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 Having studied naturopathy and holistic healing for over 30 years now, and practising (for the most part) the principles of healthy living – I have to say, I’m depressed.   The world is crazy.  I am probably more informed than most on the dangers of fluoridation, chlorination, vaccination, GMOs, EMFs…..the list continues to grow…..but  it isn’t enough.  It’s becoming a full-time job to stay on top – that is, to take care the health of myself and my family – and it feels like a losing battle. What hope is there for the less informed and those who cannot afford to buy organic food, supplements, pure water?

In the latest edition of ‘The New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine’, Walter Last, naturopath, writes:  “I am now fully convinced that most diseases are indeed caused by the medical system.”  He goes on, in this excellent article, to back up his conviction with insights like:  “Statistics show that whenever there was a strike by doctors, the death rate in the affected population fell dramatically.”

And:  “Candidiasis is not the only side-effect of antibiotic treatment, and antibiotics are not the only drugs that cause such problems.  Drugs used in chemotherapy, anti-inflammatory steroidal drugs and other long-term drug therapies tend to kill or suppress the natural intestinal bacteria and yeast, parasites and harmful bacteria start taking over.”   This leads to the development of autoimmune diseases such as asthma, lupus and cancer – the epidemic of our times. Root canals are another cause of autoimmune diseases. Dr Weston Price (former Director of Research for the American Dental Association) did a number of (horrendous) studies, where he inserted a removed root-filled tooth under the skin of a 100 rabbits. The rabbits all died within two days.  When normal teeth were implanted, the rabbits suffered no adverse health effects.

Statistics, according to Last and contrary to what the propaganda has been hammering us with, show that death rates from targeted disease rose with the introduction of vaccines.  “Other side-effects ascribed to modern vaccines are cot death (SIDS), a strong rise in autism and ADHD and so-called ‘shaken baby syndrome’ (spot bleeding in the brain) which landed innocent parents in jail.”   At the other end of childhood, the Gardasil (HPV) vaccine is quietly maiming and killing young women all over the world.


What the hell is going on??


Those of us who are half awake, know about the suppression of natural medicine – and the ‘deliberate bias against natural therapies’.  It seems bewildering and nonsensical.   When we are told such facts as ‘private-practice oncologists (in the US) typically derive two-thirds of their income from selling chemotherapy to patients’, the penny should start to drop. It is all about money. Illness and disease mean profits – to drug companies and individuals within the non-holistic health profession.  The more sick people there are, the more money they make.


Further down the proverbial rabbit hole, things become more sinister.  While the manipulation of the ego accounts for the greed and self-serving behaviour of those involved in this conspiracy, (yes, it is), there are deeper layers to the insanity.  Depopulation is one.  There is an agenda, put in place by our ‘overlords’ to drastically reduce the world’s population (they have others also).  These ‘overlords’ are well hidden, but their emissaries organise and control the power structures that run our world – the governments and banks, corporations and industries and they are working to an agenda.  It is obvious, for instance, that the telecoms industry is not only about taking money out of our hands and giving it to those at the top – it is also playing a major part in destroying our health. Two birds with one stone – terrific. No wonder it is so powerful and becoming more so. Cell phone towers are springing up like mushrooms –no environmental consents necessary.  It’s a sick world becoming sicker by the day.


How Can We Not Be Afraid?

It’s bloody scary –when you look at it.  You might choose not to. It’s easier not to. It’s easier to watch TV, have a glass of wine, go shopping. Life isn’t all bad – and distraction has its place. We’d probably go nuts without it.  And from my observation protests and letters to politicians and editors haven’t halted the viral spread of telecoms masts (mechanisms of mind programming, according to some), or for that matter halted anything.  In New Zealand a recent poll showed 89 per cent of those questioned were opposed to a new ‘security’ bill (like the NSA) that was before the house – in effect, giving the government legitimacy to spy (as if they weren’t already).  It passed anyway. The clear majority voice silenced  – yet again. And if that’s the case when the majority is opposed to something – what chance do those of us in the minority have, over issues such as fluoridation in the water??  

But we must not give up. As David Icke continually reminds us, there are more of us than there are of them. We ARE powerful. And yes, I am trying to convince myself as much as you, as I write those words.  Right now, to be completely honest – I feel a deep despair.  A gnawing feeling that these aches and pains, these new sensitivities are the honest response of my body to a bombardment of heavy  and unfamiliar frequencies in the air around me.  We didn’t evolve with these frequencies and our bodies are doing the best they can.  It’s almost impossible to have control over anything anymore. We might drink pure spring water at home, but when we go into town and buy a coffee, we are swallowing a combo of chlorine and fluoride – throwing further out the delicate balance of our biochemistry. Yet we don’t want to be fanatical. This is where we live! We cannot all retreat to the country, out of range of cell phone towers, to enjoy our own safe water and organic veges. No, for the most part we are stuck with it – stuck in this prison without bars.


What Can we Do?

We can write, share, inform ourselves and others.  Waking up is more crucial now than ever. Thankfully, we are seeing an explosion in the numbers of people ‘getting it’ – but there is such a long way to go. As fast as we get it – they are further ahead of us, with their secret technology, their occult manipulation of our innocence. We are played like puppets and it is appalling and distressing to see them continuing to get away with it.  Our freedoms are being swept away while we’re not looking – distracted by the business of living.   I don’t know,  is it not too late??  Can we reverse the cliff-lunging train and save ourselves?   I love hearing from anyone who believes we can. Any suggestions, guidance, advice – are gratefully sought and received and perhaps this is our only hope. Life might be becoming more prison like by the day, with its continuing assaults on our bodies,  minds and spirits, but, you know what, if we wake ourselves out of our apathetic slumber and do something!!!! – we might stop that train from hurtling over the cliff.  We have to believe, and hold to it, that we ARE POWERFUL.  It is just a matter of numbers.  The more of us that wake up, the more impossible it will be for the controllers to dictate our fate. As alluring as distraction may be, it is our lives, and the lives of our children and their children, at stake.  We must inform ourselves about our health and take responsibility for it. It is becoming more of a challenge, but we can find wellness in a sick world. To look to the medical profession to save us from the disease it is inflicting with the other hand, is naïve.  Informed choices and the sharing of information – these are key.  Other than that, we have to stop being afraid and choose love.  Loving ourselves means taking care of ourselves – on all levels. Loving others means taking care of them too. Simple really. Our souls know what we need to do to manifest love, for ourselves and others.  Turn off the distractions and listen to your heart. Follow the path of your heart and give others permission to do the same.  Listen too, to the intelligence of your body – it knows what it needs. Its symptoms are messengers, nothing more, nothing less, don’t ignore them or disguise them with toxic drugs. Respect, love and be thankful for this body you have and this life you are living.  En-JOY it.  It is truly a gift.  Enough preaching.  I’m off to take my own advice.  Much love and blessings all.