Welcome to a cosmic ride………… That’s the ride we’re all on. We live on a relatively small planet, in a medium sized solar system, in a not particularly significant galaxy. But not surprisingly, it feels hugely significant to us!  Specks of consciousness that we are.  In this blog I’d like to explore my favourite topic – consciousness.  Astrology is a great tool, I’ve discovered, to help raise our consciousness and our awareness of the Mystery.  The star language becomes a ‘way in’ to our inner space. As above, so below.  When we understand the significance of our personal astrology, we glimpse the truth – that we are truly amazing, unique creatures – and the fact we are here at all is a miracle . And as we see the patterns unfold, according to the planetary transits, we realize that we are living in an intelligent, compassionate universe – and that it has our well-being at heart.

So here on A Cosmic Ride, I’d like to talk about all of that.  Astrology, and so much more. And I’d like to hear what you feel too!  We are all fellow travellers here.  You found yourself, here at my blog, so we must be riding the same wave!  Let’s talk about whatever awakens our awareness of the fact that we are infinite consciousness having a temporary (finite) experience here.  How it all works, why it does, is the mystery that makes life worth living.  Let’s explore the Mystery!   And thank you for dropping by…

PS:   If you are interested in astrological services – please email me on lindastrologer@gmail.com – and I will answer any questions you have.