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Living in the Big Picture…….

(And How the Hidden Teachings of an Ancient World can help us thrive in this one)

In 2016  Living in the Big Picture was the winner of the Ashton Wylie literary awards (unpublished manuscript section).  The Ashton Wylie awards is New Zealand’s only literary awards for books of the Mind-Body-Spirit genre.

Here for the first time, is the manuscript, written by me – entitled Living in the Big Picture. I have decided to share it here – because, quite frankly, I can’t be bothered self-publishing it anywhere else.  It seems there is a plethora of companies all too eager to take your money off your hands and your creative efforts to produce a hard copy or e-book. And then what?  Having had two books published by reputable publishing houses (who paid me – in the form of royalties, not the other way around)  it somehow goes against the grain to have to pay to have my work published.  The world has changed, I realize, since 2006.

Mercury is retrograde and the Moon is void-of-course today – neither I would have thought, great auspices under which to bring my book onto a wider stage.  But publish and be damned – ! – that is my banner today.

Enjoy the pages that follow. Or at least, in fact,  I’d hope you find them thought-provoking, perhaps enlightening, or even entertaining. Something.

I will post chapter by chapter – and here today – are the first few…..





“When your understanding has passed

Beyond the thicket of delusions,

There is nothing you need to learn

From even the most sacred scripture.”

(The Bhagavad Gita)




The Awakening…


There is a tremendous groundswell of awakening on the planet at this time of transition. The transition is this period we are in, it is the cusp of a new age.  The collective awakening has begun and it is exciting to be alive at this time, despite the pain we witness in the world.  We are awakening to the knowledge that we are all connected, we are all one and within that oneness, we are infinite consciousness.  This awareness can be life changing.  The flip side of this is an insight from the esoteric wisdom traditions: evolution does not always go in one direction.


This will not be a popular idea or theory. It will probably not catch on.  But, it is better to know what we’re up against.  Life is never static, it is the nature of all of life to continually change and change, progress we sometimes call it, as we see evidenced in the world around us at this time, is not always for the better. The hidden teachings of the ancient wisdom traditions can help us stay sane in this transitional time of seemingly catastrophic change. This knowledge, deliberately concealed from us (for very clear and logical reasons) has come down through the ages, albeit in fragmented form, and is the key to understanding the mystery of our existence in this universe. As we open our eyes to who we really are and to the truth that lies at the heart of all our intellectual and spiritual systems, we find ourselves in possession of a knowledge that has the power to change everything. It alone can bring the peace and the well-being, the vitality and the contentment we need to thrive in this crazy world.





The Ancient Wisdom Traditions…


Long before Western scientists began to try to dismantle the nature of man and the universe, the ancient wisdom teachings tell us all religions, from those of the Ancient Egyptians to the Hindus, the Assyrians and Babylonians, the Indo-Persians, the Ancient Greeks, the Buddhists, the Hebrews, the Sufis and the followers of the Vedic philosophy believed in the same thing: that there is a Universal Spirit of consciousness which both inter-penetrates and transcends the world and all life forms within it.  They all believed in ‘an ethereal body of primordial universal light’ from which everything is generated and to which everything ultimately returns and that the human spirit possesses in itself the revelation of this truth.  Behind all the religions and spiritual belief systems of antiquity there has been this Ancient Wisdom philosophy, an esoteric body of knowledge that was largely kept hidden from the masses and was taught to a select few in the Mystery Schools. This knowledge became known as the perennial philosophy. Perennial because it reappeared, age after age in different schools and cultures, but always retaining the essence of its teachings. Esotericism is a study of the essential nature and interrelationships between all aspects or expressions of existence.  To see these interrelationships we must move out of the ordinary mind and into a higher one.


This is our heritage. This knowledge, this wisdom, this truth.  It is there within the intelligence of every molecule of our being. These teachings were deliberately protected because of their sacred nature and because most people were not intellectually able to assimilate their message. They were busy in the business of earning a living or simply not interested in the subtle side of life. The logical mind has long held sway in humanity’s history.  It does still. And just as these teachings were guarded, hidden and protected for centuries, they are even today kept in the shadows by certain powers.  A slip of an example: the Vatican abounds in astrological symbolism and yet we are told that Christianity views astrology as ‘evil’, something to do with the devil.   This is the religion for the masses. There is another religion for the initiates, the high priests and keepers of the hidden teachings – a mystical or esoteric Christianity which honours, behind closed doors, a cosmic hierarchy of intelligence and the wisdom of the language of the stars.  The subject of the hidden teachings is complex, its scope vast, and therefore we will here only touch on aspects of it that have the power to directly impact our lives.


We live in an age where science is the new religion. Yet, paradoxically, interest in the mystical world is growing stronger.  It is unfortunate that orthodox science does not recognize the occult – even as the occult is cropping up everywhere in its domain. The occult being ‘the concealed or secret knowledge of Nature’s energies and forces’.  Science largely tries to avoid recognizing the cosmos as being, in truth, a Kosmos.  That is, cosmos with a ‘C’ refers to the visible, objective universe, whereas Kosmos with a ‘K’ deals with the visible and the invisible – the objective and the subjective universe.  If you have been drawn to this book, I have no doubt you are well aware of the fact that we live in a universe that is both visible and invisible and so I will use both of these spellings in the following. The ‘K’ will serve as a symbolic nudge in the reader’s awareness: our cosmos is in truth, a Kosmos.


Our world appears to be in chaos, but the truth is chaos is not without meaning. Nature uses it to dissolve and to instruct.  To a large extent we are caught up in the spirit of the times we were born into. There is a destiny that has been set in motion and we are participants in it.   To be honest, it is looking pretty scary out there. But we must step out of our fear.  When we are able to see, or even just glimpse, the immensely larger picture of what is going on, which we will be doing here, our perspective naturally opens up.  Life changes.  What is happening all around us is a pressing invitation to become not only more thoughtful but it is the wake-up call we must heed, to deepen our connection with something higher.  It is our opportunity to discover the truth about who and what we really are.  Destiny and free will are two curves of the same circle. Our mission, in becoming more thoughtful, in devoting some time and energy to expanding our awareness is not only to help ourselves, but it is to help the whole.  The first and most powerful thing we can do for others is to raise our own consciousness.  And as Socrates, so many centuries ago sagely said: “It seems to me ridiculous, when I am not able to know myself, to investigate irrelevant things.”   This knowing thyself then, is central to our quest.


The truth, we must come to accept, is often paradoxical – as we will discover in the pages ahead. Life is chaotic, but it is organized. It is infinite, but our time here in these bodies is finite. We are being called to act, but we are told of the wisdom of letting go and accepting life as it is. Paradox abounds. We are part of an intelligent, self-aware, conscious system whose spiritual and natural laws are largely a mystery to us – and we are evolving within this system.  This system is the Ultimate Reality and its creator has been called the Absolute, the Tao, God, Allah, the Infinite, the All, the Cosmic Mind, the Essence.  Interestingly, the word God possibly came from the kabbalistic (itself ancient Egyptian in origin) word Hod which means ‘the Universal Mind Principle.’  Precisely.


The brilliant Terence McKenna said:  “We are about to decamp from three dimensional space and time……You can’t live in the cradle forever.”  If you have been on this path for a while, or even if you are new to it, I am sure you will have a sense of the truth of this statement.  The three-dimensional world is losing credibility by the day.  It is time we grew up and gave up our reliance on materialism. It is looking to be a bit of a failed experiment.  And what is more, science, despite itself, is steadily demonstrating the illusory nature of materialism.  The truth of what this life really is and where this leaves us, is what this particular quest is all about. We have only to look out with new eyes. Whether we know it or not, the quest is the reason for our existence – and we will all make this quest, to higher consciousness, like it or not, eventually.  Let us then find our new eyes, begin our journey beyond the superficial world with all its craziness and dive into its essence.