Spring is really in full swing now in the Southern hemisphere and the energy, with the Sun in Libra is on ‘making new’ in all our relationships. And that includes our relationship with ourselves. Venus entering Virgo on the 3rd – and opposing Neptune and Chiron suggests we need to pay attention to matters of health and wellbeing. We may be wanting to lose those extra kilos we’ve mysteriously accumulated during the winter months – and this is a great time to do so.

Take the ‘making new’ energy over into your intimate relationships – around the 20th is a perfect time to action partnership plans, as Mars conjoins Juno, the asteroid Goddess of love relationships. Mars moves into Sagittarius on the 7th and this means your focus will turn to the future – what are your plans? Start thinking about them now – so when the 20th gets here, you are galvanised and ready to move. The New Moon on the 16th would be a good time to set intentions – as a new cycle opens now.

On the 15th Mars squares Chiron – and this star pattern speaks of taking action, because you are driven to do so, to relieve suffering and help the healing process. We need to be bold now, to step out – into this ‘making new’ energy and fearlessly let go of all that has been holding us back from being who we need to be. It’s so easy to get stuck in our comfort zones……but every so often, the energy intensifies, as it is doing now, and urges us to get moving, to get out of the rut and on with the growth. Maybe we need to make some hard decisions now. Perhaps it is time to let go of certain people in our lives. Saturn has taken up residency in Scorpio and so we are all going to experience the challenge of clearing the blocks and obstacles that stand in the way of absolute honesty. Illness is nature’s way of making us honest. What haven’t we been facing? What are we not being honest – with ourselves, about? Saturn in Scorpio is set to bring up some deep stuff – all that we have been pushing under the carpet, refusing to look at, pretending isn’t there – is going to come to the surface now. The area of your chart where Scorpio lies, will be the sphere of life most affected by this transit of Saturn.

So then, this month – prepare to make new, just as the season is. Continue with the Spring cleaning – inside and out – particularly inside from the 20th onwards. That is, your internal self, your psyche. The Sun of course moves into Scorpio on the 23rd – and meets up with Saturn there on the 25th – adding intensity to depth and helping to illuminate the shadows. This is helpful – as if a light is being shone on those dark places we’ve been reluctant to enter into. Make the most of this energy – even if it is a little raw and painful. Very much a ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ sort of feeling around about this time. This same day (25th) the Moon is in Pisces – adding sensitivity and emotionalism to the mix. The veil is thin from now until Halloween – on the 31st. This is our Beltane or Spring Festival, rather than a festival of death and endings as it is in the Northern hemisphere – it is our time to celebrate life and renewal. Beltane and the day before (30th), the full Moon, are Taurus Moon days. This is a perfect time to celebrate and honour Mother Earth and our connection with her – and to tune into our own sensuality and physicality – the joy of being in a body. With the strong energy of Scorpio, the sexual energy is high now.

Enjoy then, this month of renewal, and make the most of the first few weeks to clear and cleanse in preparation to go even deeper, for a more profound healing – when the Sun moves into Scorpio. It is almost the ‘last chance’ to let go willingly, and make decisions about your future – before the universe takes your life into its own hands and does it anyway! In other words, be as conscious as you can this month – of what needs to be done, what needs to be cleared and released – with a particular emphasis on relationships. November will be a different story altogether.