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“The Shadow is a moral problem that challenges the whole ego-personality. For no one can become conscious of the shadow without considerable moral effort.  To become conscious of it involves recognizing the dark aspects of the personality as present and real. This act is the essential condition for any kind of self-knowledge.”   (Carl Jung)


Carl Jung talked about ‘archetypes of the collective unconscious’.   Do we all get archetypes?  Archetypes are universal life principles – just to clarify. They are Universal life principles that we all get to experience – by virtue of the fact we are in this reality system, as sentient beings.  Astrology is a language of these archetypes. In the astrological knowledge system there are 12 fundamental archetypal groupings and they fall under the headings of the zodiacal signs.  As I said in my earlier post, in astrology, the archetype of the Shadow is the sign Scorpio – the ruler of that sign, Pluto and the domain (sphere of life) concerned, the 8th house. These three make up the archetype of the Shadow. More comprehensively, the universal life principle of Scorpio/Pluto/8th house pertains to the invisible realm wherein all the ‘hidden’ processes of life originate and reside.  It has governance of all matters of healing (which occurs in the unseen realm), transformation and integration. Life, death, birth and rebirth are all elements of this archetype.


Now, we each have this archetype present within our psyches. We each have Scorpio and Pluto somewhere in our individual birth charts (same thing).  So we might logically assume that examining the condition of Scorpio, Pluto – the 8th house, might illuminate our Shadow. Or, at least, point us in the right direction. And, elegantly, it does.


Jung tells us that there is considerable effort in recognizing the dark aspects of the personality.  That this is so is not hard to understand.  Anything that is thrown into shadow is obviously going to be harder to see.  Within the psyche the Shadow lies in the unconscious. That is, until we make it conscious. Our job, if we are not to be hampered and victimised by our unknown self – our Shadow – is to make it conscious! 



Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

Jung’s famous quote is a nutshell of the entire higher purpose of our study of ourselves, known as astrology.  Forget traditional astrology – with its emphasis on prediction and bald pronouncements of fate.  No, astrology has evolved, quite logically, as our consciousness has evolved.  In this psychological astrology age we know that fate is far from fixed.  It is, rather, dependent on our state of consciousness! 


Yes, we come into this terrestrial life at a certain moment in time and a particular place on the planet – and these coordinates map the celestial pattern and we call it our birth chart.  The birth chart, appears then, to be fixed.  But, my friend. It is not.  We have the power (power is a Pluto/Scorpio word by the way)  to integrate (another Pluto word) our charts.  We can, once we become conscious of the dynamics, transform their negative potentials to positive ones.  Until we do this, as Jung says, the unconscious will direct our lives from behind the scenes.  Our lives will appear to be ‘fated.’   This is the reason we must make our Shadow conscious! This is the reason for our work here.


Tom Campbell, physicist and consciousness researcher says: “Our intent modifies future probability”.   It has long been known that belief is all powerful. Now, they can prove it.

Fate, future probability, is modified by our intent. By our belief, in other words.  Now, this important – belief is predicated on consciousness.


What is belief?  It is something we hold to be  true – correct?  It is something we hold to be true – with or without proof.  It is true for us.  Astrology is a brilliant system for illuminating our unique beliefs. What we find is that early childhood events become prototypes that crystallize the natal patterns or configurations and these depict our core beliefs. Obviously this is a big subject – I am taking a bird’s eye view here.  But essentially, this is how it works.  The advantage of this system is that we can go straight to the heart of the matter.


To wrap up for today – our Shadows lie in our unconscious – where they can wreck havoc and make our lives hell; where they can direct our lives, as Jung said.   But, we can, with some effort it is true, discover our Shadow. This is essential if we are interested in self-knowledge. (And what is more important?)


That we all have a Shadow seems to be a given. Of course some shadows are denser than others.

Our Shadows are as unique as we are.  We might see them as being formed from karma we bring into this life, crystallised or brought into (this) embodiment through early childhood events and then, forever after running things from behind the scenes.  Our unconscious intent is always to confirm what we believe to be true. (Called confirmatory bias in psychology). Thus we shape our reality. What we believe is a composite of what happened to us and what we have brought in with us and hence what we now hold to be true.  But, the ultimate truth us, there is no ultimate truth – what we belief has no reality, it has no substance – and most importantly – it is subject to revision. And the only thing that can cause us to revise our beliefs is consciousness.


In evolutionary astrology we understand that this life is largely a healing journey – for all of us. Why we should be so in need of healing, of integration is the subject for a future ramble. For now, contemplate this thought – we are all in need of healing – and healing is another word for ‘making whole’.  We are on a mission to make whole, to integrate the light and dark elements of our psyches: the conscious and the unconscious.  In this reality system where duality reigns supreme – this seems to be the nature of things.  Light and dark. We, children of the cosmos, are no different than night and day, yin and yang, summer and winter.  We are two.   Our work, our reason for being here, is to make the two One.

Oneness is where we are heading…..



Thanks for reading – see you next time.