…….It is true, we do live in a compassionate universe.

Acknowledging then, that life is the ultimate teacher, I offer here my humble suggestions and thoughts on the nature of this love business. I believe that this subject, love and the rules that it operates through, is SO supremely important that it’s worth listening to anyone’s insights. I’m no expert on the topic – any more than the next counsellor or divorced, separated, married or old person is.

You might have discerned a thread there.  It could be called ‘life experience.’  Any of us who have lived through relationship making and breaking, or who have listened to and emphathised with others who are in the pains of relationship making and breaking, have accumulated some experience on the subject of love. This is where I am coming from. Because a lot of my work in astrology is centred on relationships, I would like to share some of my insights in the hope of helping you understand this – well, very big topic.

Love is such a big subject because it is the heading for life. Life is infinitely complex and mysterious and yet, it’s simple too. The reason we have made it complicated could be summed up in one word: fear. There is only love and fear, or pleasure and pain.  This is a universe of duality – so when we understand this, we know that we have a choice. We can choose which end of the polarity we will align ourselves with. When we choose fear over love, we create drama and pain for ourselves.  Getting back to the love end of the pole, and learning how to heal our fears and wounds – this is our challenge.

Life is contrast. In this universe of duality it seems to be that we need to experience the fears, the dark, in order to fully know the love and the light. Relationships are one of the ways we experience contrast.  Nothing else that can take us into the dark spaces more effectively than love gone wrong. Nothing strips us naked quite like love.  But what else can take us to the heights of ecstasy like love? As Eva Cassidy sang:  “Love heals the wounds it makes.” It does! And healing those wounds is part of the journey we all have to make.

So then, let us make this journey together, into the  territory of the heart. Writer Jessamyn West said, “Talent is helpful in writing, but guts are absolutely necessary.”  I’d like to add, my intention in putting forward these thoughts is about one thing only: a sharing of my truth. Much of what I will be saying here is not my thoughts alone . Sharing universal truths that I have discovered and explored as I made my journey – this is my mission here.  It is up to you to decide for yourself whether they feel like truth for you  – or not.  Truth, of course, has infinite expression and naturally changes and evolves over time. It is dependent on the consciousness of the beholder – or holder. At some point it serves us to contain ‘truth’ into some system or other – one that is relevant in our time. That is all I am doing here. I would like to think that you will resonate with these thoughts. If you do, then all I am doing is reminding you of something you already know. If you don’t, all that is required (apart from clicking out of here) is an open mind and perhaps a little experimentation. Life, after all is an experiential exercise. We are here to life it! We are creating it as we go along, and we are always free to choose differently, if we don’t like what’s happening.

We are living in the most interesting of times – such was the ancient Chinese curse.  We are being flooded with information at a rate never seen on the planet before. Ancient wisdom mingles with the latest findings of quantum physics. Fascinatingly, their merging is a birthing of a new ‘truth’. It is one that unites both. There is a lot to come to grips with. Science and spirituality are flirting with each other and meeting up in the strangest of places. And we go on living our lives in these consciously evolving bodies that are still heavily encoded with primitive, animal instinct. Wisdom, which is the distillation of our knowledge, experience, and insight, is needed if we are to survive intact. There are many channels of wisdom, many paths to the truth – and ultimately we must find the one that is right for us. No one has the final word. But in the end, all paths lead us home.

In the final analysis, we are all in this together; all on the ride that is this exquisitely mysterious adventure we call life. And one thing’s for certain, we can’t do it without love. Love is what holds it all together. We might as well pay a bit of attention to the ‘rules’ of love, those universal laws I’ve called ‘heart rules’, which, like it or not, we have to play by……for as long, that is, as we are calling Earth our home.

…….(to be continued) – Chapter One coming soon


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