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The winter solstice has just passed here in the southern hemisphere.  The shortest day in this part of the world corresponds to the longest in the northern lats of course. Here, the Sun reached its furthest point north whereupon it rested for three days and on the 25th began its trek back to the south.  Psychologically this time signals a subtle revival of spirits for those of us in the depths of winter – knowing the light is returning.  There is, for those attuned to such things, a little spark of something like relief as if glimpsing a distant light, a scintilla of hope ahead, in a long dark tunnel.  At the summer solstice, it is subtle too – a vague sense of passing an important marker – the time of maximum light. There are months of summer ahead, yet we know the days are slowly but surely inching towards the dark.   For all of us on planet Earth, as our Sun paused this past week, we too may have given pause.  There is much to reflect on as these seemingly surreal days – short or long – disappear too fast. What, we may wonder, does this celestial turning point signify? If anything…

In the United States the abortion law overturn signalled a new fight – one that exemplifies Black Moon Lilith’s cosmic meaning right now. (See my earlier posts ‘Comic medicine for June’ and ‘Truth Moon’) where the ferocity of the feminine energy finds its target.  And the fight begins.  We have a new Moon in Cancer, the archetypal sign of the mother, on Wednesday (June 29) and the loudest message I can hear from the stars is ‘LET GO!’…..   There is a tremendous pull back to the past (the Moon’s south node features strongly at this new Moon) and it is giving us the wisdom of hindsight – if we use it well.  And yet everything is so different now, how do we even make sense of our past, of how life used to be? We are being urged now to see our history with new eyes and learn from it.  And we are being asked to let go of our very natural desire for things to be as they were. There is no going back.

Much has been kept from us and too many are apathetic or distracted by the superficialities of social media and the meaningless sensationalism of celebrity lives. The manufactured, manipulated and broadcast humanitarian and animal welfare disasters going on all over our planet are designed to desensitize us to the plight of our fellow sentient beings. Those who don’t succumb to desensitization feel helpless and pained to witness so much destruction of life, so much violence.  It can bring us to our knees.  Those who do, don’t care of course – they’re desensitized.  It really does feel like the darkest of times we are living through.With so many planets about to move retrograde we are being urged inward and it is here, in the solace of our deepest inner spaces that we will find the impetus and courage we need to let go. What are we letting go of?  Essentially, everything.  Everything we thought we knew about life is changing now. The only way we will navigate this birthing process safely is by letting go of our resistance. Accept and surrender.  I know, I know, so easy to say, so bloody hard to do.  We are standing before an abyss and being asked to jump.  Every molecule of our being wants to cleave to the structures of our lives, the daily routines, the people and places that give us security.  But even as we do, there is an uncomfortable awareness lurking that somehow all of it is going to be ripped from us – no matter how hard we try to hold on.  Or is that just fear talking?

‘They’ want us in the low vibratory energetic band of fear. We know that.  And after our traumatic history, fear has become our default mode. Not our fault. But we must now make an effort to release that ancient programming – because it is imperative we change our collective vibratory field. We are not passive travelers here.  Our energy has power. The more of us consciously shifting to a frequency higher than fear the more impact we will have to change the dire predictions to something beautiful instead. A golden age perhaps? The ancient wisdom keepers taught of the cyclic nature of this realm. From the darkest, densest iron age (our current) we will emerge, like the butterfly from its chrysalis, into a golden time.  But don’t ask me when that is likely to be.  The shift from one ‘age’ to another, based on historical evidence, is around 150 years. So no, we didn’t jump over into the Aquarian age last year, or the year before when Saturn and Pluto met up. It is a process we are in.  Having said that, all is fluid and as our collective frequency changes, so too do the timelines. We have the power to bring forward the new cycle. The danger here is that our collective frequency has been seriously nudged in the downward direction in these ‘covid times.’  There are encouraging signs of a mass awakening however and here is our salvation actually.  The more of us who get it – who see that we have been lied to on a monumental scale, who see the power structure of the controllers for what it is, the greater our chances of breaking free from the simulated reality and impending AI take-over they have created.

Back to the astrology and the medicine.  Eris, dwarf planet so called, but a potent force nevertheless, is squared to Pluto (god of the underworld) at this time.  Chaos and discord are the signature of these two dark ones coming together. Obvious right.  This square is slow-moving and is energised on July 1st by Mars entering the picture and on this day squaring Pluto also. The sense is there will be a mobilisation of individual actions against the powers that be.  Mars, in the sign of its ruler Aries, represents youthful assertiveness, whereas Pluto, in the sign Capricorn represents the status quo – old authorities.  Young versus old; the fresh and new versus the old power structures. The best medicine may well be to channel this strong energetic impulse coming in at us to fighting the good fight – however that looks for you.  It is a call to action and a time to challenge the power mongers, the parasites, wherever they are.  We’ve been too passive and the cosmos is saying – enough!! It really is time for society’s secrets to be revealed. It’s time for truth. That pull back to the past I referred to above must be resisted because, let’s be honest, the status quo is no longer viable. The Kosmos is saying see it for what it was, learn from it, but then let it go.

We need to nurture ourselves now too. Where can we ‘do it for ourselves’ and where do we need to ask for help from others? Black Moon Lilith may arouse our primal fears – such as abandonment and old issues around mothering.  It’s a tricky one because playing it too safe not only makes us passive, docile and compliant, it is also not fulfilling what is being asked of us now, which is to release, let go of the old in order to make way for the new. This is finding the line in the sand time then.  Remember, we impact the collective vibration with our every thought and our every action.  Cancer is the most emotional of all the signs so with this double up of the luminaries at the new Moon you can expect an outpouring of feeling, emotion and nostalgia. Sometimes all we want is to turn back the clock and return to how things used to be. This feeling is particularly strong now.   The Sun and the Moon on the 29th are squared to Jupiter and the traditional caution of astrologers when the Sun and Jupiter came together in this way was to avoid immoderation and an over-inflated ego – lest it lead to a deflated one.  The potential is there, therefore to go over the top. Tears may flow, given the Moon is right there with the Sun. Emotions running high is always an invitation to take it outside. In other words, channel the energy into some form of physical action – preferably in the grounding presence of nature.  It could also be a good time to think about actions you might take in a few days time to maximise the potent energy of Mars, Eris and Pluto.  Making intentions is always a good idea on the new Moon. Plant the seeds with strong intention now and they have greater chances of coming to fruition.  Cancer is a fertile sign – make of that what you will.  And remember, we can’t hanker for the past. Lamenting what we have lost with the passage of this crazy time is futile and a waste of our precious energy. We must focus now on the new.  What actions can we take to participate in the toppling of the deeply corrupted and evil status quo?  That it is ending, we know.  We must make preparations to nurture ourselves and our loved ones and do what we can to raise our vibratory energy.  Even if that is all we do – take care of our own energy. Raising our frequency will contribute to the collective frequency and that in itself is powerful. 

Now that the seasonal marker of the half yearly solstice has passed and our star has resumed its journey after its pause – the Kosmos is sending vibrations designed to galvanize our full awareness of our plight.  Now is the time to formulate your plan to help our mother planet, Gaia Sophia,  birth our new world.  Nature and her principles rule now.  The parasites know they hang by a thread. And that thread is called our ignorance.  Let’s cut it. Let’s do what we can to help the awakening of our fellow earth dwellers.  Life in the next golden age will be beautiful and we will get there.    So go well truthers and awakened spirits. Reflect on your past and all you have learned and determine your strategy moving forward. Take care of yourselves; ask for help when you need it – we are all in this together. In love and the returning light…..

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