The planet Neptune is but one aspect of an energetic field forming the ‘archetype’ of Neptune/Pisces.  The physical planet is the body we can see through a telescope.  As with all the planets in our solar system, the physical planet or body is part of a bigger totality of a multi-dimensional field of information. We are the same. We have a physical body and a cache of non-physical ‘bodies’. 

Neptune is the ‘ruler’ of the sign Pisces in astrology, which means it is the agent charged with meeting the needs of Pisces.  Why does Pisces have needs, you ask?  The 12 ‘zodiacal signs’ are considered to represent 12 life principles or needs and in the astrological birth chart (a map of the psyche) all 12 signs feature – meaning we all have these 12 life principles and the needs they give rise to, operative within our psyches. We are all human and we are all plugged into the cosmos. For example, we all have the Aries ‘need’ to physically survive.  We can hear it in the newborn’s cry.  Mars, as agent of the Aries need to survive compels us to take action, to assert ourselves in order, at the most fundamental level, to survive. 

Pisces, at the other end of the zodiac, needs to transcend the physical plane – with its imperative to move, act and survive – and a host of other things – by impelling us to connect with the intangible realms, the non-physical planes of consciousness; to become more ‘spiritual’.  It asks us to move beyond the boundaries that separate us from other life forms and merge with the whole universe, to be at-One with life itself; to elevate ourselves to a more refined, spiritualised plane of being.  It is preparing us for the ending of this physical life and our transition to the non-physical.  Thus Pisces signifies endings and all things nebulous and ethereal.

A morphic field is a ‘field of information’; it is an energetic system of the domain of the ether.  The ether, or etheric field, has been spoken of in many ancient wisdom traditions. In our time it has been overlaid by a simulation – the quantum field.  (Call me old fashioned, but I’m staying with ether).  Morphic fields are specific fields that connect things of compatible resonance in the ether and they account for telepathy and even such things as the ‘100th monkey’ – where once a certain number attain a level of understanding, suddenly, as if by magic, vast numbers catch the spark and acquire the same knowing.  Our minds participate, knowingly or unknowingly, in morphic fields and these are called thoughtforms.  When many people share the same thought and it is fed by attention, the thoughtform becomes stronger, it grows. The mob response at a sports match is an example of a collective thoughtform fed by attention and the emotions of desire and excitement, or anger, as the case may be.  There are collective and individual thoughtforms. Our individual thoughtforms are a product of the thoughts and emotions that we nourish and grow through the intensity of the emotions themselves and repetition. Strong emotions create strong thoughtforms. Strong emotions like fear.  We can feel fear generated through our own inner thought processes and the body’s innate protective (survival) mechanism. And fear can be generated in us from the outside…….

“Unconsciously held thoughtforms allow for undetected large-scale mind manipulation, as in the word-spell of advertising, the predictive programming of Hollywood sci-fi movies, the occult workings of priestly influencers.”   (Enna Rettoit)

The above quote is from Rettoit’s book “Krivda – The Godtrix Against the Matrix. ”  Look at what are we experiencing now in our world……Some would say we are seeing the outworkings of a monumental global mind manipulation.  In her remarkable book, Enna Rettoit dissects the history and the trajectory of the mind manipulation we and our ancestors for millennia, have been subjected to. Are being subjected to.

The word magic means: invoking supernatural powers to influence events.  Magic works at the  etheric level as it is here, in the invisible, where everything in the visible world originates. Rettoit’s use of the term ‘word-spell’ speaks of the magic, the invocation of supernatural powers (powers influencing the natural world and which are occulted), involved in the mind manipulation. That is, we are, by design, unconscious of what is being done to us.  We are all being subjected to manipulative techniques, hidden, secretive techniques that engage our unconscious and conscious attention and intention to energize large scale thoughtforms.  An esoteric word for the use of magic to cultivate thoughtforms is egregore.

It is apparent to anyone with the powers of observation and the requisite insight that what is happening in our world now is the creation and dissemination of some disturbing egregores.  In other words, we are being subjected to a very dark magic. An unfortunate majority of people appear to be holding, with some ferocity, to a modern mythology that has them complying to a set of completely bizarre and obviously falsified dictats. How can this be anything but magic?  It is magic being cultivated by a comparatively small group of human ‘proxies’. Proxies for who, we ask?  Simply here, because this is a short essay, the ‘who’ is an occulted group of ‘beings’ (non-human I venture) who possess a deep knowledge of the supernatural and have a corresponding power to manipulate the material realm.  Their level of technological expertise is light years away from what we know. Their accumulated wealth is the result of this knowledge and an uninterrupted program of the generation of egregores – for who knows how long, but certainly since the dawn of religion. As for the proxies, these are human beings who have sold their souls. Say no more..

I started out with Neptune and Pisces – I will return there.  Thoughtforms are ethereal; that is, they ‘belong’ to the etheric realm. The etheric is the domain of Neptune/Pisces.  At this time we have Neptune in the last degrees of Pisces. It is right at home then, in its own sign. This means its expression is more purely Neptunian; it can be itself.  Recall Neptune is the agent of our human need to transcend this material reality construct – to enter an altered consciousness, a more rarified, spiritualised one. As mentioned in the last post Neptune is retrograde and will be until the end of the year.  This is a time when the veils come off and truth is revealed. Veils are coverings, placed to protect, (as in the dissociation of trauma), or to deceive.  As I’ve alluded to above, we are being deceived.  We are being subtly, secretly and at the same time openly bombarded with thoughtform energetics, information fields of deception, egregores of manipulated ‘truth’.

Our task then: to transition from this deception, the dark face of Neptune’s information field, to the higher ground of a Neptunian spiritualised reality.  I realize that sounds nebulous (great Neptune word), but perhaps you will intuit my meaning. (And that would be very Piscean).  All is definitely not as it seems here. But the veils are coming off. People are beginning to see the truth. The wave is building. And the truth is way more esoteric and multi-layered than we can appreciate from the very limited perception of our sensory apparatus – wonderful and miraculous as that apparatus is. The truth is the story of our long journey through earthly time, victims through the ages of beings from elsewhere, who did not have our best interests at heart, shall we say.  It is the story of our intrinsic connection with our earth, our mother. We are of her, we belong here. And it is the story of our multi-dimensional, immortal earthly divinity.

Are we done with being victimised?  I think it’s time – don’t you. The human species has prevailed through all that has been inflicted on it through the ages, much of it utterly horrific – the inquisition, the genocide of indigenous people, the rape and decimation of our natural world, the torture and murder of countless souls. The democides.  Stop! Bring to heart and mind who we really are. We are creative, heart-centered beings (unlike them).  We know the power of love, community, connection, family; we know the consciousness of our animal brothers and the healing power of our cousins of the plant world. We are connected through our blood, our bones and our breath to our mother planet and to the natural world. We are part of nature.  Now is the time!  We are in a period Enna Rettoit has called the ‘endgame of the gods’.  We know our civilisation, as we’ve known it, is ending.  We know ‘they’ are ratcheting up their efforts to entrap us in their loathsome transhuman, AI ‘reality’.  Unlike our creator, our mother, our Earth, Gaia-Sophia the Gnostics called her, they cannot create.  They can only copy – poorly and with the ‘intelligence’ of their slick, sick technology. The simulation they have cunningly deceived us to call ‘the matrix’  (root – mother) is their pathetic, soulless copy of our world.  Their planned future for us will be devoid of beauty, true creativity, of nature and of love.

But it will not happen.  Not if we wake up in sufficient numbers to their truly horrendous plan.  It is happening now, the waking up.   My prayer is for more of us to perceive the truth in these next few months, as the veils fall from our eyes (so long as we are not too far gone) as Neptune backtracks and relinquishes the illusory, ersatz ‘reality’ he symbolises.  We have been so thoroughly illusioned – through no fault of our own – but through the power of egregores, the black magic of manipulated thoughtforms, through centuries of trauma, oppression and abuse. We can end it all now.

So keep strong my friends, be courageous in these precarious days of impossibly high stakes, massive confusion and everyday insanity.  We are far from lost.  Remember our ancestors, their courage and their resilience in the face of the evil usurpers. They too were put under a spell.  The hour is late but we have it all now, the knowledge we need to break the spell and recover the freedom that is our natural birth right as humans on planet earth. Let’s end the mind magic.

With love and respect for all you, we, are, together here now.

As John Lamb Lash would say, see you in the beauty to come.