We have been inundated, in the last few years with information, self-help books, films and even articles in the mainstream media, telling us about the power of our thoughts.

The phenomenal success of the book ‘The Secret’ (which was actually a ‘readers digest’ selection of insights from a book written nearly a century ago – endorsed by some of today’s thinkers and commentators in consciousness) and a plethora of other books of this ilk are all giving us the same message. And the message is – our thoughts and beliefs control our lives. If we change our thoughts, we change our lives. We can think our way to perfect health, perfect wealth, harmony, love and abundance.

It all sounds great and when we read these books we join the millions and, for a few days, maybe a while longer, we think about our thoughts – when we remember to. It is then that we realize, our conscious minds don’t seem to be particularly conscious………..our thoughts haven’t changed, and neither have our lives. Something is clearly not connecting somewhere.

Bruce Lipton, PhD, a former medical school professor and research scientist, is the author of a book ‘The Biology of Belief’. His work has been described as ‘bridging science and spirit’. It is revolutionary work and it is changing our understanding of how our genes function.

Lipton’s research shows that our genes and DNA do not control our biology. They are simply blueprints (plans). Instead, DNA is controlled by signals outside the cell, including the energetic messages from our positive and negative thoughts.

This discovery created a major shift because up until now, science has subscribed to the ‘belief’ that we are victims of our biology because our genes, our DNA, controlled life. Now, we know that we are masters of our biology instead. Our bodies can be changed by retraining our thinking.

We need to go deeper, because at this point it would seem the books telling us to think positive were right – and now they have the backing of science. The story, according to Lipton, does not end there…………. He says when people try to put positive thinking into practice, they are leaving out a vital step.

The mind tells the cells what it anticipates and the cells go to the DNA which creates what the mind is telling it. But, what we are not realizing, is that the mind consists of two parts: the conscious mind and the subconscious.

According to Lipton, when it comes to processing information the subconscious mind is over a million times more powerful than the conscious mind.

This bit is really hard to believe: neuro scientists, say Lipton, have revealed that the conscious mind operates for only 5 per cent of the day! 90 to 95% of the time we run our lives from the automatic processor – the subconscious mind.

This is the basis for the placebo effect. It has been established that one third of all medical healings are derived from the placebo effect (the power of belief) as opposed to intervention.

Apparently, we have all been endowed with a natural healing ability – and that healing extends to all areas of our lives. BUT, from the age of six, our brain patterns alter as we start acquiring perceptions about who we are in the world. We become conditioned (to live in this dimension) and this over-rides our natural healing ability. How tragic.

Up until that age we are in a trance-like state where the brain records experiences of the world – just like a tape recorder. This is all part of the plan, because it means the ‘new entrant’ can download the program – language, behaviour, etc, with relative ease. Of course a lot of negative stuff will be programmed in those first six years, depending on our early experiences, as well as the natural healing abilities and instincts we have for survival – and we faithfully record it all, like little machines.

Lipton provides a good example of what often happens. Every baby is born able to swim. It is a natural ability. We are all able to swim like dolphins from the moment we enter the world. But someone forgot to tell our parents that. We were then ‘protected’ from water and further down the track we needed to be taught how to swim. This is negative programming in operation.

Negative programming shuts off our natural inborn abilities; it even shuts off instinct.

This is essentially what occurs right across the board. Our parents and others give us messages that tell us we are not good enough, we will not succeed, we need doctors to make us well, water is dangerous, life is dangerous….

These messages become the new program. The brain then, will not let us create behaviours that contradict the program.

What we need to do to move beyond our negative programming is to realize that we have two minds and everything that occurs in our life, positive or negative, is related to this fact. We need to drop the belief that we are victims of circumstances beyond our control.

If the conscious mind is busy thinking about something – and it pretty much always is, the subconscious gets on and does whatever task is at hand. But, according to Lipton, this is the critical thing: it will do it, according to the program that was put there – which is often negative and therefore reduces our abilities.

So what we end up doing, despite our best intentions and all the positive thinking we can find the time and energy for, is sabotaging ourselves. The mind behind the mind works on fulfilling ‘the program’ – and unfortunately the program is often negative.

How then, do we make friends with the subconscious mind?

Lipton says first we must own the fact that we are operating from the subconscious mind 95% of the time. Until we own that – we can’t go to the next level. When we compete the subconscious with the conscious, he says, the subconscious always wins! And this is the mind that was programmed by other people with limitations!

As an evolutionary astrologer I would add to that, it was also programmed by the vibratory energy that we brought in with us from former existences. Our old karmic story – which essentially comprises our belief system – is largely unconscious, but clearly alive and well. We can see through the symbolism of the chart, where the sticky points in the belief system of an individual lie. The events of childhood serve as prototypical events that crystallise the beliefs which are unerringly, already depicted in the chart! Fascinating. The gift of astrology is that through interpreting this symbolism we can become aware of what is in our unconscious, or subconscious as Lipton calls it. We can make the unconscious conscious. Then we can work on changing it.

But back to the scientist… First he says, we must become conscious of this state of affairs and then we must habituate a new program by doing it consciously.

“That’s called Buddhist mindfulness. That’s what consciousness is all about.

“But that’s too hard for most people who are running at a million miles per hour.”

We can change the subconscious mind’s programming, but not, apparently, by talking to it or reasoning with it. People ‘talk to themselves’ in the hope of changing the program, but this can’t work. And the reason is, the subconscious is just like a tape recorder – it keeps playing over and over again. This is the foundation of habit – and the reason the subconscious can’t listen is because there is no ‘entity’ there to hear the message. Spooky. We are robotic. From my understanding, this is an aspect of residing in this ‘matrix’ we call reality. The only thing that can wake us out of the trance of the program is consciousness……The practice of mindfulness is a way to constantly bring the conscious mind into the present moment. This is the truth of the ‘Power of Now’. Only in the Now can we free ourselves, consciously, from the program.

Lipton says there are three ways that are very effective in changing old, sabotaging, limiting beliefs in the subconscious mind: Buddhist mindfulness, clinical hypnotherapy, and an ‘exciting new healing modality called energy psychology’. Discussions of these modalities are available in the resource section of his website.

Asked for an example in his own life where ‘changing his beliefs’ has changed his life – this is what Lipton replied:

“I first started writing my book in 1992 and over 15 years I had started and restarted the book several times, going half way into the story each time before I hit a wall, writers block, and I couldn’t go on. I later found that my subconscious mind was in fear of completing the project because I felt my life (career) would be threatened if I published a book that my conventional colleagues would consider as heretical.

Once I found the subconscious program that was sabotaging writing, I “reprogrammed” my subconscious mind with the belief that it would be safe to write this the book and that the writing process itself would be fun, easy and fast. Within three months the book was in final form and on its way to press.

My partner Margaret and I programmed our subconscious minds so that we would, in fairytale fashion, “live happily ever after…on an eternal honeymoon.” Though it’s not yet “ever after,” we have been on a continuous honeymoon for twelve years and that’s just the beginning!”

Sounds worth the effort to me!

Health and the Power of the Mind

When it comes to our health, Lipton says we are a ‘community’ – made up of 50 trillion cells that have an intelligence and can survive independently outside of the body (in a culture dish). He goes on to say:

“However, when in the body, each cell is becomes an integral part of a community, working with the other cells that share the common vision of the community. The nervous system acts as a government that controls and coordinates the functions of the body’s cells. When the mind serves as a “good” government, the cellular community is in harmony and expresses health. If the mind is confused, angered, in fear or disturbed, it can destroy the harmony of the cellular community and lead to dis-ease or even death.

Just remember, your thoughts are sent to the body’s cells via neuro-chemicals and nerve transmission. If you are harsh on yourself, it’s your cells that are the ones that physically feel the brunt of your anger. Cell’s are generally very loyal, to the extent that if you so wish it, they will actually commit suicide (apoptosis in the cellular world). Positive and negative thoughts shape your biology, for your mind is actually “governing” 50 trillion cells.”

This is so fascinating; our cells ‘react’ to vibrations within, and without. That is, if we are feeling happy, they are happy. If we are feeling depressed or fearful, they are depressed or fearful. And they can pick up on vibrations in the room we are in, the vibrations (energetic frequencies) of other people around us (!) The brain will detect the vibrations and send out chemicals to control the body’s functions.

This is why, and how, energy medicine works – and why it is, or will be the medicine of the future. Everything is energy in motion. We are beginning to understand how our thoughts and energy affects our physical body, at a cellular level. Our cells are like miniature people; they experience the same life as us! As above so below….

In conclusion, we can re-create our lives, when we realize how powerful our unconscious beliefs and thoughts are and consciously intend, and attend, to reprogram them. We can rewrite the program, but first we have to know it’s there. We are ‘continuously participating in the creation of our own life experiences’, and when we decide to use our consciousness more consciously – we can create lives of joy, positive health, love, harmony and happiness. Lipton says he has done exactly that, for the past 20 years – and doesn’t believe the joy in his life is there by accident. They key is mindfulness, which means paying attention to the present moment, watching thoughts but not becoming attached to them. And witness feelings as they arise, because they are the clues to the unconscious; the program that is running invisibly. Feelings are the portal to the invisible world. We can live our lives on purpose, and all it takes is the light of awareness.

“One’s real life is so often the life that one does not lead” (Oscar Wilde)

Comment:  Please share your thoughts and experiences on the power of belief……Have you had any success with changing your own program?