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Full Moons traditionally signify times of completion or culmination, a time where blood, tides and emotions flow more profusely, a time when the light shines more brightly – illuminating our inner and outer awareness of our deepest emotional wants and needs.  The lunation coming up this month is an especially powerful one – a super Moon no less.  With the Moon in fire sign Sagittarius,  a key signature of this time is TRUTH.   Something in your personal world, or in the collective sphere is going to be calling your awareness to deep feelings of truth and justice – and or, the lack thereof. Sagittarius is a zesty, out-going, adventurous energy; it is the part of our psyches that wants to expand its boundaries, to go beyond what it knows – in order to learn, to grow, to know.  But most importantly it is that part in all of us that recognizes truth.

This full Moon has the signature of push, a compulsion even, to expose the bullshit and start talking with honesty and integrity. The Sun is in Gemini, the opposite sign to Sagittarius. Gemini is curious; it too wants to know.  Sagittarius will take that knowing to the next level and extract meaning from it.  Okay, so now we know this has been happening – what does it mean? What is the bigger picture here?  This is the essence of the full Moon in June.  It very much looks like this is a time for the rug to be pulled back and for us to see what has been covered up. What exactly has been swept under the collective rug?  Interestingly, at this full Moon Black Moon Lilith, (which I talked about in the piece on the New Moon – which happened on the 30th May) is in the zero point (1 degree) of Cancer.  The zero point has implications for ‘going public’. 

Black Moon Lilith mythology is dark, to say the least. Themes of deep betrayal, ferocity, wildness and the occulted creativity of the feminine permeate the collective consciousness. The dark moon is activated no less for its square (challenging aspect) to Jupiter.  Jupiter, the agent of the Sagittarius need for truth and justice and amplifier of whatever it connects with, is simultaneously conjoined with Mars.  Putting that together, we have a ferocious, darkly creative, wild feminine energy, in Cancer, most maternal and defensive of all the signs, ready to act on precisely that impulse: to defend.   She will defend with every fibre of her cosmological being and in this time aided and abetted by Mars. The warrior archetype is doubly activated with Mars being in its own sign of Aries.  The battle the cosmos is arranging now goes back to our beginning, all we have been through, all we have suffered is not forgotten. Everything is always seen. And Black Moon Lilith has had enough!  It is time for the truth to be revealed and injustices to be avenged. It is time to expose the deep and dirty secrets society has been keeping. It is time to wake up to what has been swept under the rug.  It is time to be outraged – mothers and fathers and everyone who cares about humanity. The illumination of this full Moon may be the impetus we need to connect with our own warrior spirit.

In pre-Christian times pagan people, yet to be indoctrinated by the principles of Christian redemption, turn the other cheek phony salvation, took revenge for wrong-doing into their own hands. Clean punishment, at the time.  Perhaps by way of an elder or chief who took the punishment on behalf of an unidentified perpetrator. There was no burden of ‘original sin’ and guilt to stymie the act of punishing wrong-doers. Thanks to the ideologies of religion we are not so unencumbered. Wrong-doers have gone unpunished for millenia. The mind-controllers have done their dark work well.  But we, the people, are getting it. We have been conned. Monumentally so. And we are waking up from a collective sleep of centuries.  The cosmic signature of these days is inviting us, compelling us if don’t resist, to speak out for truth and justice. Finally!  People are waking up to the crimes being committed on their innocent babies. Yes, I am talking about the medical procedures.  I’m talking about the massive con that has amplified ‘normal’ everyday fear and anxiety (the unnatural result of ages of fear programming) a thousand-fold. I’m talking about the tragedy of our collective trauma, the centuries of indoctrination that have seen us surrender our sovereignty, the mind control that has made us compliant and afraid. And now, the way is open to the realisation of the truth.  It’s time.

Chiron, the cosmic and mythological wounded healer meets up with warrior Mars on the 16th – signalling a new healing cycle has begun.  Can we make this one count?  Eris (goddess of chaos and discord) is tightening her square (tension) with Pluto (god of the underworld). Yes, the tension is building. At the end of July shocks may come, as Uranus faces the Moon’s nodes. Uranus reveals and thus liberates and the Moon’s nodes plot the trajectory of our timeline. Showdown time. Neptune in tense aspect with both the Sun and Moon shortly after the full Moon speaks of a collective awareness of our wounding. We know we are in this together, we are all One. The sensitizing vibrations of Neptune are going to cause us to either want to escape from the pain of this awareness, to zone out if possible – because it’s all too much; or, it will give us the sense of connection and oneness we need to empathise and unite with our fellow humans to resolve to crusade for truth and justice together. 

Meanwhile, we have this truth Moon on the 14th – urging us to engage with the part of ourselves that intuitively recognizes truth. And I’m sorry for sounding preachy here – but my own Moon is in Sagittarius and it’s what we do.  I’m swept up in the flow of the river of truth, the river of life. Will you flow with it ? Or resist and hope that it all just goes away?   I don’t know. Maybe that is the wisest thing to do. Who knows anything these days. Certainly not me.  I simply observe the signs in the cosmos – and in my own life, take the medicine. The medicine right now is an open-hearted, open-minded acknowledgement that we have been lied to and a steadfast refusal to comply any longer.  That said….

Go well fellow truthers. And may the force of our creator – Wisdom, Nature, Gaia-Sophia – be with all of us.

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