Astrology for May

The cosmos is looking a bit messy this month, with all sorts of conflicting energies and potential for good news/bad news stories. Witches New Year on May 1st ,  corresponding to Halloween, on  October 31st in the northern hemisphere, is also known as Samhain, which means ‘end of summer.’ Samhain, or Witches New Year was said to be a time when the veil between the worlds was thinnest – meaning ‘other dimensional’ bodies could pass in and out of this realm more easily.  So for those of you with witchy tendencies, this is the most potent day of the year to create your spells and rituals. Though for most of us, coming to the official end of summer doesn’t  feel like much of a celebration.  My suggestion is to do something particularly warming and nurturing this day –  to signify your intent to en-JOY the cold months of winter ahead.  It is the time of year to go within, with lots more indoor time meaning more of it to read, write, reflect, sleep and surrender.

On the 6th, it is a full moon in Scorpio – a perfect time to release habits and patterns around holding on to grievances or regrets. The moon acts as a firewall – disconnecting us from the full spectrum of our spiritual potential and at the same time amplifying our ‘emotional body’ – with all its accumulated wounds and issues of the past. So when the moon is full, we feel more emotional. We are. Our biochemistry is affected by the moon’s pull on our DNA. The full moon symbolically represents the completion of a lunar cycle and so we can decide to over-ride the unconscious manipulation by becoming more conscious and using our intent to release all we no longer need. Think about what old wounds and pains you may be holding onto – things done to you by others, or things you wish you hadn’t done. Mentally bundle them up and visualise their release. It might be helpful to write a list and then take it outside and burn it – under the light of the full moon to enhance the impact.  Under the influence of this Scorpio moon, think about what you value, what your values are – and let go anything that doesn’t resonate with that. Time to stop compromising and become more authentic, more honest.

On the 9th Mercury slips into Taurus. Taurus energy is slower and more grounded than Aries, so you may notice your thought processes slowing down now. The focus (of mind power) is now more on how to create greater security, comfort and beauty, in your life. Mercury isn’t at its best in Taurus, but on the upside, it’s a good energy to get practical things done.  Overall though, stress should ease up, as Mercury is now forming a grand trine in earth, with Mars and Pluto. I think we all need this – less stress.

On the 10th that fickle moon squares Uranus and conjoins Pluto – throwing up some feisty energy. Emotions are always intensified when moon and Pluto get together and the addition of Uranus is reminding us of this ‘time we are living in’…… Uranus and Pluto are about to lock horns, several times over the next few years. Had you noticed things have been hotting up lately, in the external world?  It is by design. Uranus and Pluto are coming together (in square aspect) to shake up the status quo, overthrow the controllers, and ultimately – set us free.  But as always in any sort of revolution, there will be resistance.  The old order the controllers have been putting in place for many years now, will not go easily.  If you notice tensions running high on this date, breathe deeply and remind yourself it is all just a game.  Release fear and remember, you are infinite consciousness having an experience here.

Venus begins its retrograde passage on the 16th –  until 28th June, in Gemini. Venus retrograde asks us to turn inward with our affections. That is, not only love ourselves, but think about what it is we need (value) in our relationships with others.  There is a meditative quality about Venus retrograde. Love turned back in on itself. We cannot engage in relationships with others in a healthy way, until we clarify our values – what do we need in our partnerships, and most importantly, how do we love and value ourselves?

The 21st is a red letter day – being the new moon and solar eclipse. The Sun and moon are aligned in zero degrees of Gemini – signifying a particularly potent new moon in terms of potential (by the way I am no longer honouring the moon with a capital ‘m’. Its light is borrowed, and this celestial body is in no way as benign as we may think it is….)   And of course it is more potent anyway, as it is an eclipse. Eclipses can signify new beginnings and endings – and ‘long awaited breakthroughs’.  So watch this space is all I can really say about that !  Anything could happen.  For my part, I will focus my intentions on connections (Gemini) with family and friends – and think about strengthening these through better communication. Perhaps even beginning something brand new in the writing department. So yes, a great day to start a journal, a novel, a long letter, a long over-due letter……and with the eclipse in mind, to seek that breakthrough you’ve been wanting. It’s the perfect time to speak out. The precise time of the eclipse is 11.53 am.

On this day also the Sun goes into Gemini – so the energy shifts towards making and re-making connections, links, openings in the communication department.  If you’ve been a tad withdrawn socially during the past lunar month, now is the time to think about getting out and about – connecting again. This date is the turning point……

The 24th sees Mercury zoom into Gemini – the sign it rules.  Look for things to speed up mentally now. Mercury rules the nervous system also, so it is tempting now to over-do and end up with zapped nerves. Remember to replenish and rejuvenate the nervous system with plenty of rest, meditation, calming exercise, walks in nature.

So all up a mix of energies, plodding to racing, and everything in between.  Go easy on your self and everyone else.   Try to use the month to tie up loose ends, gathering together everything you no longer need and letting it go – before the middle month of 2012 arrives!!!!  Cosmic Blessings….