June is a busy month astrologically to say the least.  There are two events of cosmological significance occurring this month – both of which will flood our reality, that is, this corner of the hologram, with vibratory frequencies intent on shaking up the status quo.

The first is the transit of Venus – which happens on June 6.  Venus transits are very rare. They occur in pairs, eight years apart – but the time between pairs is many years. The Venus transit pair was in 1874 and 1882; prior to that, it occurred in 1761 and 1769 – when Captain Cook’s voyage to ‘observe the transit of Venus’ brought him to New Zealand. This transit means essentially, that Venus is passing across the face of the Sun, in line with the Earth.  Venus is eclipsing the Sun. There is then, a harmonic resonance between Venus, the Sun and the Earth.  It is as if the Venusian energy is being amplified by the Sun and focused onto the Earth.

How then, might this significant astronomical event ‘manifest’ on our terrestrial lives?  There are many astrologers out there taking a shot at the answer to that.  Venus, like all the planets (and the vibratory frequencies they represent) can manifest positively, or negatively. That is, Venus can symbolize the feminine energy, the energy of love, attraction, beauty – or it can equally symbolize the power of desire – manifesting in gross consumerism and acquisition.  What this transit means then, is that whatever Venus stands for in your life (your values) – in everyone’s lives – from the personal to the collective – is going to be brought into focus.  A partial lunar eclipse two days before, on the 4th June – a Full Moon in Sagittarius (Queen’s Birthday Monday) – seems to herald the Venus transit as being a time for ‘sudden and drastic change’ – in relation to Venusian affairs.  This could be a turning point, as something about the expression of Venus, is being left behind. Venus is, at this time, in Gemini, the opposite sign, and moving retrograde. So the pull of the opposition is going to highlight the need to integrate two opposing forces – each vying for supremacy. What then, needs to be left behind, to be jettisoned from your life? Or perhaps that should be who – given Venus’ rulership over relationships.  More positively, could this transit of Venus signal a powerful time in which to focus your own Venus energy, your love energy, more effectively? Are you feeling an awakening of the divine feminine energy within? This transit could be an invitation then, to shine the light of love, the heart energy, out into your world.

The Gemini-Sagittarius opposition is about knowledge – gathering knowledge. It may be we are in for a sort of spiritual revolution – with this auspicious transit of Venus, as new information and knowledge come to light to help us all come to greater awareness (awakening) of the heart energy, the higher octave of Venus, to transform our lives.  We surely need all the help we can get on planet Earth right now.  The cosmic message, coming at us via the transit of Venus, could be just what we need to reorient ourselves towards a higher, more pure expression of love – and away from the grasping, materialistic, over-consuming habits of the collective. We are being urged, with Venus in Gemini, to overcome duality and move toward the realization of unity, or oneness.

Just one point to note on this transit of Venus  – Venus will be ‘combust the Sun’ – that is, exactly conjunct the Sun. When planets are combust the Sun, their effects are weakened.  This could manifest as events (on Earth) that seem devoid of heart energy, of love.  It could potentially be a ruthless time (around the 6th) – a disorienting time – as we are in the process of moving out of separation and toward oneness. A bit like the ‘healing crisis’ we experience sometimes in homeopathy, or when using natural healing modalities…..things get worse before they get better.

Coupled with all of this, is the first exact square of Uranus to Pluto on June 24. In June last year, these two giants came to within a degree of each other in square aspect. But now, finally, the series of seven exact squares, taking us from now until 2015, has begun.  We are in for five very interesting, as in buckle-up-for-the-ride, years – as the plants of revolution and transformation lock horns.

I mentioned a spiritual revolution. It is interesting then that the theme of revolution is really, the ‘theme de jour’ for the next five years – and it is being ushered in by the Venus  eclipse of the Sun – bringing the energy of love, or a spiritual revolution. Things are really going to step up a notch, from this month onwards. No more dallying with our evolution – change is now not negotiable; we are here, so we are on the ride – like it or not.

Prior to this square of Uranus and Pluto comes the New Moon, on the 20th – which is of course Matariki or Maori New Year in New Zealand – a time when the return of the Seven Sisters in the dawn sky, (on the Eastern horizon) was celebrated.  It was time to plant the kumara. The light was returning. This New Moon sees six retrograde planets in the heavens – and with several of them in Gemini, the message seems to be ‘go inward, reflect, reconsider, think again’.  With the Venus energy all-powerful – relationships and finances may be under the microscope – giving us plenty to think about.  

The day after the New Moon is the winter solstice – the 21st. The Sun moves into cardinal Cancer – in theory, a time of softness, fluidity, sensitivity and the flowing energy of summer (as it is in the northern hemisphere) – which goes against the contraction we are experiencing in the south, at this time of mid-winter.  Be mindful then, of both of these energies at work – and see how you can weave together the need for softness, caring, emotionalism – with the need to protect and fortify your own boundaries.  Reflection – this is the keyword.

On June 25 Saturn finally goes direct – once again setting the wheels in motion in terms of all those areas of life requiring self-discipline and perseverance.  We’ve had a bit of reprieve lately, but now it’s time to get stuck in again.  Saturn is still in Libra, but not for too much longer will the taskmaster of the planetary line-up be nagging us about our relationships.

Interestingly, Venus retrograde through this transit to the Sun period, is set to go direct again – almost in tandem with Saturn, on the 28th. So if you feel you’ve had your foot on the brake pedal, where your intimate relationships are concerned – be prepared to start moving full speed ahead by the end of the month.

There is more – like the square of Jupiter to Neptune on the 25th (floods, catastrophes involved water or gas)….but enough for now.  All up – clearly, a mixed bag of a month – signalling a stepping up of the energy of transformation.  Throw in Uranian ‘expect the unexpected’ energy – and really, anything could happen.  Keep safe, keep happy and stay warm – after the solstice, our days grow imperceptibly longer. Everything passes – simple wisdom for this month.