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Do you want to understand yourself better?

Do you believe the star pattern that was set in motion at your birth has an influence on you? On your psyche, your character, your health?

Do you want to learn more about your nature and discover ways to improve your mental, emotional and physical well-being?

Are you interested in holistic health? Are you into astrology, plant medicine, yoga?

If you answered YES to these questions come and join us at Cosmic Medicine – a forum of learning, discovery and expansion of all your boundaries and beliefs.  In our online sessions you can safely explore your innermost nature, your personality, your deepest fears, challenges and issues – as well as your innate talents and strengths. Learn the secrets of the ancient knowledge system of astrology; understand what really makes you tick. AND learn what herbs and earth medicines (plants and foods) are healing for you.

Cosmic Medicine is much more than astrology …… I am passionate about Holistic health and have studied herbalism and alternative healing for over 35 years. I’ve been an astrologer and a yogi for as long; a yoga teacher for 15 years.  I want to help you heal your wounds and issues (we all have them, trust me) – be they emotional, spiritual, mental or physical.  EVERYTHING in this universe is frequency.  Plants, planets, gems, words, thoughts – they all carry frequencies. They all have the potential to harm or heal. We can learn to use them to our advantage.  Everything in our astrological birth chart tells a story about us, about our deepest nature. The chart also tells us where our imbalances lie – and we can restore balance and heal our physical bodies by taking the appropriate herbs and foods, by using the medicines of yoga, meditation, affirmation, intention….

Enough talk…. Email me if you’d like to join us in our Zoom classroom – starting soon!