May begins with an interesting signature in the heavens –  Aries Moon conjoined Jupiter – (2nd), at the same time as the asteroid Juno goes direct. The Moon and Jupiter brings an expansive, impulsive mood, while Juno’s forward passage suggests the time is at hand to look at your relationship: what isn’t working here?  Is this worth it? What needs to go? Time to decide – and let’s be quick about it. In Virgo Juno is raising the critical, analytical capacity, and Aries is urging action now! With Saturn in Libra moving retrograde still, many aspects of partnership are under the microscope and will be for some time to come. But with five planets in Aries patience is likely to be knocked side-ways by impulsiveness, and classic Jupiterian what-could-go-wrong optimism.  The result could be some ‘decisions’ are quickly reached this month – possibly with far-reaching consequences.

Fortunately the Sun is now moving through Taurus – which should steady things somewhat.  We tend to favour our comforts and the safety of predictability overwild recklessness at this time  – generally. Though this particular line- up in Aries is new to us all – which makes any attempt at prediction laughable really. I think we might do well to apply the energy this month in making adjustments in our relationships based on a sense of ‘new beginnings’.  Where do we want all this Aries/new start energy to take us – ultimately?  Because relationships are important to us – whether we are currently in one or not – it can be useful to reflect on the ways in which we can shift our thoughts/feelings/emotions to create partnerships appropriate to the next (major) step in our evolution.  Which is – the shift to living from the heart; both personally and collectively.

So never mind what our partner is or isn’t doing. We are here, on this planet, to LOVE.  We have been brought up to believe the illusory ‘reality’ of separateness. From the word go we have been conditioned to think that we are powerless, and we have to play by the rules, compete, strive, succeed – in order to survive.  We have been drenched in a culture of fear. And fear is the very opposite of love. Fear closes our hearts, love opens them. In this system of duality, love has been sacrificed on the altar of fear and separation. It is time to grow up out of this – by taking personal respons-ibility – (the ability to respond) for our relationships, and for all of our lives..

This shift we are all participating in, if we are alive, is designed to return us to the truth.  The mind-controllers, the outside ‘authorities’ put in place by the systems that appear to rule us, are on the way out – quite frankly.  Pluto in Capricorn is not here for nothing.  The ‘system’ is being annihilated.  And not before time.  We have been duped for several thousand years – as the dark gods appear to have won. The truth is, they haven’t. Not really.  We have been steadily growing and evolving toward the truth – the realization that beneath the crap, the propaganda, the mind-numbing control, and the fear – we are multi-dimensional beings of light – and love is our first nature. We had to experience the dark, know the opposite, so that we could more powerfully embrace and know the light and the truth of who we really are.

But doing so requires us to wake up. And in these times of intensified and manipulated fear it can be hard to let go of the illusory securities we have held to for so long. These material securities are falling fast though; soon we will be compelled to let go – there will be nothing left to hold on to.  At the same time, frequencies of love are coming at us from the outer galaxy and echoing through our bodily systems.  The Sun and the planets receive and transmit these heightened frequencies – and here is our saving grace in this time of dissolution, chaos and collapse. I note Neptune has just moved into Pisces. As Steven Forrest has suggested ‘the angels are preparing an avenue of retreat for us.’ (hallelujah).   Our part in this is to wake up to the truth of who we are and the path we are on. Our path has come to the cross-roads.  We are not here by accident, and we are not here for a free ride.  We are not here to ‘piss away another incarnation’ – (as Mark Borax says); no, we are here to get it! And to put an end to the insanity that has ruled so much of life on this beautiful planet for so long.  Yes, the patriarchy is part of this – as the goddess energy was suppressed, along with the knowledge and wisdom of indigenous people the world over.  Religion has been a cover-up, an excuse, for the suppression of knowledge of the truth of who we really are. But indigenous people, Shamans, still hold this wisdom. Star watchers, knowledge keepers – we are coming together and collectively waking up to spread the word……..It’s time to wake up!!

So this month, think about creating the relationships and partnerships you know are possible.  Letting go of the petty, pathetic concerns for security and safety (notwithstanding we are in Taurus time) that so often fracture our intimacy. Instead,trust that you will be safe.  Know that if you keep your heart open – all will be well.Let go of needing to protect your ego by having to have the upper hand, the last word, the power.  No, the real power lies in allowing yourself to be vulnerable, in opening your mind and heart, in feeling compassion. This is love.  As you invite vulnerability, watch the tension and the pain of your struggle dissolve.  Just let it go.

There is nice healing energy this month, around the 7th, as the Moon makes a trine to Neptune and Chiron.  This is a time for spiritual healing – try spending the day in your heart space. Smile, be kind, stroke your cat, talk to strangers, love yourself, do yoga; step out of the egoic consciousness and into the heart.

Mars into Aries on the 11th  signals action time.  Ready, steady, get moving.  And the next day, celebrate the beauty of your connection with your loved ones – as Venus holds hands with Jupiter. Drink champagne for no particular reason. If don’t choose to afford it – float flower petals in your soup. Either way, hug, connect, look into the eyes of whoever you are with – and celebrate simply being alive.

The Full Moon falls on the 17th, in Scorpio. Ground yourself on the earth and feel the intensity of the Moon’s pull on the body-mind.  How controlled we are, by way of the body-mind, through the emanations of the Moon. But beyond the body-mind, our true, timeless, essential self is pristine and unmoved.  See the ebbs and flows of mood and emotion for what they are: flickering patterns of frequencies pinging our molecules, re-jigging our DNA. They are not real. They are part of the game.  Experience them all. Enjoy if you can, detach if you can’t.  They are transitory. They may feel like yours – but they are not; they are just passing through….. Notice, if you can, how the old, habitual patterns of fear and anxiety move through your body – riding the molecules of emotion.  We so often feel the victim of these lunar and planetary energies.  Decide to jump ship – use bodywork such as dance or yoga, or simply through long, slow, deep, conscious breathing, come back to the heart. Watch the pain and the fear dissolve as you sit (or move) with the breath.  Detached, yet conscious observation and acceptance, will take you to the truth – which resides in the heart space. And there you will see that none of it, none of what you thought was important, really matters.

Relish this month in nurturing your body and soul, eating delicious food, walking, dancing and playing in nature, spending time with the animals – and loving each other.  I will leave you with some beautiful, (and appropriately Taurean) words from Walt Whitman:

“Love the earth and sun and animals…..dismiss whatever insults your own soul,And your very flesh shall be a great poem and have the richest fluency not only in its words but in the silent lines of its lips and face and between the lashes of your eyes and in every motion of your body.”