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The Year Begins



I don’t know about you, but it feels to me as if January is slipping away, already way too fast.  Days of delicious, lazy summer relaxation (here in the Southern hemisphere) feel so good, and are doubly precious – given the speed with which they are passing.  Half way through the first month is only next week! Meanwhile, we stand collectively in Capricorn’s realm, gathering our resources, forming, or not, our goals for the year ahead. Capricorn energy is that of order, structure, goal-setting. (I mistyped that as goat-setting – the symbolism of the sign putting in an unintended appearance)…. But yes, this is the time for ‘new resolutions’ and intention setting.  Also, of reigning in some of the indulgence we’ve allowed ourselves over the Christmas period.  We need this time, just as we need every month’s new energy. The cosmos, in basking us in Capricorn vibrations, is suggesting we take stock now and figure out where we are, so we know where we are going.  Usually that means we need to turn inwards and ask ourselves some questions; talk up some resolve.  Or we might prefer to set our new year intentions more peacefully.  Something along the lines of:  “I’ll do a yoga practice every, or at least most, days – even if it’s only for 10 minutes. Some days though, I’ll just go for a walk instead.”  Or, “I’ll eat predominantly fruit and vegetables – but if I don’t – it doesn’t matter……. And I’m still going to have a glass or two of wine most days – because I like it.” 

We only have a week left in this ‘considering where we are going’ energy, before things shift and we start to want to get social again – probably at which time, most of our hard out goat goals will disappear out the back door.  Suggestion:  goals and intentions for self-improvement, yes – but with a caveat of on-going flexibility and above all – enJOYment.  Wu-wei in Taoism means ‘effortless effort’ – this is my goal; to choose actions that are in the flow, that are in alignment with my highest good.  My highest good encompasses body, mind, emotions and spirit.  In other words, if it doesn’t feel good to exercise one day, if it seems more attractive to lie low, rest, read – then that’s what I’ll do! Effortless effort is going with the flow – and the flow changes, day to day, moment to moment.  Being in tune with the flow and acting in accord with it is holistic – we become whole, when we honour all sides of our multi-dimensionality, when we listen to our uniquely individual rhythms.  We can still ‘set intentions’ for our work, our careers, our physical fitness, our relationships – of course we can. Just thinking about them helps us define what is important to us.  We clarify our values by goal setting – so regardless of whether or not we achieve them – the exercise is valuable.  But how about, allowing change to happen – in its own time;  a line I use in yoga teaching.  Could be a noble, and for once, do-able, intention for the year.  Cripes, there is enough pressure from the outside world coming at us left right and centre, telling us we are not good enough, wealthy enough, healthy enough, attractive enough, young enough ….. how about resolving to turn away from all that and start honouring all aspects of ourselves (mind, body, emotions, spirit) by giving them the freedom to change in their own time; or, wild thought, just BE, as they are. If we are on the path of consciousness raising, then I think we need to trust ourselves to do what is appropriate for our own evolution, at the right time.  In astrology we talk of ‘divine timing’.  The movements of the planets and the journey of our earth through the time loop, have a trajectory that is beyond our comprehension, and certainly beyond our control.  We just don’t know what is around the corner in our own lives.  If we can stay conscious, pay attention to our own rhythms, our own astrology (whether we know it or not – we will feel it), and be mindful of the need, now more than ever on our planet, for compassion and kindness – then what more is there to do?

So here’s to a year of effortless effort!  Less stress, less striving; more peace, more arriving.   We’ll arrive at the place we’re intended to be, if we can just let go – unhook from the endless brain washing messages society floods us with and have the courage to be who we are  – wherever and however that is.

Oh, and yes, we have another week to consider, as per the suggestion of the cosmos via Capricorn, where we would like to arrive – this year, before the energy shifts.  Remember it’s just that – a suggestion. It isn’t an order. No one can control our conscious processes, but ourselves.  One more thing, the year of the snake begins February 10.  The snake is a potent symbol of transformation. There is a clue here to the intensity of the journey we are all on this year. My response to that is to dream up some big, lofty goals designed to heal and transform – and at the same time choose to release control and let go of fear; to be in the flow of the moment, awake, aware, and trusting the process of my own evolution.  Wish me luck with that one – and Good luck with yours!




My other half tells me I spend far too much time reading, thinking, worrying, about the state of the world and the insanity that goes on.  He says I should, rather, focus on my ‘circle of influence’ – by which he means my friends, family and local community and doing ‘practical’ things to be of service to my fellow man. 

I get where he is coming from – and perhaps he is right. But I’m a big picture person. I can’t help it – I have a Pisces Sun and Sagittarius Moon.  Once at a cocktail party I was criticising (and rightly so) the local city council.  The lovely man I was talking to asked if I had considered standing for council. Before I’d thought of the words, they flew out my mouth – I said: ‘I have a cosmic perspective, not a civic one.’   I’d be bored out of my tree, was what I thought. And furthermore, I couldn’t stand the minutiae of local body politics.  (I sat through enough council meetings when I was journalist). Anyway – we live in a pluralistic universe and there is a place for all – mine just isn’t Wellington City Council. But getting back to ‘my circle of influence’…… I’m wondering, how do we ever know how far that circle reaches?  I mean, with the internet, our words can now be instantly read by people in every corner of the globe. How can we know what impact they may have? Signing petitions online is simple enough –  an easily taken yet potentially powerful action.   I believe our circles can reach as far, no further, than the planet we live on. The thoughts we think, the words we say (or write), the things we do, are vibratory energy. We are a walking package of frequencies; we are an energetic information field.  When an information or frequency field comes in contact with another field – both are changed. This is the blood and bones of astrology – fields interacting and creating change, movement, evolution.

I sometimes feel my partner is right – I do spend a lot of time ‘informing myself’. Which usually means, reading negative stuff.  Hell, let’s face it – much of what is happening out there is pretty negative. I find it boringly predictable, most people’s response to ‘the state of things’ (I’ll call it).  The majority of people really just don’t want to know.  To be confronted with the truth about our government, our leaders, the medical profession, the general state of things – creates cognitive dissonance: what! You mean over government doesn’t actually care about our wellbeing!? – it would even kill people??!!  No! couldn’t be.  It’s a little disturbing this truth stuff.  Far easier not to go there.  Yet, how many babies are being thrown out with that bathwater? There is so much information available now – that is positive, that is empoweringAnd empowerment, surely, is the name of the game. There are vast oceans of information on everything and anything we can imagine. Now, as never before, we have access to the infinitely multi-faceted aspects of our humanity. We can plug into the ‘wisdom of the web’ – that is, the web we all exist within, at the click of a button. Okay, yes there is a lot of crap there too – but no one is making you log onto facebook.

I think these people who reject the (to us) obvious truth, of  a cabal that controls affairs on this planet, are secret believers in their own lack of power. And there is safety in that little comfort zone.  It’s easier. It’s simpler. When people like me speak out about it, in a bid to wake others up to what is going on in the shadows, we are often dismissed, or worse, condemned.   I’ve spent years writing to our regional council here, about its decision to fluoridate our water.  (My circle of influence surely)?  Now, the chairwoman of  the regional council will neither read nor respond to my pleas  to simply  look at the literature!    Really, I despair.  This woman has had cancer herself, you’d think she’d be more open to the subject of toxicity.  But no.  She prefers (it’s easier) to accept the recommendation of our sinister ministry of health (ministry of sickness more like) – which also endorses and pushes the Gardasil vaccine – yes the one that’s been found to be contaminated and is killing young women all over the world.  Where is the empowerment there?  Said chairwoman is abdicating it entirely – and she holds a powerful position – in the ‘state of things’ pecking order at least.  Yet, slowly but surely, the anti-fluoride movement here in New Zealand is looking to be gaining some ground.  Who knows what impact my emails to the councillors may have had?  We have to carry on, regardless. We have to believe that our vibratory energy – contained in our thoughts and conveyed through our words – is resonating, or will at some point, with a compatible field – and that change will eventually be made.

Ultimately we have to believe in our own power. And when outside authorities are immovable, ignorant and uninformed we need to remind ourselves that everything happens first, on the invisible, unmanifest level.  This is where our energetic frequency, our personal vibration, hides out.  As we strengthen our frequency  through spiritual practices,  knowledge gathering (truth seeking), spending time alone, being with nature, eating a largely unprocessed diet , drinking pure water, avoiding emf’s as much as possible, and enjoying and making the time for what we know makes us feel good – we enhance our personal power.  And this has influence.  It is an influence we cannot always see or know.  As our frequency resonates higher and faster, our influence grows – but it is always working on the invisible level. Some people, those we deem to have gravitas, or charisma, are those with strong fields. We seek out people with strong vibratory fields because we sense we have something to learn from them.  Whether they use their power for good, or otherwise, is another matter.  We are always attracted however, to those who resonate with our own frequencies.

So here we all are, travelling together, at this time on planet Earth, on a mission of personal empowerment.  This is our evolutionary imperative – to grow, to strengthen our frequency, to extend our hidden circle of influence.  At the same time, I think we need to remind ourselves that our lives don’t have to be a grand statement.  If we follow our inner promptings to live an authentic life, take the path with a heart I mean;  speak and act with integrity, kindness, compassion, we will emanate a vibratory frequency that helps and heals, in ways we may never know. Our circle will surely ripple far and wide within this web we are all weaving.