Love and Fear

All emotions carry a vibrational frequency. Love vibrates rapidly. It makes us feel ecstatic, it makes us laugh and as we smile all the way to the heart, we spin. Fear, on the other hand, vibrates slowly. It makes our gut knot and our physiology tighten as adrenalin floods into our bloodstream, preparing us to flee.  When we don’t free, our bodies become confused and exhausted – leading ultimately to stress-related disease.  Researcher David Hawkins, author of Power versus Force, has been able to demonstrate the vibratory rate of various emotions and it is true, love and its associated emotions (joy, happiness, peace) vibrate much more rapidly than fear and its associated emotions (hate, anger, envy, grief).  All emotions, on the scale of emotions, sit somewhere between love and fear.  Some emotions sit nearer to the love end, while others are placed down at the fear end. Although at opposing ends of a continuum, fear, sadly, often comes easier to us than love. What we want to work on is making love flow more easily in our lives.

It follows then, that if we can effect a change in ourselves, to consciously keep our vibrational energy in the high frequency range, or the love zone, we will keep fear out of our lives. What is more, we will live in a space of abundance. The love zone is where we find abundance in all its forms: material abundance, abundance of joy, peace, health, happiness – and of course, love.

All men desire to free themselves solely from death;

They do not know how to free themselves from life.

–          Lao Tzu

The fear factor is important in any discussion on love and relationships, because without fear hosting our lives, we are free to taste and enjoy love in all its forms. Once we move into the love zone, that is, away from the fear zone, we live in a place of humming, ‘up’ vibrations. Life is vibrant and colourful, spontaneous, passionate, creative, forgiving and expansive.  When we live in love’s zone, we experience the many faces of love and we savour them all. We meet  love in the warmth that floods through us when we kiss away a child’s tears, or when our friend tells us how precious we are to them. We meet it in our lover’s embrace and when our eyes meet and our hearts touch. Being physically connected as well as on a heart and head level is the closes we come to ecstasy here on planet Earth……(unless we are spiritual adepts and can get there on our own!)

When we live in the love zone, we are able to recover quickly from slights and hurts inflicted by others. Our vibrational energy is ‘up’ more often than not, and so we can forgive, we can empathise, we can connect easily, naturally, effectively. We are in contact with ourselves first and foremost and that means we can feel greater contact with the people around us.  We love generously, both ourselves and others, when we live in the love zone. The three C’s become and backdrop to our lives when we live in the love zone:  Consciousness, Compassion and Connection.

Living in the love zone is living largely. It is living without fear and it has to be said, in these times of ours, living away from the fear zone is not altogether an easy thing to do.

We are fed a constant diet of fear via the media, our parents, society. We have been from the word go. But here’s the good news: we are at the turning point in the cycle of the ages. This means that having reached the depths of materialism, with its emphasis on consumerism and greed – or total immersion in 3-D – the tide is slowly turning and we are on our way toward a more enlightened future, a more conscious future.

The golden age isn’t here yet however, and we are still having to deal with the fear-radiating energies of a physical, three-dimensional reality, whose god is materialism. Because individuals who are primarily focused on material reality can’t see the possibility of life existing beyond the physical form, they become hell bent on grabbing all they can, while they can. They believe that if they insulate themselves with loads of ‘stuff’, they will ward off their greatest of all fears: death.

Fear mongering is the currency of the gods of materialism because it is the only currency they understand.

Money is a new form of slavery, and it is distinguishable

from the old simply by the fact that it is impersonal –

that there is no human relation between master and slave.

–          Leo Tolstoy

Sadly for us, living in these times where the gods of materialism are held in high esteem, life has become a very scary thing. We are never without a war somewhere on the planet.  We hear on the news daily, of  terrorism, murder, rape, or some other life-threatening happening. Evil is waiting right outside our door, and crime of course is always on the rise.  More insidious is the latest disease epidemic sweeping through the country and poised to overwhelm our immune systems if we don’t vaccinate – and of course, if we do.

In the face of all this fear, we have lost confidence in our own power. We have lost our perspective. And worst of all, while we’ve been busy entertaining fear, love has slipped out the back door.

Fear enters our lives unconsciously, via the environment. And it comes to us too, from the legacy of our own experience of the universal fears (abandonment, separation, death). It also enters consciously. Many of us are addicted to fear. Emotional addictions cover both ends of the spectrum of love to fear. We see this addiction to fear playing out when we are drawn to adrenalin-pumping experiences of dangerous sports, or we watch horror films, or tune in to the negative, real-life stories of others (watching the TV news!)  When we see gory scenes we can literally feel, if we are sufficiently tuned in to ourselves,  that our vibratory level falls.  Just prior to this may be a buzz, or lift, coming from the adrenalin rush. Fear and sexual excitement are capable of evoking the same initial response. It is a life and death response. The difference with the sexual excitement that arises from a loving connection is that because it enjoins and merges, the energy is charged with life force. With the excitement of fear, the rush is quickly followed by a depletion as the vibratory level sinks. Our bodies know the difference soon enough.  Our adrenals become depleted with the repeated adrenalin rush and our endocrine systems fall out of balance. An unbalanced endocrine system means the energies flowing in via the chakra system are distorted – leading to all sorts of emotional and physical problems.

There is nothing else for it but to educate ourselves, to become as conscious as we can, if we are to live largely – which means freely, passionately, creatively, spontaneously. If we really want to live lives where love rules, and not fear, staying in our comfort zones is not an option. Comfort zones are those little pens that we think we are safe in. In reality they are where we stay small. Comfort zones are held in place by fear. Become conscious means accepting the need to expand our boundaries and move out of our comfort zones in order to live life largely.

We need to develop courage to jump out of our comfort zones; it is a prerequisite on the journey to consciousness. The word courage comes from the French for heart: Coeur. Being courageous is being

big hearted.  The information is there to help us become more conscious – we just need to make the effort to find it.  Most of us are so busy staying on the treadmill – job, mortgage, kids, keeping heads above water, that often only undemanding pastimes, such as TV, cooking and eating, and sport, are about as much as people can manage. The pull of escapism in the form of novels, movies, following the lives of the rich and famous – fills in what time remains after the work of staying alive has been done.  Escapism is an attempt to retreat from the pain and bleakness that the ego-mind has created in this world.  We seek ‘escape’ from the world because most of us are living so far removed from our souls, from our true essence. We are caught up in the games the ego plays – largely fear-ruled and based on the belief that we are not good enough, that life isn’t fair and that if only we had more of this or that, then we would be happy.  Our essence, our higher self, craves the spiritual dimension that is our true home, but sadly, for many, this only takes the form of negative escapism (alcohol, drugs). One of the dangers  of ‘escaping’ in this way is that it distracts us from where we need to be heading. It takes us down instead of up. And it uses up time. These lives of ours are not limitless. They are finite. Our time here is precious.

And then there is politics, another consumer of valuable time and energy. Yes, it may underpin much of our lives, and therefore be of importance, but watching the endless playing out of egos and their power games is tiresome and unnecessary. We become caught up in these power plays and the minutiae of political manouveuring and in doing so become distracted from our responsibilities to ourselves. The illusion of choice in our political systems is alive and well. They call it democracy, but it is an illusion. And whatever they call themselves, the reality is that our governments are a reflection of who we are. We, being the collective. If we want change on the macro level, we need to work on the micro level. That means – changing ourselves.

So, we need them to become more conscious if we want to escape from fear and move into the free-flowing energy of the love zone. It’s going to take some courage and some time and energy – but the rewards will be immense. And there’s no time like the present!

Heart Rule:   For most of us fear is much too strong. We can shift the balance and move into the love zone if we expand our consciousness. This is the first task of the work of love. It is part of our preparation for a relationship capable of nurturing our highest potential –and it is necessary if we want to become ‘the right person’. 

I think at the start of the trip, it’s a good idea to have an ‘overview’, to look at the subject from the vantage point of a higher, or more cosmic perspective. That way, you can see the whole territory and the parts that comprise it can then come together more easily.  It’s a bit like seeing the picture of a jigsaw before you start the puzzle.  And life is a puzzle.  So what’s the picture of???

Love, actually.  Let’s look (next time) at what this love energy actually is……

PS:  For more on the subject of fear – and how to overcome it,  I recommend this article by Stuart Wilde: