True contact is the essence of relationship. It is not just sex I’m talking about here (although that is part of it). Real, heart-to-heart contact connects us at a core level, with the centre of another. The feeling generated by this contact is pure spirit!  It is above and beyond the body, but at the same time deeply dependent on the body. We need the separateness of our physicality to be able to merge with another – and in doing so link with the essential oneness that is the true nature of life.

 To reiterate, the ultimate force in the universe is the attractive force of love. The true heart of love is connection. Our ability to make deep, meaningful contact with another person is concomitant on the level of spiritual awareness, or consciousness, we have. There is a direct correlation between our psychological maturity (the ability to have broken down our defences and projections) and our spiritual awareness. 

 If you are even slightly open, you will resonate with the idea that the true heart of love is connection. That is because we all know , in the space inside us, that connection is what we all crave. The feeling we get when we make deep, stirring contact, or connection with another person is the feeling of spiritual oneness. This is the basis of the language of the heart.

 It’s a kind of circular ride we’re on. The universal symbol of the spiral, found throughout all cultures and everywhere patterned in nature, is symbolic of the ever upward and expanding cycles which mark the passages of our lives. As our consciousness expands, we move upwards to greater and greater levels of feeling and connection with all of life. We heal ourselves through love and we move up into another cycle. Relationships, as we know, wound as deftly as they heal.  But all of it provides opportunities to learn and grow our characters.

The Emotional Body……….Another piece of the puzzle

Here is another crunch: We come together in body and mind – but our ‘emotional body’ carries a lineage that can be overwhelmingly difficult to fathom, let alone live with!  When you are in a relationships with someone, it is not just the body in the bed, but even more important, their ‘emotional body’ that you are merging with.

 What I am saying is, you are vastly more complex emotionally, than you may realize. The experiences you have lived through, in this life  and all those that went before, have left their imprint on the gossamer tissue of the emotional body. This ‘body’ (the astral body by another name) has, through time, become attached to you. It is the ‘stick-em’ that accompanies your Soul from lifetime to lifetime.  In this lifetime the scars from old emotional pain and trauma settle into the physical body, where they can quietly reside for years. They are locked in because of the energetic patterning created by the emotional body. Locked into various systems of the body these little pockets of emotional gunk clog up the free-flowing energy pathways that allow the life-force to move through us. The consequences of this are not insignificant. Disease and illness invariably have their origins in emotional/psychological imbalances. Sickness is the call of the body to wake up to these imbalances.

 You do have it in you to unstick yourself – but for now, the important thing is to recognize that it is this legacy, this history, this ‘stuff’, that trips you up more often than you know. You don’t have to stress about this. It’s a matter of awareness.  Consciousness is like a light. When we become conscious, the light goes on and the darkness disappears. Evil is a bit of a heavy old word for ‘lack of light’. This is what evil really is – an absence or lack of the light of consciousness.  When we are conscious of how our thoughts and behaviours impact on others and how they are creating the very fabric of our own lives, we naturally turn away from negative thoughts and actions.

Until you can understand that nothing can happen to you,

nothing can ever come to you or be kept from you,

except in accord with your state of consciousness,

you do not have the key to life.

–          Paul Twitchell

For too long we have been stumbling about in the darkness where our relationships are concerned. We’ve ranted and raved and blamed and wept tears of self-pity. It is hard to admit that the break-ups were anything to do with us! Well, apart from picking the wrong person that is. Yes, this is stumbling in the dark. We’ve been completely unaware of our own power, and our responsibility in creating the situations we’ve lived through. We’ve disempowered ourselves and we’ve been disempowered.

 The word power has come to be seriously misused – and in truth, misunderstood.  True power does not wear the brash, ‘here’s me’, ‘I’m beautiful/rich/powerful’ face you might think. No, true power is way more subtle.  It does not advertise itself. It lies quietly enfolded in the heart.  It is more of the spirit than the body. True power is the power of love – and this is the force that runs the cosmos.  When we become aware that that same power  is within us we can detach from the emotional reside of the past and live quietly powerful lives. This is what Gary Zukav talked about in The Seat of the Soul:

Power is not the ability to exert your will upon another person.  There is no inner security in that kind of power. That is an attribute of time and as time changes, that changes too…….If you are not at home in the world, you live in the fear of one who can never truly relax and enjoy life.  Is this power? There is no power in fear. The armies of Rome disappeared more than a millennia ago, but the force of a single human that Roman soldiers put to death continues to shape the development of our species. Who had the power?”

Our quest is to recover real, authentic power. This is the power we hold to shape our own lives. We are not victims – or rather, we no longer have to be victims to those who would put us in this place. When we connect with real power, the power of the heart, our lives change.