The Sun has been in Pisces since February 19 of course – but March is the month we think of as Piscean – so let’s talk Pisces. Actually, we have a huge cluster of important celestial bodies in Pisces, so the energy is strong.  Neptune is now pretty much a permanent resident of its own sign of the fishes. Along with Neptune, we have Chiron, the wounded healer, and Pallas Athene – named for the goddess of wisdom and justice, and of course the Sun, until the 20th, in Pisces. As well, Mercury only just into Aries on the 3rd, goes retrograde on the 12th, and backtracks into Pisces on the 23rd – giving us (further) cause for reflection, upon all matters Piscean…..

And they would be?  Most fundamental – is our connectivity and our spirituality. Pisces is the least worldly of all the signs. It symbolises oceanic consciousness, the dissolution of boundaries, as separateness is merged back into oneness. This Pisces time of year then is a perfect opportunity to think about ways to dissolve the walls that separate you from others. We are each invited to reach out, connect, heart to heart – and with the Sun in Pisces through most of March, the light is being shone, make no mistake, on any and everything that gives rise to the pain of separateness.

So, if hard feelings surface, and they will – look to the root of them. You will find all your pain comes from resistance. What is resistance about? And why do we do it? Resistance is the ego’s attempt to protect itself – which it thinks it needs to do, by separating our identity-self from others. The energy of competitiveness and all negative polarities associated with the survival instinct in the business/corporate worlds – as well as in the world of personal relationships, stems from the misguided ego.  This is as it needed to be – for much of our evolutionary history has been about the path of separateness. We have gone as far as we can go with this – and we find ourselves now in the density of materialism, the bottom of the abyss. The only place we can go now is up – back to oneness.  Pisces represents the cosmic rays most strongly associated with this breaking down of separateness and the reconnection and healing of unity.

With Chiron now in Pisces for the next seven years – our collective wound, the one that has taken us into the depths of materialism and away from our spiritual home, is on course to be healed and transformed. We are all (most of us) aware that we are in the midst of a huge transformation. This is what the transformation is about. By 2019, life, and us, will be looking very different indeed.

But back to the present month. Venus goes into Taurus on the 5th – one of the two signs that it rules. In Taurus, Venus brings its concern to matters of material security and comfort. The energy is right at home now, to focus on what this means to you. What do you need in your life, to feel safe?  Money? Beautiful surroundings? A familiar routine? This is a good time to clarify these important needs with your partner, and if you do not have a partner, then clarify to yourself, what needs to change, or be put in place – to help you feel safer in the world.

The Full Moon for March occurs, in Virgo, Pisces opposite sign, on the 8th. This Moon opposes Chiron and conjoins Mars on this day – which seems to point to the illumination of wounds – collective and personal. Virgo Moons are apt to bring up those issues associated with health and illness – as well as any areas in our lives where we feel we are lacking. We may all be feeling quite self-critical at this time – and if we are not  down on ourselves, events are likely to draw our attention to whatever it is that needs healing, or perfecting, right now.  The key to handling this energy is to pull back to the Pisces end of the continuum. Acknowledge Virgo’s message but don’t dwell overlong there.  Our power, in these days, lies largely with our mental process, our thoughts in other words. Keep them positive. Keep your intentions and focus on what you DO want – not on what is wrong, or not enough, or missing, or imperfect.

Relationships are often highlighted at the time of the Full Moon. Try to avoid criticising and belittling your partner – tempting though it may be.  Bite your tongue and change your thoughts to the positive polarity.

The 14th is an interesting day – with lovely linkages between Venus, the planet of love, and Mars (passion!) and Jupiter (expansion, buoyancy).  Yes, it could be very easy to go OTT around this date. Too much of a good thing is wonderful – may be the catch-phrase  – especially of the earth signs Taurus and Virgo. For all of us, a great time for socialising and having fun. Venus connecting up to Pluto will add more than a dash of passionate intensity…. The opposite polarity of which is jealousy. Certainly the energy is abuzz with potential for jealous, intense and passionate interactions. As always, we have the power to determine which end of the continuum we will play in.

Last word – Pisces is inherently sensitive and emotional. If you find yourself closer to tears than usual during these three weeks – relax. It is not you. It is the cosmic frequencies beaming on in – with the intention of  breaking our hearts open a little more; dismantling the walls of self-protection we all erect, to keep life pain at bay. This month, make a promise to yourself to let go, to surrender, to release it all – even just a little. Pisces energy, the energy of letting go, will be with us all for many years to come, in no small measure – and the intention is exactly this. We have a little fore-taste this month of what life is moving us towards.  Good Luck!  And remember the New Moon on March 23rd! In Aries – sign of New Beginnings – this is official cosmic start to the year. Perfect day to write your intentions for the year ahead! And another opportunity begin afresh…