A full moon in Aquarius on August 2nd sets the scene for a month of illumination…….It is the time of year to let our light shine, to get in touch with our creative self and to bring a sense of fun and en-JOYment into every day.  As well, that bright moon in the sign ruled by weird and wacky Uranus invites us to expand our vision and see beyond ourselves and our own little set of problems and circumstance.  Aquarius is detached, yet concerned with the plight of humanity.  It is time for us all to open our minds and hearts to the wider collective and work together, rather than in competition or opposition.  Chiron and Neptune in Pisces are urging us, the collective, to heal our wounds of separation – and this month, after the slow-down of July, the energy is urging us to ‘get moving with that’. One of the ways we can heal our personal wounds of separation, is to reacquaint ourselves with our uniqueness. And we do this best through being creative.

Mercury goes forward, after three weeks of backward motion, on the 8th.  It is in Leo, so the feeling is, the time is ripe now to act on our creative impulses. We’ve had more than enough time to think about it – now we need to plant bottoms on seats and just do it!

At the same time Venus moves into Cancer – out of fickle Gemini and into the heart-felt terrain of the most sensitive of signs.  Be conscious then, of the potential for hurt feelings in your relationship dealings and tread lightly. Better to say nothing at all, than to say words that may be construed as criticism or worse. This energy is concentrated on the 14th, when the moon joins forces with Venus and both oppose Pluto and square Uranus. In other words, overwhelming sensitivity meets unmitigated intensity. There is potential for pain, physical and emotional. A good day to lie low – and channel the energy into nurturing and self-healing. Breakthroughs are possible. 

The new moon on the 18th is the time to set intentions around creative projects and commit to shining your light. So often it is fear of ‘being seen’ that stops up from offering up our gifts to the world. Classic Leo behaviour is just the opposite – it is a proud display of ones’ greatness; no apologies for ego. Ego has its place – it is what enables us to express our uniqueness. This new moon, if your ego is in need of a boost, use the energy today (and a couple of days either side of the new moon) to break out and show what you’re made of. Make that phone call, write that list of intentions – including amongst  them ways to express your creativity – and daily practices to bring them into the manifest world. New moons are the perfect time to BEGIN.

The 19th is a messy day in the cosmos – but there is some good energy for creative activities. Get writing, drawing, sewing, building……   it’s always useful to channel antsy energy into practical, physical activities. If all else fails, go for a run or a walk on the beach.

On the 23rd the Sun trips into Virgo, for its annual stay in the sign of perfection. Time now then to tidy up.  Not for nothing, do we talk about Spring cleaning at this time of year.  The energy is upon us now, urging us to clean up, clear out, polish, purify, perfect.  Go back to projects started and not completed and bring them to conclusion.  And start new projects in the quest of simplifying your space and cleansing your psyche.  In this act of seeking perfection (which of course, we rarely attain) we are sending a message to the cosmos, and to our own higher selves, that we value life and we value ourselves.

Mars moves into Scorpio on the 24th – upping the stakes in all matters to do with sex, birth, rebirth, death, healing, as well as shared resources, inheritances and secrets!  Mars often acts as a trigger – so in Scorpio, ruled by god of the underworld Pluto, there is potential from now (and for a couple of months) for issues around these  hidden subjects to come to the fore. And that’s a good thing. We cannot bury them under the rug forever.

So enjoy this last month of winter – prepare yourself for the delicious new energy of Spring – just around the corner, by setting your intention to be all you can be. Get creating, make a head start on the Spring cleaning, and most of all, remember to bring JOY into every day. Do the things you LOVE.  The month of Leo is reminding us to have a good time and be JOYFUL! En-Joy.