The Sun went into Scorpio on the 23rd of October – illuminating, for the next four weeks, our ‘shadow side’.  What does that mean?  The Sun illuminates, or brings up to the light, whatever it touches. When it is in the sign of the invisible, unmanifest world, Scorpio – its job is to ferret out whatever is hidden and expose it.  This occurs on a collective level (the shady world of politics is a perfect playground for secret activities), and on a personal level. The ultimate intent of all this ‘dragging out of the shadows’ is healing.  Scorpio is the sign, ruled by Pluto, whose job it is to heal and regenerate.

November, being Scorpio’s month, is the right time of the year to focus on inner healing.  We have Mercury turning retrograde on the 7th and it will continue in that backward motion until the 27th – so this is fitting. Mercury rules our thinking processes and communication.  How perfect then to use this retrograde energy to ‘go within’.   Processing all that has gone on this year – probably quite a lot once you start to think about it – and making some sort of sense of it, is a great way to bring about new awareness and ultimately heal some issues.  So often, what we think are problems, are actually faulty perceptions.  If we re-frame our perspective, on whatever occurred, we change the energy around it. If we are trying to keep from feeling pain, by isolating an event within our psyche – we should know we are expending a huge amount of energy. Energy becomes ‘stuck’ – as we attempt to quarantine the memory. When we have the courage to unwrap it, look at it again, and see it through new eyes – we free up this energy.  Life begins to flow again; we are rejuvenated and regenerated.  All those ‘re’ words are appropriate, whenever Mercury is going retrograde:  re-view, re-think, re-vise, re-generate, re-new, re-plenish.  In Scorpio, underscore that.  One re word we are better to eliminate is: resistance.  Resistance causes pain. We can reduce pain during our healing process, if we re-linquish resistance.

Healing is clearly on the program this month, as Chiron, in conjunction with Neptune, is in Pisces – forming a harmonious trine to that Scorpio Sun – particularly early in the month.  Use this free-flowing energy best, by directing your thoughts and intentions towards healing whatever blocks you know you have, and inviting Spirit, or the God-force, mother Earth, father Sky – whatever name you know it by best – to heal the issues and wounds you are not as conscious of……..the ones that lie hidden within the inner terrain of your Soul.  A physical practice, such as yoga, is a perfect avenue to bring this healing energy into the body.  Scorpio is a fixed water sign and so emotions can be stabilised here. Doing yoga, or some other holistic practice (mind-body-spirit) helps to anchor your thoughts and emotions, bringing you into the present moment . In this moment, power and peace lie.  They are all there, waiting for you and your attention to tune into – at any time. Make this month of November your time to set up (and stick to) such a practice.

Scorpio’s New Moon falls on the 14th – and on this day we have a total eclipse of the Sun. A powerful day indeed, to formulate and send out your intentions to the Universe. The Moon’s nodal axis falls very close to this New Moon – signalling our collective destiny is ready to roll.  Whatever is occurring in the world now – is karmic. We have earned it. Let us hope enough of us are awake now and prepared to move through the days ahead in full consciousness.  Those still asleep will find life becoming tougher and tougher now, as the karma we have created (or allowed to be created with our compliance) plays itself out.  Eclipses can signal dramatic endings and new beginnings. In Scorpio, the energy is conducive to planting seeds, to laying the groundwork for our futures. Something is ending now – but at the same time, something else is being birthed.  We have the power, as individuals awake to our collective dilemma, to alter the course of our destiny, and to create the futures we want to see. It really is time to stop complying with the dark forces that control us. The American election is a glaring example of this force in action. Sadly, many Americans do not see the fraudulent farce that it is.  It is time to stand up and refuse to be taken in by it any longer. We all need to speak out against injustice and the erosion of our civil liberties and freedoms.  The election occurring now (November 6) – around the time Mercury goes retrograde and a week before the New Moon, speaks of the collective will and desperation to heal the glaring wounds the country staggers beneath. There could be anger and outrage – on both sides of the fence.  Watch the eclipse date for a significant shift. Chiron goes direct the following day (15th) – the pain may be great.

Mars moves into Capricorn on the 17th – the energy is perfect for a change of guard within power structures and for action in terms of exposing the hidden hands therein……but when it comes to square Uranus on the 23rd, and then conjoin Pluto on the 28th look out for shake ups of considerable magnitude. The energy is tense and explosive.  Keep yourself safe during this period. Drive more consciously, speak more deliberately and keep anger and aggression under control. Venus into Scorpio on the 22nd takes relationships into deeper waters.  Don’t be afraid, simply, be honest. Pluto- abhors anything less than absolute honesty.  Speak with integrity – and remember Mercury is not functioning well in terms of communication until after the 27th.

The Sun moves into Sagittarius on the 22nd – ushering in a lighter, freer energy. We don’t have long here then, in the underworld.  Make the most of it – by focusing on clearing obstacles – emotional, mental, physical and healing body and soul. Keep an eye on events in the world and take some time to research what is going on.  Avoid mainstream media as a means of information gathering. We are fortunate to have many channels of alternative media on the internet, where we can learn (and discern) what is true and real – as opposed to the ‘official stories’ we are being told.   We all have a responsibility to wake up to what is happening and do our bit to steer the collective energy in the right direction.  The ‘weapons of mass distraction’ – ie TV, sports, politics – are exactly that. I like the idea of embracing Pluto’s imperative – the truth, and nothing but the truth, this month. Let’s wake up people. And most importantly, love and honour your self and your own healing journey. You chose to be here now.  Cosmic Blessings…..