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I am not a Christian, although I was brought up by good people who would have called themselves Christian…. and the local Presbyterian church featured for a few years of my childhood at least.  As my ‘spiritual questing’ life began in my teens, I was fascinated to read about religions – all religions, alongside metaphysics, astrology, healing, the occult and various forms of spirituality.  But I realized soon enough that my educational path was a good distance from an academic one and as interesting as theology was, the subjects that captivated me were very clearly non-mainstream, unorthodox to say the least and not available to study – in this country at least – at a tertiary level.  Thus began a 40 years journey of self-study into the meaning of Truth. 

I have weaved in and out of the Christian religion through the decades in an effort to unearth fact from fiction.  As a child I instinctively (and rightly) recoiled from the image of Jesus on the cross. The Lord’s prayer, the sermons and hymns all left me cold – apart from the one about love in Corinthians.   With the benefit of age and in retrospect, I can see now that what I felt back there, as an innocent child, was the unease that comes when truth has been betrayed.  None of it added up.

I tell you this by way of explanation as to my objectivity and un-indoctrination when it comes to Christianity.  I was not convinced. It was to become yet another ‘truth-untruth’ to unpick.

Fast forward to 2022 and my discovery of what I believe is one of, if not the, most important book I have ever read.  Enna Reittort’s staggeringly, mind-blowingly remarkable book ‘Krivda… The Godtrix Against the Matrix,’  is, to the truth-seeker, pure gold.  Krivda (an old Russian word meaning ‘crooked truth’) weaves together, adeptly and seamlessly the greatest of truths.  And in doing so she exposes the greatest of lies. (And it turns out I was right, the bible story is a big lie.)  Krivda is a big picture story, an ancient story of our human struggle against a force that not only planned and executed the enslavement of humanity thousands of years ago, but, as this brilliant scholar shows and tells us, it continues to this day.  The old ‘gods’ of early religion morphed into the ‘gods’ of money and then the gods of science (scientism).  The thought-forms (egregores), generated by the manipulation of our human longing for ‘connection with dimensions beyond the mundane’ first appeared as the off-planet (E.T) controlling ‘god’ Yahweh in the old testament.  Later in the new testament (completely dissonant with the old one), the life and cruel death of Jesus was reconstructed, obfuscated and manipulated to turn this truly human hero, (whose work as a political activist threatened the death cult’s ancient order) into a distorted mythological god-figure, symbolizing forevermore human victimization and the outright lies of guilt (of original sin) and salvation – ‘by a perpetual scapegoat.’

“The pragmatic manifestions of Jesus’ utterly human commitment appear to emerge from the natural human esoteric that the priests would have perceived in the man’s words and deeds.  This underlying factor would have made it imperative for them to kill the risk of its contagion by perpetuating the multiple betrayal of the man Jesus through their own un-natural esoteric.  What better method than deification to drown the power of a man’s humanity, through inversion, making him one of ‘the gods’ against whose very systems he had risen.”    (Krivda….p. 69)

Enna Reittort has drawn from the work of acclaimed biblical and historical scholars in her composition and expozay of an ‘utterly human hero’. This Jesus feels real to me.  Born into a time and place where being illegitimate (I’m sorry, the god impregnation story just doesn’t stack up) was an ‘odious situation’, the historical Jesus, (as distinct from the mythologised one) was a political activist, taking a stand against the corrupt institutions of the temple priests and Roman rule. A role no doubt stemming from and fuelled by his lowly status as ‘the lowest of the low’…. carrying the ‘guilty burden of his illegitimate sinful birth.’

I felt, on reading this, that finally, I knew who Jesus was.  This Jesus was one of us!  He took a stand against the authorities. He was courageous and defiant, a true heretic.  The real story of Jesus is a heart-breaking, human tale and one that has a powerful resonance today.  The Church and the major religions are geopolitical tools of mind control – alive and well today as the thought-forms hovering in the ethers have been built up and strengthened over the centuries.  Weekly mock cannibalistic and sacrificial ritual being enacted the world over in the Christian communion being but one example of the esoteric layering in exoteric Christianity.  Why this story is so important to know, now, is because the same forces who did this, who established and maintain a lineage of inverted truth, are still up to the same tricks – the god-trix.  Only now they have a few more tools in their arsenal. They have the gods of money and the gods of science (big med)– as well as their religious god.  The godtrix of the so-called elite (non-human) and their human proxies are part of a long-game.  And we are in the end-game of the long-game. 

So what can we take from the ‘true’ Jesus story that might help us today?

“For the power of one human to stand up to an iniquitous priestly system points to the Christ Principle as intrinsically human, not some super-natural quality of the ‘son of god’.  The Christ as truth-justice, not some fictitious ‘savior’.  A knowing, organically natural to attuned humans, not in need of sophisticated magic and esoteric casting of spells of crooked truth.  Also, the ‘anointment’ to activate the Christ Principle (since ‘christ’ means ‘anointed’) deliberately entrusted to a woman – a woman alive with the spirit to perform the gesture – speaks of an even deeper element of the natural human esoteric in Jesus, the Feminine – occulted by the priestly social order.”   (Krivda…p.68)

There is nothing new under the sun as they say.  Two thousand years later and still, the true worth and power of the feminine (women, our mother planet, Nature, Gaia-Sophia) is occulted and inverted by the ‘priestly’ (elite) order.  The Gnostic texts, discovered at Nag Hammadi in the mid 20th Century speak of a ‘Demiurge’ – a feared off-planet techno-being and his army of archons (called by different names by different cultures the world over). It could be, some say, the stealthy and nefarious demiurge and co are the priestly elite ruling over us today – by way of their advanced technological knowledge of mind control.  Jesus stood up to them two thousand years ago. He exposed their corruption and crooked truth, as a human being.  He stood for truth-justice. The Christ principle has nothing to do with god (a word that itself has a very dodgy etymology – meaning feared, demon, false-light, and never appeared in the original biblical texts).  It is a human principle, and a human path.  It is the power we have within us to integrate our traumatically dissociated past, our feminine connection with our natural mother, and become the heart-centred creatures of the Earth that we truly are.

 Kosmos  is an ancient word of Greek origin meaning the harmony in the cosmos.  It is above and beyond our scientific understanding of ‘the cosmos’ and speaks of a deeper truth.  That truth being the fundamental harmony of our universe when chaos is cleared, healed and transformed (integrated).  Make no mistake, this is a cosmic and ages old battle we are in.  And the hour is late.  It is well time for as many of us as it will take to actively expose the deceit and end the chaos engulfing us.  It is well time to heal our ancient trauma, to activate the Christ principle within us – which is to say – integrate our pain in the natural light (awareness of truth) of our natural humanity (as Earth and inter-dimensional dwellers).  If we lose our humanity, if we allow the godtrix to take us to a hellish AI existence, we lose our souls.  Our souls reside in our hearts and this is where we must begin to heal the his-story that is the story of an in-human take-over designed to dissociate us from the truth of who we are. We must connect from our hearts to our mother planet and to each other. 

We will talk more on this next time……   I leave you with one last passage from Krivda:

Integration might very well be the hidden treasure that reveals itself by the very fact of our journey of dissociation under priestly religions, predicated on keeping us internally dis-integrated in sacri-ficial separation to feed their ‘godly’ power.   Our integration is about more than just cobbling together our earthly and cosmic identities in some mental construct.  It involves a transformation in the heart, for both to be united in re-membrance of the whole that had been dis-membered. The heart is where it happens physically, emotionally and subtly – the locus of the human natural esoteric that hears the song of the cosmos, and is crucial to who-we-are….”

With heartfelt gratitude to Enna Reittort for her mind-opening book and her generosity in allowing me to share a small fragment of it here.  Thank you Enna.