, it was not life supporting. It was in fact, anti-life.  The reign of the money gods is coming to an about-timely end. It logically wont happen overnight and Pluto’s retreat back into Capricorn next year after it temporarily leaves the sign tells us so.  Those with the power will not go quietly. But their demise seems inevitable.

Keep the faith. Jupiter (symbolic of faith, belief, trust) is backtracking still (and will be until November 24) – giving us an opportunity to reflect and strengthen our inner faith in life, a higher power, our own power, whatever we need to buoy ourselves for the challenges of this time. On October 28 Jupiter, in its reflective journey, will go back into Pisces.  Pisces is about the One. That is, the Oneness of life. We are all nodes of consciousness in the one body of humanity.  If we are sensitive to the truth of our unity, this time will support our faith in the power of it.  Together, we are powerful.  ‘They’ are afraid of us waking up to the truth of our true power, in unity. That is why they’ve tried so bloody hard to divide and rule us. Let’s use this precious window of time to reconnect to the truth of our power as a unified collective of awakened beings – calmly ready and willing to do what it takes, together, to dethrone the liars and deceivers.  We have the support of the Kosmos – via the cosmos (the planetary energies) to help us move through this transition to a more authentic, awakened humanity.  It is indeed, an interesting time to be alive. Go well fellow travelers. May the force of truth be with you.

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Wow! Your words, understan

“To disagree with three-fourths of the British public is one of the first requisites of sanity.”

(Oscar Wilde)

Coming of age as I did in the ‘70’s – with a predisposition to be a ‘truth seeker’ – all things ‘New Age’ were on the table for exploration and experimentation.  (And yes, like Oscar, I didn’t and don’t agree with the consensus.)  Of course, astrology was there in the truth-seeking mix; the language of the stars called to me in my early teens.  In 2008 I caught the words of astrologer Melanie Reinhart at a workshop in Bali:  “You can only work with what has been burnt into your soul.”  She was referring to the astrological symbols.  She was saying that you have to live the symbols to truly know them. You have to experience in the depths of your being what they are saying, how they feel, and what they mean.  She was right.  The only way you really know astrology is by experiencing it.  Life, as it happens, is largely an experiential exercise. And we can’t take anyone else’s word for it.

I have long pondered how astrology works.  When I started to learn it from my first teacher, I was frustrated because I didn’t have a big picture context.  Yes, I knew it was real, that it worked….but how did the planets out there ‘cause’ things to happen down here ? In 2005 I was reading David Icke’s book “Infinite Love is the Only Truth…. Everything Else is Illusion”   and came upon his explanation of how astrology works.  This is what he said:

Take astrology, a major New Age tool.  In the right hands, it can be extremely accurate and sometimes very useful in a ‘this world’ sense.  The movement of the planets and stars is a matrix program, a holographic version of the one projected on the ceiling of a planetarium.  These planetary movements trigger vibrational changes that affect humans and other life on earth because it affects the DNA and the input/output system.  The point at which we enter the Time Loop also impacts the DNA.  Astrology is the interaction between the vibrational fields created by the celestial cycles and our DNA program is affected by where in the cycle we are born.  But I stress that this interaction is not between our consciousness and the planetary movements; it is between the planets and our DNA, which includes the mind and emotions.  At this level, astrology in its deeper and detailed form is certainly relevant, but when we move our awareness beyond mind to the consciousness of the ‘One’, we cease to be affected by the astrological ‘laws’.”

Brilliantly put.  We might say that the astrological birth chart describes our psychological self.  The finger pointing to the Moon is not the Moon.

“What is referred to as ‘fate’ is not the inevitable experience of consciousness; it is the inevitable outcome of the DNA computer program unless consciousness intervenes.” (!)   (D. Icke)

The great Rudolf Steiner said that his lectures in mysticism were about knowing, that is, “knowing thyself in the large sense of ‘know yourself as an organ of divine-spiritual-cosmic cognition.’  The key was ‘Die and become’ (Goethe).  Steiner believed that to truly exist as an ‘I’ one ‘must sacrifice one’s separate existence as determined by one’s organic, psychological circumstances.’  The self-transformation of ego-death is the essence of what the Delphic oracle required in its ‘Know Thyself’. Steiner said it does not ask us to know ourselves as psychological beings. In fact, the individual, separate personality must ‘die for the Self to come into the world.’

From the nutshell above on the mechanism of astrology and its DNA informing component, we can see that what we are looking at in the birth chart of an individual is that person’s mind-body personality self.  Steiner says this is not the deeper meaning of ‘Know Thyself.’

This is what must be sacrificed. The symbols’ meaning being ‘burnt into our souls’ by lived experience is real enough, but the symbols themselves are just that. They are not the essence of who we truly are. They are the finger pointing to the Moon.

In the quote above from Icke what is implied here is that we have the power to alter or affect our ‘fate’ through our consciousness. Consciousness is everything.  If we are relatively ‘unconscious’ – that is, living life in an unthinking, mechanical way, reacting to our changing moods and emotions from a place of ego – then the program that was encoded into our DNA at our first breath will run unchecked.  Our DNA controlled mind and emotional programming will largely dictate our thoughts and behaviours.  But, if we are more conscious, in New Age parlance, more ‘enlightened’, we have the capacity to ‘alter’ what would otherwise appear as our fate.  Fate is character unfolded in time, as one of my astrology teachers put it; meaning we will attract circumstances and events into our lives in accord with our character.  Character as I see it,  is an amalgam of the psychological self (revealed in the birth chart) and consciousness. We cannot know the consciousness of a person through studying their birth chart alone, but we can know a great deal about their psychological self.

We feel we grow through the experiences that burn into our souls. We assume that is so because we have felt  something deep and painful in our hard lessons; we have, if we are sufficiently conscious, become more enlightened, more evolved because of what we have been through. Or, is it that experience simply removes more of the veils of forgetfulness to reveal what we already knew and who we really are?

I’ll leave that thought for now.

There are many concepts of the religion of the ‘New Age’ that I find I no longer take as read.  It seems in these tumultuous, chaotic, confusing and information over-load times we are in, there has been a revival in the religion of the New Age and every second person on the internet is talking about ascension, angels, off-planet saviours and the like. There are intuitives, channellers,and mediums aplenty. There are ‘teachers’ from the future, from somewhere else in the galaxy, from Texas.   I get it. We are hankering to know ourselves as ‘an organ of divine-spiritual-cosmic cognition.’  As life in the ‘real’ world continues to dissolve the structures of our civilisation, structures that have heretofore given us a sense of security and comfort, we naturally seek the connection of our deeper selves with something else. Something spiritual.  Often, anything spiritual.  But we must tread carefully.  If we cleave too tightly to any one ‘guru’, methodology or system we run the risk of missing the bigger picture.  And it is the bigger picture we desperately need right now.  We need to know ourselves as divine-spiritual-cosmic beings. That is the big picture.  And we do not need to go through a middle-man.  The New Age religion has its share of ‘priests’ and interlopers just as other religions do. We need to be discerning.  I have always said, astrology is not the be all and end all. You can live quite happily not knowing your birth chart at all.  Most people do.  As we explored briefly above, it is a ‘program’, DNA software, and we are much more than a personality running a program.   In order to know ourselves I believe astrology is a wonderfully helpful tool in that it keys us in to an awareness of the cosmos. It can objectify the emotional patterns that underpin our lives and it can trace their origin in early childhood events.  Astrology can hint at wounds and issues that may have been ‘brought over’ from past lives – or chosen by the soul to develop a particular capacity. It shows us that we are indeed ‘creatures of the cosmos’, subjected to forces above and beyond this earthly realm.   But it cannot show us our soul.

It sometimes looks like the whole ‘New Age’ movement, which really kicked off in the ‘70’s is just another program – with many parallels to conventional religions.  You can spot it easily enough – the ‘archangels and ascended masters’ Gabriel, St Germaine, etc, when imaged, look exactly like earlier depictions of Jesus.  There is the Great White Brotherhood, the Galactic Federation, Council of 9,  living reincarnations of ascended masters and assorted alien Saviours. These off-planet beings have transcended earthly karma and are out there helping us, apparently, to ‘ascend’.    Somehow I can’t and never have, subscribed to all of this.  I accept there are ‘off-planet beings’ – naturally and the ancient wisdom has long taught of the angelic and elemental kingdoms, but for some reason all of these New Age entities sound like they’ve come from the same playbook.  The New Age bible.  It sounds like another ‘god program’.   If we meditate and affirm and create little rituals and believe, we might be ‘saved’ by whoever or whatever program we are currently subscribed to.

We are all free to believe as we choose.  If believing in the New Age religion floats your boat, then fine. For myself, at this age and stage, my gravitation is to nature and to what author Enna Reittort has called the ‘natural human esoteric’.  The human esoteric is enigmatic – naturally – but not inaccessible. It is the integration, the bringing back together, the healing, of what it means to be human. We have been severed from the knowing of who we truly are through centuries of the god program and its latter day incarnations (such as scientism).

“Our integration is about more than just cobbling together our earthly and cosmic identities in some mental construct.  It involves a transformation of the heart, for both to be united in re-membrance of the whole that had been dis-membered.  The heart is where it happens physically, emotionally and subtly – the locus of the human natural esoteric that hears the song of the cosmos and is crucial to who-we-are.”   (Enna Reittort –‘ Krivda’)

How beautifully put. And it brings me back to the theme of some of my earlier writings.  The heart is where it happens baby.

The human esoteric is knowing the essence of who we are, individually, on the inside. It is not about subscribing to the teachings of some Johnny-come-lately who professes to have the wisdom to teach us how to become enlightened. It is knowing for ourselves – on the heart level.  The heart has a knowing the mind cannot.  This is what we must learn to trust.   It is a process for sure and along the way we journey down many highways and byways – exploring, we truth seekers, many different teachings and systems (astrology is a knowledge system)……But now the time is ripe and it is running out quite frankly, to turn back to ourselves and back to our mother – Nature.  It is time to let go of reliance on externals, on gurus and self-proclaimed teachers and rediscover our inner knowing.  Our Earth, Gaia, the embodiment of Sophia (wisdom) is the only teacher we need.  We can read the book of nature for ourselves.  There is meaning in everything in nature.  We can study her book for a lifetime. Our bodies contain infinite wisdom – if only we can quiet the mind and emotions long enough and trustingly enough to hear it. If we really want to grow our consciousness and reconnect with our mother and our true nature, this is what we will do. 

Our bodies, as part of nature, are precious beyond measure.  We do not need to ‘ascend’ anywhere. We are already here and this life, in this body, is the only one we need attend to.  We may have lived countless lifetimes and have still countless more. But equally, we may not.  The ‘wisdom’ we attribute to past life learning and experience may be our innate wisdom, given to us by virtue of being born human on a profoundly conscious and aware planet.  The voice of our intuition, the one that we always realize after a harrowing episode in our lives was there in the beginning, trying to warn us, was perhaps not born of countless earthly lives and experience, but was there all along – our natural human esoteric, a gift from our compassionate creator mother.  Over time and with conscious awareness we slowly begin to lift the veils that have been deliberately put in place to prevent us from knowing the truth about who we really are.  We can spend our entire lives attending to the meanings and messages of nature and our bodies, in so doing we grow the capacity to understand the divine, the Soul consciousness that animates us and everything other living being on our planet. We may discover the true nature of light and dark (which is not what we have been told). And we may, finally know ourselves as ‘organs of divine-spiritual-cosmic cognition.’

So my message today is very simple and humbly offered.  It is not necessary to befuddle yourself with an ever-expanding smorgasbord of ‘spiritual offerings’ from the new New Age community.  Return to what is there already, inside of you.  Deepen your inner journey and your connection with Gaia-Sophia; develop trust in your Self, in your own heart wisdom.  All the rest is entertainment and distraction.  It is all becoming a bit boring really, all the ‘spiritual teachings’ out there, vying for your attention, your ‘likes’, and your money.  I guess it is all part of the journey and perhaps I shouldn’t be knocking it. Everything has its purpose right. And of course – different strokes for different folks.  But, as I’ve said before, the hour is late. We may not have the luxury of endless highways and byways and decades to analyze the deepest meanings of the signs and planets that burnt their way into our souls. (Or that ‘got our attention’). We are not in the 70’s. We are not infants and Gaia-Sophia needs us to grow up and join with her. This is a conversation we need to continue.  Please comment and let me know your thoughts. If you care to…. Thank you for reading.

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god is love Jesus wall painting during daytime

I am not a Christian, although I was brought up by good people who would have called themselves Christian…. and the local Presbyterian church featured for a few years of my childhood at least.  As my ‘spiritual questing’ life began in my teens, I was fascinated to read about religions – all religions, alongside metaphysics, astrology, healing, the occult and various forms of spirituality.  But I realized soon enough that my educational path was a good distance from an academic one and as interesting as theology was, the subjects that captivated me were very clearly non-mainstream, unorthodox to say the least and not available to study – in this country at least – at a tertiary level.  Thus began a 40 years journey of self-study into the meaning of Truth. 

I have weaved in and out of the Christian religion through the decades in an effort to unearth fact from fiction.  As a child I instinctively (and rightly) recoiled from the image of Jesus on the cross. The Lord’s prayer, the sermons and hymns all left me cold – apart from the one about love in Corinthians.   With the benefit of age and in retrospect, I can see now that what I felt back there, as an innocent child, was the unease that comes when truth has been betrayed.  None of it added up.

I tell you this by way of explanation as to my objectivity and un-indoctrination when it comes to Christianity.  I was not convinced. It was to become yet another ‘truth-untruth’ to unpick.

Fast forward to 2022 and my discovery of what I believe is one of, if not the, most important book I have ever read.  Enna Reittort’s staggeringly, mind-blowingly remarkable book ‘Krivda… The Godtrix Against the Matrix,’  is, to the truth-seeker, pure gold.  Krivda (an old Russian word meaning ‘crooked truth’) weaves together, adeptly and seamlessly the greatest of truths.  And in doing so she exposes the greatest of lies. (And it turns out I was right, the bible story is a big lie.)  Krivda is a big picture story, an ancient story of our human struggle against a force that not only planned and executed the enslavement of humanity thousands of years ago, but, as this brilliant scholar shows and tells us, it continues to this day.  The old ‘gods’ of early religion morphed into the ‘gods’ of money and then the gods of science (scientism).  The thought-forms (egregores), generated by the manipulation of our human longing for ‘connection with dimensions beyond the mundane’ first appeared as the off-planet (E.T) controlling ‘god’ Yahweh in the old testament.  Later in the new testament (completely dissonant with the old one), the life and cruel death of Jesus was reconstructed, obfuscated and manipulated to turn this truly human hero, (whose work as a political activist threatened the death cult’s ancient order) into a distorted mythological god-figure, symbolizing forevermore human victimization and the outright lies of guilt (of original sin) and salvation – ‘by a perpetual scapegoat.’

“The pragmatic manifestions of Jesus’ utterly human commitment appear to emerge from the natural human esoteric that the priests would have perceived in the man’s words and deeds.  This underlying factor would have made it imperative for them to kill the risk of its contagion by perpetuating the multiple betrayal of the man Jesus through their own un-natural esoteric.  What better method than deification to drown the power of a man’s humanity, through inversion, making him one of ‘the gods’ against whose very systems he had risen.”    (Krivda….p. 69)

Enna Reittort has drawn from the work of acclaimed biblical and historical scholars in her composition and expozay of an ‘utterly human hero’. This Jesus feels real to me.  Born into a time and place where being illegitimate (I’m sorry, the god impregnation story just doesn’t stack up) was an ‘odious situation’, the historical Jesus, (as distinct from the mythologised one) was a political activist, taking a stand against the corrupt institutions of the temple priests and Roman rule. A role no doubt stemming from and fuelled by his lowly status as ‘the lowest of the low’…. carrying the ‘guilty burden of his illegitimate sinful birth.’

I felt, on reading this, that finally, I knew who Jesus was.  This Jesus was one of us!  He took a stand against the authorities. He was courageous and defiant, a true heretic.  The real story of Jesus is a heart-breaking, human tale and one that has a powerful resonance today.  The Church and the major religions are geopolitical tools of mind control – alive and well today as the thought-forms hovering in the ethers have been built up and strengthened over the centuries.  Weekly mock cannibalistic and sacrificial ritual being enacted the world over in the Christian communion being but one example of the esoteric layering in exoteric Christianity.  Why this story is so important to know, now, is because the same forces who did this, who established and maintain a lineage of inverted truth, are still up to the same tricks – the god-trix.  Only now they have a few more tools in their arsenal. They have the gods of money and the gods of science (big med)– as well as their religious god.  The godtrix of the so-called elite (non-human) and their human proxies are part of a long-game.  And we are in the end-game of the long-game. 

So what can we take from the ‘true’ Jesus story that might help us today?

“For the power of one human to stand up to an iniquitous priestly system points to the Christ Principle as intrinsically human, not some super-natural quality of the ‘son of god’.  The Christ as truth-justice, not some fictitious ‘savior’.  A knowing, organically natural to attuned humans, not in need of sophisticated magic and esoteric casting of spells of crooked truth.  Also, the ‘anointment’ to activate the Christ Principle (since ‘christ’ means ‘anointed’) deliberately entrusted to a woman – a woman alive with the spirit to perform the gesture – speaks of an even deeper element of the natural human esoteric in Jesus, the Feminine – occulted by the priestly social order.”   (Krivda…p.68)

There is nothing new under the sun as they say.  Two thousand years later and still, the true worth and power of the feminine (women, our mother planet, Nature, Gaia-Sophia) is occulted and inverted by the ‘priestly’ (elite) order.  The Gnostic texts, discovered at Nag Hammadi in the mid 20th Century speak of a ‘Demiurge’ – a feared off-planet techno-being and his army of archons (called by different names by different cultures the world over). It could be, some say, the stealthy and nefarious demiurge and co are the priestly elite ruling over us today – by way of their advanced technological knowledge of mind control.  Jesus stood up to them two thousand years ago. He exposed their corruption and crooked truth, as a human being.  He stood for truth-justice. The Christ principle has nothing to do with god (a word that itself has a very dodgy etymology – meaning feared, demon, false-light, and never appeared in the original biblical texts).  It is a human principle, and a human path.  It is the power we have within us to integrate our traumatically dissociated past, our feminine connection with our natural mother, and become the heart-centred creatures of the Earth that we truly are.

 Kosmos  is an ancient word of Greek origin meaning the harmony in the cosmos.  It is above and beyond our scientific understanding of ‘the cosmos’ and speaks of a deeper truth.  That truth being the fundamental harmony of our universe when chaos is cleared, healed and transformed (integrated).  Make no mistake, this is a cosmic and ages old battle we are in.  And the hour is late.  It is well time for as many of us as it will take to actively expose the deceit and end the chaos engulfing us.  It is well time to heal our ancient trauma, to activate the Christ principle within us – which is to say – integrate our pain in the natural light (awareness of truth) of our natural humanity (as Earth and inter-dimensional dwellers).  If we lose our humanity, if we allow the godtrix to take us to a hellish AI existence, we lose our souls.  Our souls reside in our hearts and this is where we must begin to heal the his-story that is the story of an in-human take-over designed to dissociate us from the truth of who we are. We must connect from our hearts to our mother planet and to each other. 

We will talk more on this next time……   I leave you with one last passage from Krivda:

Integration might very well be the hidden treasure that reveals itself by the very fact of our journey of dissociation under priestly religions, predicated on keeping us internally dis-integrated in sacri-ficial separation to feed their ‘godly’ power.   Our integration is about more than just cobbling together our earthly and cosmic identities in some mental construct.  It involves a transformation in the heart, for both to be united in re-membrance of the whole that had been dis-membered. The heart is where it happens physically, emotionally and subtly – the locus of the human natural esoteric that hears the song of the cosmos, and is crucial to who-we-are….”

With heartfelt gratitude to Enna Reittort for her mind-opening book and her generosity in allowing me to share a small fragment of it here.  Thank you Enna.

Heart Power

And the Sign of the Lion

lion roaring on top of mountain during golden hour

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye.”

(Antoine St Exupery)

Let’s talk about the heart.  It is a good time to do so, because on Friday (may be Thursday where you are) the New Moon falls in the sign of Leo – the sign that rules the heart.   Leo’s ‘body part’ rulership tells us something of this most exuberant and expressive of signs.   The sign of the lion is to do with our creativity – that which makes our hearts sing. Our innate self-expression, or the mysterious inner compulsion to express ourselves in the outer world falls under the auspices of the Sun in astrology.  Our self-expression is infused with the vibrational frequency of the sign in which the Sun falls in our own charts.  Most of us know our ‘sun signs’.  So, if you are a Pisces Sun, the way you express your inner nature will be Piscean. That is, the archetypal field of Pisces/Neptune will be conveyed through you, into the world.

The planet acting as agent to meet the needs of the sign Leo –  is the Sun. Be all and end all of our solar system. The Sun in our chart fuels our life force, our passion, our joie de vivre, our pleasure – just as the Sun generates and fuels life in this system.  It makes sense then, does it not, for the Sun to be assigned dominion of the heart in our bodies.  The physical heart is the generator of the life force, beating from the very first coalescence of cells at our beginning, until our last breath moment.  The psycho-spiritual heart is the seat of our souls.

Shamanic and indigenous grassroots cultures the world over have for millennia understood the importance of the heart.  The Heartmath Institute in America began its studies on heart coherence and the benefits to our health and wellbeing of attending to our hearts in the 90’s – bringing to our awareness a vital but long suppressed aspect of our humanity.  Timely and important – but not new. Our ancient ancestors living in shamanic cultures in deep connection with the feminine, nature and the land, understood the power of the heart– and still a sprinkling of cultures today living close to nature, on the outskirts of civilisation, do. They cultivated and practiced a path of the heart wherein the wisdom, the intelligence of the heart was held in reverence and the mind and thoughts were secondary to it.  They knew there was a power in the thoughts that arose from the heart; a power not present in mind-generated thoughts.  It was the power of a soulful consciousness. Soulful consciousness comes from the heart – the body’s soul vector.

Leo in astrology is the sign associated with worldly power.  The lion, emblem of the sign is the ‘king of the jungle’ – likewise human royalty falls under the domain of Leo.  There is a kingly, or queenly aura around Leo natives and not uncommonly a taste for ‘holding court’, for performance, drama and being the centre of attention. There is also an innate joy present in people with Leo strong. A love of life.  Bring to mind a joyful person or expression and you can sense a happy heart.  We see again the macrocosm within the body of the microcosm of man.

So what of this Leo New Moon. It may well have passed by the time you read this but that doesn’t matter. The energy of a Leo New Moon comes once a year and as it does it signals the opening of a new cycle. The cycle that begins now is one in which we are invited to create and express….and be joyful! Every sign compensates in some way for the sign that goes before it.  Cancer is the sign before Leo and we have just (July 23) emerged from a month of Cancer energy holding the reins.  Cancer is the most emotional, the most feeling of the 12 signs.  With the Sun here all of us have been experiencing heightened emotions. Are you feeling a lightening up now?  I hope so.  Of course I am generalizing here. We all have our individual charts and a multitude of (often) contradictory energies impacting our body-heart-minds. But generally speaking, there ought to be a feeling of things lightening up now that the Sun is firmly in the sign of Leo.  The New Moon on the 29th (or 28th) signifies a new cycle of joy, pleasure, creativity and fun!  Should we invite it in and allow it that is. We’ve become so tense with all of the ‘worldly developments’ that many of us are habituating to a furrowed browed unease. And indeed, soulful and reflective Cancer may have felt deeply painful for many of us as the feeling nature is not only sensitized at this time but a lot of disturbing ‘stuff’ has been happening.  Emotional defensiveness has been amped up.  We’ve armored ourselves, in true crab-like fashion – to protect ourselves from the slings and arrows coming at us. But now is the time to make an effort, if that is what it takes, to shake off that old brown overcoat and have some fun!  Did I mention fun is a Leo thing ?  Fun, joy and creativity make our hearts sing!  

We may have to dig deeper than we used to, to find and feel joy in our hearts because we’ve been shunted out of that mode.  With all the fear and anxiety inducing propaganda being continually pumped into our mind-space, we’ve been saturated in a low vibe energetic.  There is much to feel joyless about, that’s for sure – if we let ourselves go there. (I talked in an earlier post about bringing our fears and worries down into our hearts  – breathing them there.  If you tried it, you will know it is a powerful practice to dissolve painful emotions.)  Now we are officially in Leo we are being given a boost from the kosmos to be more heart-centered. 

Astrologers are talking a lot about the conjunction of Mars with the North Node and Uranus on August 2nd and how it promises to be really really volatile, explosive even.  Uranus is the planet of shocks and surprises. Anything could happen, be prepared, they say.  Uranus is also the planet of freedom, awakening and liberation!  Mars is energising that.  So what if we decide to just enJOY ourselves now, change our frequency from anxious to happy (fake it till you make it if need be) – let’s see then what happens.  We may discover a new sense of freedom and liberation! Those three (Mars, Uranus, North Node) are in the sign of Taurus. Taurus is about sensuality.  This is what we are here, in this body for! To experience the experience of being physical. To experience the delights of our senses as they perceive the bounty of our mother earth.  Nature – with her generous offerings of beauty, flavour, fragrance and feel.  We get to live the deliciousness of the smell of a rain-soaked forest; to feel the delight of a loving embrace, a soothing massage, a hot bath on a cold night, the mute awe of a spectacular sunset, to savor the taste of a ripe peach.  Or a lemon. We get to experience so much of nature’s unstinting generosity.  Every day there are a truckload of experiences our body and senses can enjoy.  And all it takes is a simple thing.  All it takes is our attention.  That’s it!  The mind, as they say, makes a wonderful servant but a terrible master.  We are so laden with mind-stuff in this so-called information age, we have forgotten how to just BE in this physical world in the pure awareness of our sensory experience. We have become so weighed down with worry for the future that our fears and our depressions have become our default mode and in doing so they have obscured the reality of actual reality.  Reality is in THIS body, in THIS physical realm.  There is no such thing as ‘virtual reality’.  Reality just is. It’s not virtual. We need to get real, get off our damn devices and come back to reality, back to the physical, sensual, lived experience of being in our bodies in and on the body of our mother planet.

And so good people, this is my wish for you now, in this new cycle of the heart-ruled Lion: BE the joy, the creativity and the sheer pleasure of life that you were gifted with when you took embodiment here. BE in the experience of your amazing body, here on earth, for this brief time. Let’s, for a time at least, put aside our knowing of what ‘they’ are trying to do and take the firm faith view that we have the power to live the joyful lives our hearts desire.  This is true soulful living.  We must believe, with every molecule of our Being that in doing so, our collective frequency will rise and as it does, magic can happen.  Let’s use this Leo month to ignite a renewed awareness of the joy of embodiment. Let’s determine to live this way going forward.  Even if we don’t ‘change’ things in the outer world (and I don’t believe that for a moment), we will feel so much happier when we live from our hearts, instead of our heads, for that is where the real power is.  Our ancestors who lived attuned to nature and her cycles knew it – our intuition, our heart-centered knowing has a power our minds do not.   

With heartfelt gratitude to you for connecting with my heart in reading these words. And may your heart be light and joy-filled with the beauty that surrounds us.

ennaWrites enna and friends Jul 28

O Kosmic Linda,

Thank you for your stellar writings – stellar in topic and in style, I mean. Reading your posts reminds me of what Phillip Lindsay writes.

As you know, astrology doesn’t do much for me since I don’t know when I was born – while you’re one who has given it much devotion and study for four decades… Hence it is a ‘system for knowing and understanding’ that is worthy of respect for its deep practitioners (it has been cheapened, alas, in the modern era).

On a theoretical level, I wonder why it does not align with sidereal astrology. I wonder about the big differences between western astrology and other major systems like the Jyotish of India.

And more than anything else, a constant question in my mind is – why is it all about how everybody/everything else out there in the kosmos affects Earth and her denizens, when it would be so interesting to know how Earth and earthlings affect the others out there?

An archontic plot to make Earth – as arch-Feminine planetary being – as passive and helpless as everything feminine during the millennia of a patriarchal paradigm?

Is Earth the only celestial body that sits solely at the receiving end of kosmic stuff?

In another post: astrology as worthy of mythos status. How would John L. Lash’s Sophia-Earth mythos fit in?

And, having read my book Krivda you know that I perceive – esoterically and rationally, without the astrologer’s skills – Earth to be a key provider of Kosmic Medicine, to quote your own title.

(Continue reading on – Kosmic Medicine by Lindastrologer)

Mind Magic

The planet Neptune is but one aspect of an energetic field forming the ‘archetype’ of Neptune/Pisces.  The physical planet is the body we can see through a telescope.  As with all the planets in our solar system, the physical planet or body is part of a bigger totality of a multi-dimensional field of information. We are the same. We have a physical body and a cache of non-physical ‘bodies’. 

Neptune is the ‘ruler’ of the sign Pisces in astrology, which means it is the agent charged with meeting the needs of Pisces.  Why does Pisces have needs, you ask?  The 12 ‘zodiacal signs’ are considered to represent 12 life principles or needs and in the astrological birth chart (a map of the psyche) all 12 signs feature – meaning we all have these 12 life principles and the needs they give rise to, operative within our psyches. We are all human and we are all plugged into the cosmos. For example, we all have the Aries ‘need’ to physically survive.  We can hear it in the newborn’s cry.  Mars, as agent of the Aries need to survive compels us to take action, to assert ourselves in order, at the most fundamental level, to survive. 

Pisces, at the other end of the zodiac, needs to transcend the physical plane – with its imperative to move, act and survive – and a host of other things – by impelling us to connect with the intangible realms, the non-physical planes of consciousness; to become more ‘spiritual’.  It asks us to move beyond the boundaries that separate us from other life forms and merge with the whole universe, to be at-One with life itself; to elevate ourselves to a more refined, spiritualised plane of being.  It is preparing us for the ending of this physical life and our transition to the non-physical.  Thus Pisces signifies endings and all things nebulous and ethereal.

A morphic field is a ‘field of information’; it is an energetic system of the domain of the ether.  The ether, or etheric field, has been spoken of in many ancient wisdom traditions. In our time it has been overlaid by a simulation – the quantum field.  (Call me old fashioned, but I’m staying with ether).  Morphic fields are specific fields that connect things of compatible resonance in the ether and they account for telepathy and even such things as the ‘100th monkey’ – where once a certain number attain a level of understanding, suddenly, as if by magic, vast numbers catch the spark and acquire the same knowing.  Our minds participate, knowingly or unknowingly, in morphic fields and these are called thoughtforms.  When many people share the same thought and it is fed by attention, the thoughtform becomes stronger, it grows. The mob response at a sports match is an example of a collective thoughtform fed by attention and the emotions of desire and excitement, or anger, as the case may be.  There are collective and individual thoughtforms. Our individual thoughtforms are a product of the thoughts and emotions that we nourish and grow through the intensity of the emotions themselves and repetition. Strong emotions create strong thoughtforms. Strong emotions like fear.  We can feel fear generated through our own inner thought processes and the body’s innate protective (survival) mechanism. And fear can be generated in us from the outside…….

“Unconsciously held thoughtforms allow for undetected large-scale mind manipulation, as in the word-spell of advertising, the predictive programming of Hollywood sci-fi movies, the occult workings of priestly influencers.”   (Enna Rettoit)

The above quote is from Rettoit’s book “Krivda – The Godtrix Against the Matrix. ”  Look at what are we experiencing now in our world……Some would say we are seeing the outworkings of a monumental global mind manipulation.  In her remarkable book, Enna Rettoit dissects the history and the trajectory of the mind manipulation we and our ancestors for millennia, have been subjected to. Are being subjected to.

The word magic means: invoking supernatural powers to influence events.  Magic works at the  etheric level as it is here, in the invisible, where everything in the visible world originates. Rettoit’s use of the term ‘word-spell’ speaks of the magic, the invocation of supernatural powers (powers influencing the natural world and which are occulted), involved in the mind manipulation. That is, we are, by design, unconscious of what is being done to us.  We are all being subjected to manipulative techniques, hidden, secretive techniques that engage our unconscious and conscious attention and intention to energize large scale thoughtforms.  An esoteric word for the use of magic to cultivate thoughtforms is egregore.

It is apparent to anyone with the powers of observation and the requisite insight that what is happening in our world now is the creation and dissemination of some disturbing egregores.  In other words, we are being subjected to a very dark magic. An unfortunate majority of people appear to be holding, with some ferocity, to a modern mythology that has them complying to a set of completely bizarre and obviously falsified dictats. How can this be anything but magic?  It is magic being cultivated by a comparatively small group of human ‘proxies’. Proxies for who, we ask?  Simply here, because this is a short essay, the ‘who’ is an occulted group of ‘beings’ (non-human I venture) who possess a deep knowledge of the supernatural and have a corresponding power to manipulate the material realm.  Their level of technological expertise is light years away from what we know. Their accumulated wealth is the result of this knowledge and an uninterrupted program of the generation of egregores – for who knows how long, but certainly since the dawn of religion. As for the proxies, these are human beings who have sold their souls. Say no more..

I started out with Neptune and Pisces – I will return there.  Thoughtforms are ethereal; that is, they ‘belong’ to the etheric realm. The etheric is the domain of Neptune/Pisces.  At this time we have Neptune in the last degrees of Pisces. It is right at home then, in its own sign. This means its expression is more purely Neptunian; it can be itself.  Recall Neptune is the agent of our human need to transcend this material reality construct – to enter an altered consciousness, a more rarified, spiritualised one. As mentioned in the last post Neptune is retrograde and will be until the end of the year.  This is a time when the veils come off and truth is revealed. Veils are coverings, placed to protect, (as in the dissociation of trauma), or to deceive.  As I’ve alluded to above, we are being deceived.  We are being subtly, secretly and at the same time openly bombarded with thoughtform energetics, information fields of deception, egregores of manipulated ‘truth’.

Our task then: to transition from this deception, the dark face of Neptune’s information field, to the higher ground of a Neptunian spiritualised reality.  I realize that sounds nebulous (great Neptune word), but perhaps you will intuit my meaning. (And that would be very Piscean).  All is definitely not as it seems here. But the veils are coming off. People are beginning to see the truth. The wave is building. And the truth is way more esoteric and multi-layered than we can appreciate from the very limited perception of our sensory apparatus – wonderful and miraculous as that apparatus is. The truth is the story of our long journey through earthly time, victims through the ages of beings from elsewhere, who did not have our best interests at heart, shall we say.  It is the story of our intrinsic connection with our earth, our mother. We are of her, we belong here. And it is the story of our multi-dimensional, immortal earthly divinity.

Are we done with being victimised?  I think it’s time – don’t you. The human species has prevailed through all that has been inflicted on it through the ages, much of it utterly horrific – the inquisition, the genocide of indigenous people, the rape and decimation of our natural world, the torture and murder of countless souls. The democides.  Stop! Bring to heart and mind who we really are. We are creative, heart-centered beings (unlike them).  We know the power of love, community, connection, family; we know the consciousness of our animal brothers and the healing power of our cousins of the plant world. We are connected through our blood, our bones and our breath to our mother planet and to the natural world. We are part of nature.  Now is the time!  We are in a period Enna Rettoit has called the ‘endgame of the gods’.  We know our civilisation, as we’ve known it, is ending.  We know ‘they’ are ratcheting up their efforts to entrap us in their loathsome transhuman, AI ‘reality’.  Unlike our creator, our mother, our Earth, Gaia-Sophia the Gnostics called her, they cannot create.  They can only copy – poorly and with the ‘intelligence’ of their slick, sick technology. The simulation they have cunningly deceived us to call ‘the matrix’  (root – mother) is their pathetic, soulless copy of our world.  Their planned future for us will be devoid of beauty, true creativity, of nature and of love.

But it will not happen.  Not if we wake up in sufficient numbers to their truly horrendous plan.  It is happening now, the waking up.   My prayer is for more of us to perceive the truth in these next few months, as the veils fall from our eyes (so long as we are not too far gone) as Neptune backtracks and relinquishes the illusory, ersatz ‘reality’ he symbolises.  We have been so thoroughly illusioned – through no fault of our own – but through the power of egregores, the black magic of manipulated thoughtforms, through centuries of trauma, oppression and abuse. We can end it all now.

So keep strong my friends, be courageous in these precarious days of impossibly high stakes, massive confusion and everyday insanity.  We are far from lost.  Remember our ancestors, their courage and their resilience in the face of the evil usurpers. They too were put under a spell.  The hour is late but we have it all now, the knowledge we need to break the spell and recover the freedom that is our natural birth right as humans on planet earth. Let’s end the mind magic.

With love and respect for all you, we, are, together here now.

As John Lamb Lash would say, see you in the beauty to come.

A Precarious Limbo

I’ve been asking the big questions for most of my life…..  Perhaps you have too.  Now in the third chapter of life (I see the Saturn cycles – 0-30, 30-60, 60+ as decades signifying life chapters) and there are days these days when I feel I don’t know any more than I did at 16.   Is it just me? Life is feeling surreal, weird, bizarre. Many of us have been using these words since 2020 as we’ve attempted to grasp what is going on out there – but it is impossible to understand. It seems to me that we are collectively hanging around in a somewhat precarious limbo.  If we have been paying the slightest bit of notice we know a massive financial collapse is imminent. We listen to experts and others telling us to prepare and the recommendations generally focus on self-sufficiency.  If we didn’t have the foresight before all this to buy a lifestyle property and start growing our own food – well, then, we can grow vegetables in our kitchens and on our patios.  Yeah right.  My success in growing microgreens has been patchy (houseplants – fantastic, but I refuse to eat them – they’re family) still, I’m reasonably confident I could supplement our diet with a few fresh nutrients.  The operative word is supplement. Much like a vitamin pill. 

The other recommendation to prepare for the financial apocalypse is to develop and nurture community. Nestled in a supportive community we will be able to survive with the help of barter or gifting. (Barter what? The crochet blanket I’ve taken four months to make?) For those of us who live in cities, community consists mostly of knowing a few people in the same street (to say hi to) and on-line groups of like-minds, scattered invariably some distance from one another.  As for money – well it’s all confusing and getting more so.  Do we close our bank accounts and convert numbers on a screen to cash?  But they want to do away with cash don’t they. How long will it be accepted for?  Who knows. Gold, silver? Manipulated like everything else. Cryptocurrencies, same.

Enough of all of that. We all know the scare stories.  Charles Eisenstein has been attempting to make sense of this ‘post covid (is it?) era’ in his recent essays.  The comments he has received make it clear – no one believes this is over.  We know the covid hoax was designed to collapse the financial system, leaving us weak and more easily controllable – and sick, thanks to the high priests of big med and their ‘life saving’ injections.  It feels as if we are sitting ducks. Stuff is being done to us and because ‘they’ have so much more power than we do, we feel, for the most part, helpless.

Is there anything resembling a remedy, or a solution, or a soothing balm perhaps, for this surreal, weird and bizarre time we find ourselves in?  It is a time of transition – that much is obvious – from a system, albeit a flawed one, but one we knew, to something totally unknowable.  It is the ‘not knowing’ that we fear.  Just like death.  All our beliefs and hopes about the hereafter add up to precisely nothing because the stark reality is we cannot know!  Just as we cannot know what is coming down the line towards us now. We can take measures to protect ourselves and there are plenty of advisors out there with suggestions to help us find the ways and means. But nothing is clear-cut. It’s all hazy, surreal and weird.  There is a strange comfort, I think you’ll agree, in this limbo time in disconnecting from the information frenzy and retreating to simple pleasures of self-nurturing.  Escapism in its various forms is understandably a strong temptation – and in fact, it has its place. Here’s why…….

In astrology Neptune and the sign it rules, Pisces, represent an archetype embodying the transcendent realms of escapism, mystery, spirituality, surrender, illusion – in short altered states of consciousness.  The archetype is also the signature for confusion, bewilderment, chaos – all aspects of the intangible realms and definitely featuring in our daily lives at this time.  Of note is the extended Neptune retrograde period we are now in.  On June 28 this year Neptune went backwards (from our perspective) in the heavens and will be doing so until December 2022.  When Neptune turns retrograde the veils that normally help to soften life, fall away.   Illusion shields us from harsh realities and there are times when we need this. Life in this mundane reality would be unendurable without it. (There is a very good reason why every culture on earth has sought the consciousness altering effects of fermented liquor and/or psychotropic plants.) The next six months then are likely to be a period in which the rose-tinted glasses come off and we are compelled to face reality.  The intent of this is ultimately to help us see true, to see the deeper meaning of the game of life and how we are playing it.  When the illusion falls away and we are confronted with truth, it can feel uncomfortable.  The discomfort comes because we have become creatures of the head, rather than the heart.  Nothing is making sense anymore and there appear to be no rational answers. No one can offer us any real comfort and certainty; the structural frameworks that normally help us feel secure are falling by the wayside.  Perhaps they were illusory anyway.  Now is a time for dis-illusion.  In navigating our way to the truth, the head will never do.  Now we must let our hearts be our guide. With Neptune retrograde, more so – it is time to trust your intuitive voice, the wisdom of your own knowing. Even when you can’t hear that voice and you really don’t know – be Neptunian;  make like water, let go and flow. Jettison the monkey mind and come into your body and your heart space.  Tomorrow, next week, things will be different. A new feeling will arise and you will see another facet.  For now, surrender. Surrender, Accept, Detach. (SAD – a positive take on the acronym).

We all have this archetype, or natural principle of Neptune/Pisces operating within our psyches.  In some of us the Neptunian vibe is stronger  (Pisces Suns, Moons, Ascendants – or Neptune powerfully placed) –  but we all have this need, to experience, at times to retreat into,  the realms of fantasy and imagination, beauty and a softening of normal everyday consciousness.  Given Neptune is operating on a different frequency for the rest of the year and the veils will be falling away, we are being nudged to consciously invite the dreamy, spiritual, mystical vibe of this archetype into our lives. If we do not, life may feel harsh, unbearable even.  Meditation, art, dance, music, swimming, micro-dosing with consciousness shifting plants…… are some of the ways we can positively and actively honour Neptune’s vibration.  Naturally there are many less positive ways we can ‘do Neptune’.  Binge TV watching, drinking too much. Anything where we are numbed out to the point of zombification – these are not helpful ultimately. Numbness is not the object. Rather, a shift of awareness towards the transcendent.  Neptune sensitizes what it touches. Music, art, natural beauty, whatever stirs your soul and evokes a softening, relaxing and releasing. This is Neptune.  Using the imagination to create, to bring into form –  a poem, a painting, a story, a sketch, a song, or an aesthetically harmonious living space,  are beautiful ways to express in our tangible world, the intangible vibration of Neptune.   Pisces and Neptune are the most spiritual of the 12 archetypal groupings.  As Aries, the first sign, is about new beginnings, Pisces, the last, is about endings. Neptune therefore is active at those times in our lives where endings, loss and grief feature.  With Neptune backtracking, not in itself an unusual thing (Neptune is retrograde 40% of the time), we are invited to reflect on the cycles of our lives and in particular whatever is ending now.   For sure, something is.  So please be kind to yourself, nurture yourself, immerse yourself consciously in the healing waters of Neptunian vibrations.  And trust the universe on this.  It is feeling strange and scary and so unclear, this precarious limbo time; but that is as it must be.  All will be revealed in the fullness of time.  For now, remember SAD – surrender, accept, detach. Flow with the energy of non-resistance.

I would like to leave you with some words retrieved from a notebook of noteable (to me) expressions of wisdom. The writer of this Neptunian passage is (or was)  Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche.  I can tell you no more. His words speak volumes. Absorb. And may the power of the Mystery be with you in the Beauty to come.

“Someone asked me recently if I am afraid to die.  Truthfully, I am more afraid of not living my life fully – of living life dedicated to cherishing and protecting myself.  This fear-driven approach to life is like covering your couch in plastic so it won’t get worn.  It robs you of the ability to enjoy and appreciate your life. 

It takes courage to accept life fully, to say ‘yes’ to our life, yes to our karma, yes to our mind, emotions and whatever else unfolds.  This is the beginning of courage.  Courage is the fundamental openness to face even the hardest truths.  It makes room for all the pain, joy, irony and mystery that life provides.  We especially need courage to face the four streams of human life:  birth, old age, sickness and death.  A mother can’t say after nine months, ‘I don’t want to deliver my baby because I am afraid.’  Mothers do very beautifully.

We cannot say ‘I do not want to get old’ – we’re getting older day by day.  The way to grow old beautifully is to accept our ageing and do it well.  Everything is impermanent and comes to an end.  Every moment that comes into being is a moment of destruction.  If we accept ageing as a natural process of impermanence we will still have a sparkle in our eyes when we are old. 

We cannot say ‘I don’t want to die’ – everything that is born is subject to decay (and death).  We all need tremendous courage and acceptance on our deathbed.  No matter how much our loved ones care for us, we must leave them behind.  Clinging to them only makes our parting more painful.  We must make this journey alone.  Our death is part of our life.  If we accept and reflect on the natural flow of ageing, illness and death we will have nothing to fight or reject.  We will not be disappointed when confronted with the inevitable and we will have nothing to fear.  With an open mind fear can become your greatest ally – because facing fear means facing your life and facing your life means living your life.  You become courageous and victorious over the world of good or bad, right or wrong, comfort or pain.”

A Sense of the Sacred

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“Mankind today is in dire need of a new mythos, and of a reawakening of the sense of the sacred.”

So said Dane Rudhyar, father of humanistic transpersonal astrology, author, poet, composer and spiritual-philosopher.  Rudhyar coined the term transpersonal astrology in 1930 – long before the word transpersonal was used in conjunction with psychology.  He defined the word as a process of ‘descent’ of transcendent spiritual power and illumination through the normal consciousness and eventually the whole personality of a human being.  The source of that power was beyond the personal consciousness and awareness.  Much like the descent of grace in religious terms.  Rudhyar believed in the power of symbolism to bring significance into every process of life. He felt the deepest meaning of symbols had to be intuitively experienced through both the mind and the feelings.   Astrology of course, is a symbolic language.  It has the power to bridge the mind and feelings as it evokes the meaning of the relationship between man and the universe, of which he is part.  Could astrology then, be our new mythos?

I don’t see why not.  Our ancient ancestors viewed the entire universe as a living organism. This organism had a hierarchical structure, wholes within wholes. The doctrine of the macrocosm and the microcosm was an idea based on an analogy between the whole and its parts: the lower is a microcosm of the higher.  The doctrine that everything in the universe hangs together mainly by hidden affinities provided the foundation of astrology.  Each human being was a microcosm – a miniature universe – reflecting the macrocosm.  As above, so below….

According to Plato this ‘one universal mind’, or psyche, manifested certain themes, forms or ideas and these were the models for all things of substance.  These ‘divine ideas’ were the ‘gods’ and ‘goddesses’ of Greek mythology and their visible counterparts were the planetary bodies.  Aries, the god of war, was visible as the planet Mars – ruler of the sign Aries.  From these divine ideas a spiritual energy flowed downwards and was impregnated on nature at all levels, mental, biological and physical. Carl Jung called these inner gods archetypes and believed them to be the structural elements of the human psyche.

 Huston Smith was a man who devoted his life to researching comparative religions and philosophies.  He believed the great spiritual traditions of the world can be summed up in three words man mirrors cosmos. Smith held that this one truth was discerned and lived by all peoples of the world, by all civilizations in the world and was taught by the best minds right down to the 18th Century.  The sole exception to this belief has been Western man since the 18th Century !

In the late 17th Century the modern world began to take shape. The empirical method of the newly emerging science (destined to become our new ‘religion’ of scientism) validated only experience that could be objectified. The price to be paid was the extinguishing of the ancient understanding and experiencing of the world as ensouled. The intelligent, living consciousness of the kosmos became a scientific, mechanistic world and in this world anything occult, anything which could not be quantified or subjected to experiments, was rejected. Astrology was one such victim of the new science.  It was cast into the shadows. That was, I might add, despite the fact that Galileo, Kepler and Newton all subscribed to the organic world view of the ancients and were themselves astrologers!

Tragically, in destroying an organic awareness of the world, nature herself became a victim. Thus began the wholesale destruction of our mother planet, who (according to the Gnostic tradition), was the creator of the Anthropos. That’s us.

Things changed somewhat in the late 20th Century with the emergence of quantum physics. This paradigm encompasses the view that the universe is a self-creative, self-organizing conscious Being.

In other words, implicit in the postmodern science are the principles on which astrology was founded!   There is nothing new under the sun right.  Might Rudhyar’s ‘new mythos’ potentially be nothing more or less than an ancient one – a recognition that man mirrors cosmos, as exemplified in the art of astrology? Could astrology hold one of the keys to reawaken our sense of the sacred?

From my perspective, as one who has danced with the star logos for almost four decades now, the answer is unambiguous.  Astrology is a sacred art. It can, it does, awaken ones’ sense of the sacred. 

As can immersion in nature and the natural world. And other soul-stirring practices and non-practices.  The problem is, we have become used to outside authorities telling us what to do and how to think.  Scientism is a case in point.  ‘The science is settled’ – there’s an oxymoron if ever there was one.   Newtonian mechanics evolved into quantum physics in a relatively short period of time. It is pretty obvious that our understanding of our world is evolving, therefore how can science ever be settled?  No, I think you’ll find this counterintuitive term was dreamed up by shadowy vested interests. I’m looking at you carbon con ‘official narrative’.  (Let’s demonize the gas of life!)  

It seems to me then that part of the problem (in the reawakening of our sense of the sacred) is our conditioned habit of looking to outside authorities to tell us what to think.  From the brief history I’ve outlined it is clear – humanity has not always been like this.  We have been programmed through centuries by those in positions of power and control to the point where our heads and our hearts have been thoroughly divorced from each other.   First it was the religious priests who told us what to think and do – then it was the money priests and the science priests. And astrology was cast into the shadows long ago –  because an individualised path to the divine was not part of the program.  (Never mind that they – the religious cult leaders, appropriated astrology for its own ends). Men in black wielding fearsome power and control were to be the only way to the divine, or ‘god’ as they called it.   Our ancestors were forcibly separated from their inner knowing and their reverence for the natural world under threat of torture and death (see Inquisition) before the new science of the 17th Century put the final nail in the coffin.

So now, we know the problem let’s get to the remedy.  On one level it is simple: we must throw off the shackles of outside (invariably nefarious) authorities.  If we are to recover our hearts and our inner knowing it is imperative we do.  Let’s face it – the ship is going down, fast.  It may have been written in the stars that we wouldn’t recover our true heritage as children of the kosmos, until calamity struck.  I doubt many would disagree – we are living in calamitous times.  On another level, it is challenging. We have reached the zenith of egoism and materialism and letting go of all of that is no small ask. But we are now being called to return to the principles and wisdom of the natural world that our ancestors knew; an awareness of the ensoulment of the universe. Are we able to evoke the descent of a transcendent spiritual power and illumination and thus reawaken the sacred in our lives?  It is either that, or we go the way ‘they’ would have us go – into a transhuman, AI world.   The Astro logos – the mythos of the stars, could be one path to our redemption.  Approached with reverence astrology has the power to evoke this descent and awaken the sacred heart that lies deep within us.  Astrology unites our little personality selves with our divine selves and thus the divine we have in common with all life forms in the universe.  The archetypes astrology symbolizes, those gods and goddesses of mythology, are brought down into our flesh and bones, our dreams and our memories and our capacity to make sense of life in this realm, through our personal birth charts. We become those gods and goddesses in our acknowledgement of them.  But we will need courage to awaken this heart.  Courage, from the French word for heart, is a word to hold close in these times.  When courage is lost, all is lost. We will need courage to let go of all that we have mistakenly believed to be valuable in this materialistic, consumerist society of ours.  And we will need courage to create a new way of being.  One thing is for sure, nature – usurped, raped and abused as she has been for so long is our ally and it is through her that we will recover our souls and the souls of every living being on our planet.  We must see her as the living, conscious being she is – in  partnership with Sol and Lunar.  The other planets – well, there’s another story for another time…

Courage then. As we move into this last half of the craziness that has been 2022.  

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The winter solstice has just passed here in the southern hemisphere.  The shortest day in this part of the world corresponds to the longest in the northern lats of course. Here, the Sun reached its furthest point north whereupon it rested for three days and on the 25th began its trek back to the south.  Psychologically this time signals a subtle revival of spirits for those of us in the depths of winter – knowing the light is returning.  There is, for those attuned to such things, a little spark of something like relief as if glimpsing a distant light, a scintilla of hope ahead, in a long dark tunnel.  At the summer solstice, it is subtle too – a vague sense of passing an important marker – the time of maximum light. There are months of summer ahead, yet we know the days are slowly but surely inching towards the dark.   For all of us on planet Earth, as our Sun paused this past week, we too may have given pause.  There is much to reflect on as these seemingly surreal days – short or long – disappear too fast. What, we may wonder, does this celestial turning point signify? If anything…

In the United States the abortion law overturn signalled a new fight – one that exemplifies Black Moon Lilith’s cosmic meaning right now. (See my earlier posts ‘Comic medicine for June’ and ‘Truth Moon’) where the ferocity of the feminine energy finds its target.  And the fight begins.  We have a new Moon in Cancer, the archetypal sign of the mother, on Wednesday (June 29) and the loudest message I can hear from the stars is ‘LET GO!’…..   There is a tremendous pull back to the past (the Moon’s south node features strongly at this new Moon) and it is giving us the wisdom of hindsight – if we use it well.  And yet everything is so different now, how do we even make sense of our past, of how life used to be? We are being urged now to see our history with new eyes and learn from it.  And we are being asked to let go of our very natural desire for things to be as they were. There is no going back.

Much has been kept from us and too many are apathetic or distracted by the superficialities of social media and the meaningless sensationalism of celebrity lives. The manufactured, manipulated and broadcast humanitarian and animal welfare disasters going on all over our planet are designed to desensitize us to the plight of our fellow sentient beings. Those who don’t succumb to desensitization feel helpless and pained to witness so much destruction of life, so much violence.  It can bring us to our knees.  Those who do, don’t care of course – they’re desensitized.  It really does feel like the darkest of times we are living through.With so many planets about to move retrograde we are being urged inward and it is here, in the solace of our deepest inner spaces that we will find the impetus and courage we need to let go. What are we letting go of?  Essentially, everything.  Everything we thought we knew about life is changing now. The only way we will navigate this birthing process safely is by letting go of our resistance. Accept and surrender.  I know, I know, so easy to say, so bloody hard to do.  We are standing before an abyss and being asked to jump.  Every molecule of our being wants to cleave to the structures of our lives, the daily routines, the people and places that give us security.  But even as we do, there is an uncomfortable awareness lurking that somehow all of it is going to be ripped from us – no matter how hard we try to hold on.  Or is that just fear talking?

‘They’ want us in the low vibratory energetic band of fear. We know that.  And after our traumatic history, fear has become our default mode. Not our fault. But we must now make an effort to release that ancient programming – because it is imperative we change our collective vibratory field. We are not passive travelers here.  Our energy has power. The more of us consciously shifting to a frequency higher than fear the more impact we will have to change the dire predictions to something beautiful instead. A golden age perhaps? The ancient wisdom keepers taught of the cyclic nature of this realm. From the darkest, densest iron age (our current) we will emerge, like the butterfly from its chrysalis, into a golden time.  But don’t ask me when that is likely to be.  The shift from one ‘age’ to another, based on historical evidence, is around 150 years. So no, we didn’t jump over into the Aquarian age last year, or the year before when Saturn and Pluto met up. It is a process we are in.  Having said that, all is fluid and as our collective frequency changes, so too do the timelines. We have the power to bring forward the new cycle. The danger here is that our collective frequency has been seriously nudged in the downward direction in these ‘covid times.’  There are encouraging signs of a mass awakening however and here is our salvation actually.  The more of us who get it – who see that we have been lied to on a monumental scale, who see the power structure of the controllers for what it is, the greater our chances of breaking free from the simulated reality and impending AI take-over they have created.

Back to the astrology and the medicine.  Eris, dwarf planet so called, but a potent force nevertheless, is squared to Pluto (god of the underworld) at this time.  Chaos and discord are the signature of these two dark ones coming together. Obvious right.  This square is slow-moving and is energised on July 1st by Mars entering the picture and on this day squaring Pluto also. The sense is there will be a mobilisation of individual actions against the powers that be.  Mars, in the sign of its ruler Aries, represents youthful assertiveness, whereas Pluto, in the sign Capricorn represents the status quo – old authorities.  Young versus old; the fresh and new versus the old power structures. The best medicine may well be to channel this strong energetic impulse coming in at us to fighting the good fight – however that looks for you.  It is a call to action and a time to challenge the power mongers, the parasites, wherever they are.  We’ve been too passive and the cosmos is saying – enough!! It really is time for society’s secrets to be revealed. It’s time for truth. That pull back to the past I referred to above must be resisted because, let’s be honest, the status quo is no longer viable. The Kosmos is saying see it for what it was, learn from it, but then let it go.

We need to nurture ourselves now too. Where can we ‘do it for ourselves’ and where do we need to ask for help from others? Black Moon Lilith may arouse our primal fears – such as abandonment and old issues around mothering.  It’s a tricky one because playing it too safe not only makes us passive, docile and compliant, it is also not fulfilling what is being asked of us now, which is to release, let go of the old in order to make way for the new. This is finding the line in the sand time then.  Remember, we impact the collective vibration with our every thought and our every action.  Cancer is the most emotional of all the signs so with this double up of the luminaries at the new Moon you can expect an outpouring of feeling, emotion and nostalgia. Sometimes all we want is to turn back the clock and return to how things used to be. This feeling is particularly strong now.   The Sun and the Moon on the 29th are squared to Jupiter and the traditional caution of astrologers when the Sun and Jupiter came together in this way was to avoid immoderation and an over-inflated ego – lest it lead to a deflated one.  The potential is there, therefore to go over the top. Tears may flow, given the Moon is right there with the Sun. Emotions running high is always an invitation to take it outside. In other words, channel the energy into some form of physical action – preferably in the grounding presence of nature.  It could also be a good time to think about actions you might take in a few days time to maximise the potent energy of Mars, Eris and Pluto.  Making intentions is always a good idea on the new Moon. Plant the seeds with strong intention now and they have greater chances of coming to fruition.  Cancer is a fertile sign – make of that what you will.  And remember, we can’t hanker for the past. Lamenting what we have lost with the passage of this crazy time is futile and a waste of our precious energy. We must focus now on the new.  What actions can we take to participate in the toppling of the deeply corrupted and evil status quo?  That it is ending, we know.  We must make preparations to nurture ourselves and our loved ones and do what we can to raise our vibratory energy.  Even if that is all we do – take care of our own energy. Raising our frequency will contribute to the collective frequency and that in itself is powerful. 

Now that the seasonal marker of the half yearly solstice has passed and our star has resumed its journey after its pause – the Kosmos is sending vibrations designed to galvanize our full awareness of our plight.  Now is the time to formulate your plan to help our mother planet, Gaia Sophia,  birth our new world.  Nature and her principles rule now.  The parasites know they hang by a thread. And that thread is called our ignorance.  Let’s cut it. Let’s do what we can to help the awakening of our fellow earth dwellers.  Life in the next golden age will be beautiful and we will get there.    So go well truthers and awakened spirits. Reflect on your past and all you have learned and determine your strategy moving forward. Take care of yourselves; ask for help when you need it – we are all in this together. In love and the returning light…..

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Heart Medicine …

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“From the moment of your beginning, through all days

Of mood and dream,

The music of your heart has never stopped.

Sending its rhythm along vein and bone,

It has held you alive and present.

Even when you visited deep into the realm of silence,

Your heart’s music never ceased.

Only death’s silence will stop it.”

(John O’Donohue)

The other week I was given a gift from a spiritual teacher I hold in high regard. She offered me some kosmic medicine (kosmic being a Greek word meaning ‘a sense of harmonious order of the celestial spheres’; close but not the same as cosmic – a scientific term for outer space) and I took it.  Her kosmic medicine was the suggestion to take painful thoughts and feelings down into my heart space.  The heart, she told me, has greater digestive capacity to assimilate this hard stuff than the mind.  In other words, get out of your head and into your heart.   I tried it and it works.  Here is how I see it….

We are, in these chaotic, confusing, cosmically challenging times awash with information, misinformation, fearful projections, distressing data and generally bad news.   It comes at us from all directions.  We hear the stories and our minds make up our own personalized versions of hell and hardship coming down the line towards us.  The future feels anything but safe.   And in this we have all been innocent targets for the imprinting the psychopaths have imposed for centuries. We have been conditioned to fear life and to fear death. What else is there? No wonder it has worked out so well for them.

We are in desperate need of some sort of remedy.  Enter, the heart.

The hidden teachings of ancient wisdom traditions tell those who would seek the truth of our embodied existence that the human heart is the seat of the Overself.  It is the habitat of the world-mind within the body; the meeting place, so to speak, of the individual self with the divine (world-mind, source) and is thus a physical center of tremendous importance.  The teachings tell us the heart is the focal point where the Overself (higher self, divine self) affects the personality and the karmic forces become active – therefore breaking into space-time existence.  Physical experience becomes possible only when consciousness and the brain capture and magnify these thought-forms transmitted from the heart. The brain and sensory system convert the received vibrations into an image of which the individual becomes conscious.  Tragically, through thousands of years of trauma inflicted on our ancestors and now ourselves, by the blood-lust of the controllers, we have been programmed to live in fear. Through the control mechanisms of religion and money (= power) and more recently, scientism, we have internalized a deep fear and distrust of life. And an equally penetrating fear of death.  Our true nature and history have been kept from us, by design and in the process we lost our trust in and kinship with nature and her principles. Humankind was easier to control in fear and ignorance. Who perpetuated this catastrophe on us and why is another story.  There came a time in our ancient history where individual ego evolved out of the tribal matrix – as a survival mechanism.  We began to compete with each other for limited resources as physical survival became a struggle (in a shift of ages). The ego-mind came to fore as we fell into an acute sense of separateness (the fall of Biblical myth?) not only from our true home but now too from our tribal groups.  Our age had begun. The purity and benign thought-forms coming from the heart in accord with nature, came to be tainted and dictated by the ego-mind’s fear programming.  Our so-called civilisation lead the way in this. Indigenous people, those living close to our mother Earth and aware of her natural principles and their own origins, are not so burdened.

We need help. The kosmic medicine is remedial in its power to alter the trajectory of our ego-mind, fear-based programming.  The technique is to drop painful feelings, thoughts, emotions down from the head or mind space into the heart. It is an ancient (and largely unknown) practice that has an immediate physiological effect and is not complicated or difficult.  Say you have had some disturbing information concerning a loved one. Their health and wellbeing could be impacted and you are deeply troubled by this information. You are aware of scary images somehow being conjured up in your mental field of possible future outcomes. You are aware of a heavy vice-like feeling in your heart space. In fact you can tell your entire vibratory frequency has been lowered and it doesn’t feel very good.  You wish you never had the information; that you didn’t know all you do about the situation.  But you do. And we can’t unknow what we know.    Then you remember the medicine….. You consciously see the person you are worried about, perhaps even see their name in letters. You then sink the images ‘down’ into the area of your heart.  You can feel a subtle movement here, from your head area to your heart area.  Once they arrive in your heart simply breathe – in and out of your heart space.  Stay with the simple image of the person you are concerned about – but with nothing else attached. No thoughts. No images of possible futures or emotions of regret or fear. Nothing. Just stay with the breath and hold your focus at the heart.  A point comes when the images you’ve brought down of the person and the situation fade out and you are left with only the breath, coming and going from your heart.

This simple practice brings immediate relief.  The contraction of the heart that usually accompanies deep concern and fear – for self or someone else – is softened.  The beautiful thing about centring your awareness in the heart, rather than the mind, is that you automatically enter into the Now. The breath is a simple yet powerful entrainment with the present moment.  Stay in the heart and you will stay in the moment.  There is no future to worry about here. There is only this breath and that breath.  There is no past and therefore no regret here either.  Should a thought-form of past or future try to sneak into your attention quietly and simply let it go and re-focus on the area of your heart and the breath coming and going.  Unwanted thoughts will quickly dissolve when you cut off your attention.

This medicine works well when assailed with the pain of grief over the death of a loved one – perhaps triggered by a song, random memory or anything at all.  In the midst of the strong emotions, remember the practice……. see the person, see images, memory snippets of your experiences together, see and feel the totality of this person as you knew him or her. Then, sink them all down together into your heart space. Focus on your breath, coming and going from your heart as you hold your loved one there.  Very soon the painful contraction of grief will morph into something new.  There may be a realisation that your loved one is even closer to you know, that you can call them up, visit them there, in your heart space any time.  There is a peace that comes to replace painful emotions. Furrow-browed agonised regrets and thoughts of ‘what went wrong’ and ‘what I could have done differently’ dissolve.  The crippling sadness of compassion and pure grief for your loved ones’ dying and death softens and fades.   It can be an empowering feeling to know the painful emotions that leave us in tatters find, finally, relief in the neutralizing power of the heart.  We haven’t suddenly become compassionless and hard-hearted.  On the contrary, our love and compassion have been directed back to where they originated and where they belong, in our hearts, allowing our awareness to expand above and beyond the ‘stories’ we’ve told ourselves as we’ve tried to make sense of it all.  We realize there is no sense to be made in this life of such things.  We give our hearts to someone, we love them for a time, they love us, and then life dashes it all on the rocks of third-dimensional transience. It can be no other way. For whatever reason our love, the love we thought would last forever morphs somewhere along the way into something less, something we wouldn’t have chosen. Or it is extinguished altogether – by separation or death.

Only it isn’t. Love, even love gone badly wrong, is never really extinguished. It doesn’t just disappear. Its traces are left in our hearts.   If we practice and take the kosmic medicine with openness and without expectation we find that even the saddest story of love gone wrong or love lost can be transmuted.  Free of judgement of self and other, of regret and sadness and all the stories our mind tells us (thanks to the imprinting and our ignorance of our true nature) we can take our former beloved into our heart and keep him or her safe there – with all the experiences we had together, all the memories, happy and sad, good and bad. All of it, just there, being breathed.  Remember, the heart has far greater digestive capacity than the mind to assimilate all of the atrociously painful stuff we’ve been through.  And we do need to assimilate it.  If we don’t the hand and heart-wringing continues, draining our life-force, exhausting our adrenals, eating us up with regret, guilt, if-onlys and other assorted low vibratory emotions. Further, if we deny and repress the reality of our painful experiences they quarantine in the cells of our bodies – blocking the energy of life force with the inevitable consequence in time of physical illness.   In this critical period we find ourselves living in, there is much in the outer world to depress and shrink our natural joy and peace of mind – we simply must address our personal emotional state, if we are to have chance of coming through this.

Thriving in these end-times is a challenge to say the least and it requires us to be aware (of what is going on), and most vitally, to take responsibility for our own health and well-being.  We need to focus on ourselves.  We cannot help others if we are weakened and sick ourselves – and there are going to be a lot of people needing our help.  Remember too the ancient wisdom, that the heart (and the thought-forms it sends forth) is where physical existence originates.  Whilst we cannot take personal responsibility for the state of the world, we are, if we are alive, contributing to the overall frequency of our mother planet. If we are able to neutralize our fearful, anxious, regretful thoughts and emotions in the cauldron of the heart, the transfigured thought-forms will create more peaceful, positive lives in our 3D reality system.  It may not be easy – this changing the habits of a life-time, but remember, we don’t have the luxury of time. So what’s to lose?  That said, I hope you will decide to try the kosmic medicine offered here.  See it as an adventure!   And do let me know how it goes.  Go well fellow truth seekers, may peace be the journey.


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Full Moons traditionally signify times of completion or culmination, a time where blood, tides and emotions flow more profusely, a time when the light shines more brightly – illuminating our inner and outer awareness of our deepest emotional wants and needs.  The lunation coming up this month is an especially powerful one – a super Moon no less.  With the Moon in fire sign Sagittarius,  a key signature of this time is TRUTH.   Something in your personal world, or in the collective sphere is going to be calling your awareness to deep feelings of truth and justice – and or, the lack thereof. Sagittarius is a zesty, out-going, adventurous energy; it is the part of our psyches that wants to expand its boundaries, to go beyond what it knows – in order to learn, to grow, to know.  But most importantly it is that part in all of us that recognizes truth.

This full Moon has the signature of push, a compulsion even, to expose the bullshit and start talking with honesty and integrity. The Sun is in Gemini, the opposite sign to Sagittarius. Gemini is curious; it too wants to know.  Sagittarius will take that knowing to the next level and extract meaning from it.  Okay, so now we know this has been happening – what does it mean? What is the bigger picture here?  This is the essence of the full Moon in June.  It very much looks like this is a time for the rug to be pulled back and for us to see what has been covered up. What exactly has been swept under the collective rug?  Interestingly, at this full Moon Black Moon Lilith, (which I talked about in the piece on the New Moon – which happened on the 30th May) is in the zero point (1 degree) of Cancer.  The zero point has implications for ‘going public’. 

Black Moon Lilith mythology is dark, to say the least. Themes of deep betrayal, ferocity, wildness and the occulted creativity of the feminine permeate the collective consciousness. The dark moon is activated no less for its square (challenging aspect) to Jupiter.  Jupiter, the agent of the Sagittarius need for truth and justice and amplifier of whatever it connects with, is simultaneously conjoined with Mars.  Putting that together, we have a ferocious, darkly creative, wild feminine energy, in Cancer, most maternal and defensive of all the signs, ready to act on precisely that impulse: to defend.   She will defend with every fibre of her cosmological being and in this time aided and abetted by Mars. The warrior archetype is doubly activated with Mars being in its own sign of Aries.  The battle the cosmos is arranging now goes back to our beginning, all we have been through, all we have suffered is not forgotten. Everything is always seen. And Black Moon Lilith has had enough!  It is time for the truth to be revealed and injustices to be avenged. It is time to expose the deep and dirty secrets society has been keeping. It is time to wake up to what has been swept under the rug.  It is time to be outraged – mothers and fathers and everyone who cares about humanity. The illumination of this full Moon may be the impetus we need to connect with our own warrior spirit.

In pre-Christian times pagan people, yet to be indoctrinated by the principles of Christian redemption, turn the other cheek phony salvation, took revenge for wrong-doing into their own hands. Clean punishment, at the time.  Perhaps by way of an elder or chief who took the punishment on behalf of an unidentified perpetrator. There was no burden of ‘original sin’ and guilt to stymie the act of punishing wrong-doers. Thanks to the ideologies of religion we are not so unencumbered. Wrong-doers have gone unpunished for millenia. The mind-controllers have done their dark work well.  But we, the people, are getting it. We have been conned. Monumentally so. And we are waking up from a collective sleep of centuries.  The cosmic signature of these days is inviting us, compelling us if don’t resist, to speak out for truth and justice. Finally!  People are waking up to the crimes being committed on their innocent babies. Yes, I am talking about the medical procedures.  I’m talking about the massive con that has amplified ‘normal’ everyday fear and anxiety (the unnatural result of ages of fear programming) a thousand-fold. I’m talking about the tragedy of our collective trauma, the centuries of indoctrination that have seen us surrender our sovereignty, the mind control that has made us compliant and afraid. And now, the way is open to the realisation of the truth.  It’s time.

Chiron, the cosmic and mythological wounded healer meets up with warrior Mars on the 16th – signalling a new healing cycle has begun.  Can we make this one count?  Eris (goddess of chaos and discord) is tightening her square (tension) with Pluto (god of the underworld). Yes, the tension is building. At the end of July shocks may come, as Uranus faces the Moon’s nodes. Uranus reveals and thus liberates and the Moon’s nodes plot the trajectory of our timeline. Showdown time. Neptune in tense aspect with both the Sun and Moon shortly after the full Moon speaks of a collective awareness of our wounding. We know we are in this together, we are all One. The sensitizing vibrations of Neptune are going to cause us to either want to escape from the pain of this awareness, to zone out if possible – because it’s all too much; or, it will give us the sense of connection and oneness we need to empathise and unite with our fellow humans to resolve to crusade for truth and justice together. 

Meanwhile, we have this truth Moon on the 14th – urging us to engage with the part of ourselves that intuitively recognizes truth. And I’m sorry for sounding preachy here – but my own Moon is in Sagittarius and it’s what we do.  I’m swept up in the flow of the river of truth, the river of life. Will you flow with it ? Or resist and hope that it all just goes away?   I don’t know. Maybe that is the wisest thing to do. Who knows anything these days. Certainly not me.  I simply observe the signs in the cosmos – and in my own life, take the medicine. The medicine right now is an open-hearted, open-minded acknowledgement that we have been lied to and a steadfast refusal to comply any longer.  That said….

Go well fellow truthers. And may the force of our creator – Wisdom, Nature, Gaia-Sophia – be with all of us.

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