The Equinox of March 21st signalled the Sun’s ingress to the sign Aries. Aries the newborn; Aries the warrior. Take your pick.  But let’s start with the ‘new beginning’ promised by the Sun’s transit of Aries. In the Northern Hemisphere of course, it is Spring – the symbolism of new beginnings being self-evident – and Easter time. This pagan festival –  hijacked by the Christian church – comes from the Babylonian Moon Goddess Semiramis, under her name Ishtar (pronounced Eastar or Ester). Easter was thus associated with the mother or Moon Goddess, and new beginnings. (She was also the goddess of fertility – hence the Easter bunny)!  The ancients honoured this time of year as being a time of beginnings and new life – attributed to the mother Goddess, the giver of new life.  Today, our ‘celebration’ of Easter is somewhat more ambivalent (death and new life juxtaposed), overlaid as it is with the Christian ideology.

For us, in the Southern Hemisphere, the incongruity of Autumn with ‘new beginnings’ is a dilemma we can resolve by aligning ourselves with both streams of energy. Setting intentions and resolving to take action, recognises the potency of this Aries time of year.  At the same time, consciously choosing to turn inwards, to look to the deepening dark of Autumn as an opportunity to tune into our own dreamtime, intuition, wisdom.  To rely less on sources in the outer world, and more on our own inner guidance, is to acknowledge this season of change from light to dark.

Uranus is now in Aries – and this planet of revolution, individuality, rebellion, shocks and surprises in the domain of the warrior, is set to wake us up in the years ahead; to shake us out of our comfortable grooves and literally make us change! Aries is an invitation to get moving and Uranus is compelling us to change.  The convulsions the earth has been experiencing may be about the increased frequencies that are coming into our system from the outer galaxy. The planets, being transmitters of these frequencies become the ‘signposts’ in the physical universe of something that is occurring at a level of higher consciousness.  So then, we know the squares of Uranus and Pluto, associated with earth-shaking activity, are only just beginning. Uranus is at 1 degree of Aries and Pluto 8 degrees of Capricorn – and due to go retrograde (meaning closer to the square with Uranus) on the 9th of this month. The square between these two heavies doesn’t become exact until 2012! – when they will meet up in a series of seven exact squares.

What does this tell us then?  It tells me the upheavals are only just beginning. The new beginning Uranus entry into Aries signals is one in which life as we know it, will change forever.  But before we take on too much of the dark side with that information – there is good news too. This month (5th) Neptune moves into its own sign – Pisces. Apart from a 6 month retro visit to Aquarius later in the year, Neptune will be in Pisces for the next 15 years.  This is big! Neptune is the outer planet associated with Spirit. Its placement in the personal horoscope shows where we seek to transcend the mundane world – and connect with Oneness, to break down barriers and merge into a state of wholeness. We all ‘find Neptune’ in different ways – some healthy and positive, some less so. But collectively, this shift of Neptune into its own sign speaks of a greater awareness of our connectedness – and thus a deepening of our compassion, as we realize we are all in this together, we are all merged, we are all One; one body of humanity. And as One, we have great power.  When we stop our divisiveness – our competitiveness, our fear, and the sheer madness of the ego-driven consciousness, we come back to the realization that what we do to each other, we do to ourselves. Likewise what we do to our planet, we do to ourselves. In short, Neptune in Pisces will usher in an energy capable of taking us from our egos, to our hearts.  And my Gods, we are going to need it!  Living from a heart-based consciousness will mean we move from duality (with all its inherent pain) to unitary consciousness. This is the promise of Neptune in Pisces.

On a less lofty level, we find Mercury is moving retrograde throughout most of this month (March 31 – April 23).  So, again, the energy here is ‘Autumnal’….. turn inwards, reflect, consider, re-visit.  Act – yes we are in Aries time – but not impulsively. Act on your own behalf to bring about the changes you want to implement in your new beginning. Make intentions, create rituals, make a medicine wheel, journal, draw, sing to the Moon, dance a wild warrior dance in the privacy of your own home. Then, when Mercury is on the move again, you will be nurtured and ready to act in the outer world.

Venus moves into Aries on the 21st – action and sparks begin flying on the relationships front.  Impulse buying and self-indulgence could be the trigger for lovers’ quarrels. On the 23rd when Venus meets up with Uranus – impulsive attractions, or sudden dramas are possible…….building towards a square of Venus to Pluto on the 27th – never particularly comfortable energy for relating.  Maybe keep your own counsel that day.

And I will conclude where perhaps I ought to have started (Uranus is ever unpredictable)! – with the New Moon in Aries on the 4th. This is a day to underline in red! Not only is Mars in exact conjunction with Uranus – (think – all hell breaks loose) – but we have six planets lined up in the sign of the warrior. Life could spin out of control around now…..Saturn however,  is opposing this Arian stellium – exactly. So he will be doing his best to put the brakes on.  Things could go either way then – full speed ahead, or the reverse. The result could be a watered down ‘action’ – as Saturn is feeling quite powerful there in this position.  Uranus comes from left field, Mars triggers action, throw in the Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Mercury to the mix, all in the sign of the headstrong, impulsive ram – yes – anything could happen.  Forewarned is forearmed right?

Good luck and have a brilliant, energetic, powerful month – but don’t forget! Mercury is retrograde until April 23rd – so DON”T sign any important contracts, or buy electrical goods – and DO expect to have computer glitches, issues with your car & electrics, and misunderstandings in communications.  It would be a good idea to sit back and say less, until then.  This too shall pass.