September begins with a full moon on the 1st.  In watery Pisces this moon amplifies the mutable nature of Virgo, making us more open to ‘go with the flow’ now.  The mutable signs Virgo and Pisces, binary oppositional partners – urge us all now to find that balance point between seeing the big picture and taking care of the details.  If we can find that place – opening our consciousness to what really matters, while at the same time doing the day to day things we need to, to keep the wheels turning on a practical level –  then this month has the potential to usher in a new era. Transformation may pick up the pace – closures and new beginnings marking the Spring season. The winds of change are blowing.

Spring of course, is a time of renewal – so what more perfect month to create a new start for yourself.  For those born under the sign of Virgo, this is really your New Year – a time to change gears and start afresh. But many of the changes the cosmos is signifying, are for all of us.  We see this in the coming together (in dynamic aspect) of Pluto and Uranus – on the 19th.  This combination is a potent one, designed (by an intelligence greater than our own) to shake us out of apathy, complacency, or simply inattention, and wake us up to the need for the status quo to change.  Things cannot go on as they are – quite simply.  The transformative process we are well into now, is really symbolized by this linkage of Pluto and Uranus – set to continue until 2015. This will affect us personally, as well as collectively.  We are holographic – the smallest part (each individual) contains the whole (the universe). 

Pluto has been travelling backwards for six months and – coincidentally – will go direct on the 18th.  This means our internal ‘truth detector’ is back in operation.  What then, have we gleaned from the past six months?  Have we taken the time to travel inwardly and examine our deeply held beliefs, values, expectations?  Are we ready now to turn the page and use the knowledge, the wisdom we have gained – to put it to good use by deciding on an improved strategy for living?  Resting in the comfort of the familiar may not be an option for much longer – so a wise move now, would be to formulate a new modus operandi. Pluto remember, is about wounding, and more positively, healing – so the new approach, one that fits the energy of the times, might be to abandon all the old programs, mind-sets, pre-conceptions and beliefs that no longer serve us. Go with the flow.  Bring attention, consciousness, to the moment, to the present, to the NOW.  In this way, fear, anxiety, negative thoughts and concerns are released.  Relief will be temporary initially – but with practice, we can move into a way of living where our consciousness is predominantly focused in the present moment. This too (the present) is our place of power.  Pluto is about power – so what a great way to honour the Plutonian energy of this month.  Decide to be in the Now.

The new moon occurs on the 16th – in Virgo of course – this moon signifies a new lunar cycle opening. Virgo has a focus on matters of health, diet, exercise, daily routines, and service to others. What a perfect day to start that diet or detox you’ve been thinking about. Out with the old (habits!) and in with the new.

The Spring Equinox occurs on the 23rd. The perfect balance of day and night speaks to the Libran side of our psyches (we all have Libra somewhere in our charts) – wherein we honour both sides of all arguments and dichotomies.  The Sun moves in Libra in the early hours of this day – shining the light now on balance, equality, harmony.  We are called on to practice these principles in our relationships with other people. So there is now a focus on our relationship life. Given the Plutonic journey we have been engaged in for the past six months, hopefully we have gained some insights regarding our deepest nature, our beliefs, conditioning, old wounds and defensive mechanisms. The emphasis now is on those Libran principles of fairness and harmony and how we activate them in our important relationships.  Perhaps it’s time to stop the old fights and arguments, usually based around defending our long-held beliefs.  They’ve done their time and they are no longer of use to us. Let them go.

With the moon conjoined Pluto on this day (23rd) we’re given an emotional punch – to set us off in (hopefully) the right direction. Remember the keywords of this month – go with the flow, harmony, fairness, equality and truth – oh and not forgetting change.  Be willing to go with it this month – and intend that all change will be for the better.

Enjoy the revitalised energy of Spring!  Cleaning out your home and environment signals to the universe your intention to get rid of all you no longer need. And because the universe abhors a vacuum – the space you create in your cleaning out is an invitation for the new to come into your life. This is the month to create afresh – on all levels. Make the most of it.