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Healing the Mind Illusion

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“……..Life is torn by the tension between what it actually is and what it feels it ought to be.  Such a tension is the inescapable consequence of its double nature.  For it is personal and finite on the one hand but universal and infinite on the other.”  (PB)


Many of us, at this point in the time-space construct, are feeling this tension. The New Year has already made its presence felt as floods of emotional intensity have shot through the ethers. Here is a thought:  could it be that the tension, the chaos and intensity some of us are feeling and witnessing, in our personal lives and in the state of the world, is a manifestation or consequence, of the veil thinning? The veil being that which separates the two sides of life; the personal and the universal, the finite and the infinite.  The higher philosophy, through its eloquent and ardent student and teacher, the late Paul Brunton, states that life has a double nature.  In truth, he says, this ancient dualism is an illusion of the mind.  For the enlightened man, there is no duality between spirit and matter.


Most of us are not so enlightened. Many eons ago we fell into an abyss. Known by many names across the world’s mythologies the fall signified our separation from the Source and the birth of the individualised ego. Through countess epochs and the rise and fall of many civilizations our souls suffered through this schism that severed us from our true, holistic nature.  The fall has caused a collective amnesia. It has created the ‘illusion of the mind’. All our suffering, according to Paul Brunton, is “due in the end to defective remembrance.” What have we failed to remember?  Simply this: we have forgotten our other half. We have forgotten that we are double in nature.


“It is as incomplete a vision to see the world as transitory alone without its underlying reality as it is to see the reality alone without its manifestation in the world. The two are inseparably linked and true insight sees them as such, not opposed to each other.”


The two to which he is referring here is the manifest world and the reality behind it, which is the ALL.  The All has been called by many names: Brahman, Allah, God, Krishna, the Source, the Absolute, the World-Mind. It is the essence of all of life. It is the seed within all of life; the divine seed. It is the pattern maker behind form, the animator, the giver of the life force.   Here, PB refers to it simply as the Reality.  We are cautioned to see reality and manifestation; manifestation and reality – or form and formless, finite and infinite.  Should we neglect one side, we find ourselves in this state, our current state – that of tension and confusion.



So back to our question. Are we living in a time where the veil between reality and manifestation is fracturing? We sense and see definite signs of an awakening occurring – could this be it? Are we in the process of healing the split? So many fascinating paradoxes are afoot – it does make you wonder.  Take the proliferation of esoteric truths being disseminated on the net for one.  Our material, technological world is sending out ancient spiritual truths. So much information, so many books, podcasts, presentations, so many telling us to turn inwards.  The ancient wisdom traditions, the perennial philosophy – they all said exactly the same thing: ‘The Kingdom of heaven is within.’   It is not out in the manufactured world, in the organized religions and the divisiveness they have created; it is not in technology; it is not in consumerism – in material stuff. It is in the realization of our own minds and hearts that God is in us.  As it is in all of the natural world. Heaven is in the knowing that we are in truth infinite consciousness – temporarily residing in a finite body.


The massive awakening in the natural health movement is an early chapter in the story of the endtimes of separation. As we individually wake up to the responsibility we have to nurture our bodies, to take care of them through feeding them real food and avoiding the chemicals and toxins that abound in these times – thus supporting our immune systems; and as we realize the damage we do to our bodies with our stressful lifestyles and our anxious thoughts – we are in effect breaking through to the understanding that our bodies are inseparable from our souls.  Our bodies are precious vehicles housing our souls; they are our teachers and our messengers, they are forgiving, they have tremendous self-healing powers – but they need our conscious contribution.  They are not just mechanical, material objects that we can take along to the doctor, like a car to the mechanic, when something feels wrong.  There is a massive awakening happening to the reality of the interconnectedness of our thoughts and feelings with our physiology.  Unconsciousness leads to distress and disease on all levels and as this understanding grows we will heal the split between the body and the rest of our multidimensional reality.


Worshipping at the altar of materialism is a dying religion. The awakening is opening our eyes to our contribution to the health and sickness of our planet. We are realizing the impact our economic system with its massive focus on materialism, is having on the ecosystem of our planet.  The esoteric wisdom tells us our planet has a soul; it is evolving as we are – and we are contributing to its evolution.  Make no mistake, our planet has thrown off many civilisations in the past that were preoccupied with material manifestation and the misuse of their power.  In their neglect of the Reality they sowed the seeds of their own demise. Our planet will do it again with our civilisation – should we fail to wake up in time.


And so, aside from the question of whether we will get it in time or not, we now would do well to reflect on what is happening when we experience tension, anxiety, emotional intensity and all manner of mental and bodily ills.  As mentioned, this year is off to a rip roaring start in that regard – if accounts I have received are anything to go by.  What is happening is we are being asked, demanded in some cases, by our own knowing – the voice of our Higher Self – to pause, reflect and reorient ourselves.  We simply cannot go forwards carrying the same baggage.  The complexity of the universe has reached a critical point, time is speeding up, and we do not have forever.  The reason time is appearing to speed up is because there is more in it. More is happening in our day than ever before which means the complexity is growing and gathering incrementally. All of this is happening way faster than our biology can comfortably adjust to.  Do you have any idea what the thick soup of electro-magnetic frequencies from cell phone towers for example, is doing to the frequencies of your body and brain?  This is only going to intensify.


Thank heavens the awakening is happening. We cannot afford to sit back now.  We must take the discomfort, the tension and use them as motivators to slow down this crazy ride.  If we can only recover our other half, as the enlightened ones through the ages have done.  Science is now proving the physical benefits of meditation. All the information is there, we have modern science demonstrably verifying the truths of the ancient wisdom. It is imperative we turn away from the world and look within.


So practically, how do we do this?  Well you know, I think you know the answer already.  It could be summed up in a short sentence:  Disconnect from the world so you can connect with your Self.

Turn off facebook. Turn off your mobile. Turn off TV.  Train yourself to do so more regularly. Frequently turn off from whatever you are doing and close your eyes. Bring your awareness to your heart center. Breathe in and out through this region of your body a few times and imagine, if you like, a bright white light here.  Or go for a bush or beach walk. Once a day sit down and do a longer meditation. But even five or ten minutes is good.  Read spiritual literature. Read books.

Resist the temptation to talk.  Resist listening to the chattering inner voice. Let it go when you notice it. Breathe. Deeply. Watch your breath.  Do yoga. Eat as close to natural as possible. Exercise – but not excessively.  Breathe slowly and deeply. Observe. Relax. Let go. Surrender. Enjoy.  It is safe to be alone. The world will not end. You can return when you are ready – it will still be there.  Drop your fear of missing out – there is nothing truly worthwhile out there to miss out on.  Above all, know that you are loved and you are, in truth, a divine, immortal, infinite being.


“Only when the consciousness displaces the predominance of the sense of being personally occupied with life does the hidden observer transform external existence from being the prosaic and materialist thing it ordinarily is into something veritably divine.”

















We are Embodied Spirit


The universe is change; our life is what our thoughts make it. - Marcus Aurelius



Stuart Wilde said:  “Once you accept life without struggling against it, you can see that everything serves you in one way or another. A lousy meal helps you appreciate and remember a good meal.

A defeat strengthens you for the next victory. If you try not to quantify and judge things and accept them as part of your overall experience, you become mature.  All of a sudden that power that should have been yours from the beginning is returned to you as a calm individuality – a creative stillness that allows you to BE. Acceptance unshackles you from the restraints that you’ve created for yourself, and it allows you to explore inside your own individuality.”


What would it mean, how would it change things, if, this year – a new one just begun – you, me,

Anyone listening could take this advice?  Acceptance without struggle.  And awareness that everything happening that we don’t like is actually serving us in some way.  It is all in how we choose to use our thoughts.  And the life we are creating is made from our thoughts.


Our thoughts seemingly arise out of nowhere, capture our attention, torment us for a while if they are at the negative end of the continuum (and with the brain’s natural bias toward the negative, they often are) and then, eventually, leave us alone.   It feels we are at their mercy.  The wisdom and spiritual traditions tell us we need to let go of the egoic mind (the mind that generates thoughts) and find the calm stillness of the Higher Self behind it.  Herein lies the answer to our distress.  It is said the mind makes a wonderful master but a very poor servant.  For most of us, our minds, the monkey mind (or the lower mind in the theosophical tradition) is our master.  My proposition is this: can we decide, right now, to turn this around and make 2018 the year of change of mind? From master to servant the mind’s status can be changed.  What would it take?


Acceptance – according to Stuart Wilde and others. Acceptance is allowing life to unfold without imposing the ego’s preferences upon it. Michael Singer wrote the story of his life on this path, entitled “The Surrender Experiment”.  His realization that the monkey mind with its never ending chatter was just, well, weird. And why was it so? What was that about?  He set to find out and embarked on a spiritual journey that took him to a place of ongoing, every day, every moment surrender.  What occurred was remarkable.  When, through his practice, he learnt to drop his busy thinking mind, with its constant commentary, its negativity and unending worrying – he discovered that life took care of him!  He didn’t have to try to control it anymore.  And, miraculously (to us, who live in the world we think of as reality) everything worked out for his highest good.  Ultimately.  In fact, what we perceive of as incredible and miraculous is simply the outworking of the higher intelligence – Source, the God Force, the All. Call it what you will.  The intelligence that underpins this life of ours knows what is right for us.  We don’t.  We have so little control in truth.  And how desperately we cling to the idea that we have to control things, in order for everything to be okay.  The opposite, it seems is true.  It is when we let go and get out of the way, that life is able to unfold most perfectly for us.


“Love nothing but that which comes to you

Woven in the pattern of your destiny.

For what could more aptly fit your needs?”

(Marcus Aurelius)


I want to go a little deeper here.  So, we stop trying to control, we let go, we accept whatever occurs.  We learn to say yes, instead of no, to whatever life presents us with.  Big stuff.  Probably not going to happen overnight. Surrender is going to be a practice requiring some dedication and self-discipline. Meditation is key because it is at a fundamental level training in mindfulness. Or rather, mindlessness.  We must observe the nature of the mind, to understand it – then we let it go.  Meditation offers us this opportunity.  Gradually, over time and with regular practice, we learn to still the busy chattering mind with its parade of meaningless thoughts.  We find a quiet heart.  But when we arise from our meditation cushion, there are still many hours of consciousness remaining in the day.  Our habit has been to let the mind wander when our attention is not required on a particular task. Even when it is, we find our minds occupied with extraneous thought.  It is so hard to get away from our own minds! There is so little peace.  Feelings arise (why they do is subject for the next essay) and immediately our thoughts respond to the feeling state. They feed each other. Before we know it we are occupied in a lengthy conversation with ourselves.  More often than not the same little voice, the ego’s voice, is giving us reasons to feel less about ourselves.  The same voice judges and criticises others.  One moment we are feeling less than others, the next, we are feeling superior. All at the whim of an evidently unstable and unreliable aspect of our psyches. What a futile waste of energy.


There is much to be said about the egoic mind. But for now, let us focus on the task we have set ourselves: to make the mind our servant. OUR servant.  Who is the our, of our? It is none other than our own Higher Self: the divine spark within us.  The higher intelligence in real control of the complexities of this life, is alive in us.  We have our portion. Drops of the same ocean.

So then, going deeper as promised. What happens when we step out of our own way and decide to 1) discipline our thinking mind, and 2) accept whatever is unfolding ?  ……


Short answer:  We change our vibration.


When we refuse to listen to the little voice we find space opens up within us.  It is relief. Huge relief. Our hearts become quiet. There is peace and freedom from the tyranny of fear and anxiety that so often holds us hostage.  And when we accept whatever is occurring, with grace instead of resentment or hostility, more space opens up within us. A softening occurs. Relief again.  What we are doing with both is we have let go of our resistances.  Thoughts of the small mind are a form of resistance. They are energetic units and take up space (ie block) our meridians.   Of course we need certain thoughts (planning, learning, goal-setting) to give our lives structure so we are not throwing the baby out. We are simply reminding ourselves that the thinking mind was once viewed as another of the senses.  In other words, it is a tool to help us negotiate life in this realm – but it is not, or ought not be, the dominator, the master controller. It is to be used (the servant). It is not there to use us, to run our lives into negativity with its never-ending prattle.  Okay, so thoughts of a small nature are a form of resistance.  Non-acceptance of what is, is also resistance.  Acceptance dissolves resistance and frees up the flow of energy within. Letting go of the little voice does likewise.


The sum: as we dissolve resistance, allowing ourselves to simply be, free of thought, in the body, in the breath, in a quiet heart state of mind, our essential vibratory frequency shifts.  As our vibratory frequency is heightened, our lives change. I will explore this topic in more detail in an upcoming discussion.


For now, here is my New Year New Beginning message: Let’s change our story and change our lives.

Our story is the one the little voice keeps telling us.  It is the product of years and years of conditioning, from our loved ones and our society. It is the product of a karmic legacy that was crystallized in events of early childhood. It is the product of our ego’s primary mission – to keep us alive in a physical body: hence the vast scope of fears and what if’s that adrenalize our bodies and brains, keeping us in a state of hyper-sensitivity to any real or imagined threat.  In short, our story is the product of the dominance of our small self. I’ve had enough of it – and if you feel the same way, let’s do this.  Let’s change our vibration – from fear to surrender and trust, and from resistance to acceptance.  What have we got to lose?  Just our small selves. And behind these small selves of ours is our Higher Self. The esoteric wisdom has been telling us this for eons. Sadly, the message has become more and more obscured in this most dense material era.


But every beginning is a new potential.  I want to make this one, 2018 a higher one.  As we shift our personal vibration to a higher frequency, we naturally raise the collective vibration. We are all part of the same ocean, all weavers of the same web.


If you are keen to embark on this journey with me – please write and share your experiences. We can all lift each other up and use this world wide web for a higher purpose.   Thank you in advance and blessings galore for the incredible journey of 2018.  Oh, by the way, Saturn in Capricorn now is THE BEST TIME to make REAL our POSITIVE INTENTIONS.   No more mucking around.  Time to get real – ok? 2018, the year of the dog – steadfast, loyal, trusting, loving. We are. Ready.


Blessings, Love and a Quiet Heart to you…