The first week of February sees Neptune sink finally, into the mystical waters of its own sign – Pisces – for a lengthy stay – 13 years no less. This transition of Neptune from Aquarius, where independence reigned supreme, to Pisces, where unity rules may well be the ‘sign’ we have been waiting for: the transformation of consciousness is here. 

Exactly how the transformation will play out, is largely unknown; but there are clues – they are all around us. We have been on the road of this transformation for a few years now – so what we are likely to see in this pivotal year of 2012, is really a stepping up, an acceleration of the process. It is a process that will continue on for many years into the future – and 2012 is a turning, or deepening point.  Neptune’s passage through Pisces then, is timely. Neptune symbolises the collective (as do all the outer planets) – and in Pisces (the sign Neptune rules) – our collective consciousness will be subtly but surely reoriented towards an awareness of our fundamental oneness.  In Pisces, boundaries come down – as consciousness breaks the walls of our separateness, and we know that beneath appearances, we are all one. We are, as a collective, changing gears – away from the dominance of self-interest, and towards a concern with the whole. We are all in this together – we will realize that this year, as never before.  And that includes the animal and plant worlds – all of us sharing planet Earth.

February then, is the entry point to this new, expanded consciousness. We have Mercury in Aquarius, as well as the Sun of course. Mercury works well in air signs – so thinking is likely to be progressive, oriented toward the future. A good month then to list priorities and sort intentions for the year ahead – if you missed doing so in the lethargy of January and the holidays.

Mars is moving retrograde until mid-April – so there is a general slow-down of our ‘go power’…. Patience is the keyword then.  Don’t expect to make huge strides in the outer world. Mars is about action – and action has pressed the pause button.  Mars doesn’t do tell well in the ‘think before you act’ department – being impulsive and head-strong. The result then could be feelings of frustration  and possibly the intervention of authority figures if we don’t get the message to slow down and be patient.

Wednesday the 8th is the Full Moon day of the month – with the Moon in Leo. Enjoy this Full Moon – and have some good old-fashioned fun!  We are so serious these days – with all the doom and gloom coming at us via the controlled media. And on one level, it does look a mess out there.  But we decide the reality we live; we don’t have to buy into consensus ‘reality’…..   This Full Moon is a good opportunity to be light, child-like, laugh, dance, enjoy being in the body. A Full Moon is a completion – of a lunar cycle. So consider what you would like to release; what is complete now?  Leo rules the heart, so a perfect time to do heart-opening yoga, and to connect, heart to heart, with loved ones.  This same day Venus moves into Aries – so let love flow, be spontaneous……follow the promptings of your heart. Say “I love you” ……. Most of us don’t hear those words enough. Just a reminder here – the Full Moon is apt to intensify our emotions – this is what the Moon is about: it messes with our body/mind (via our DNA).  Simply, be aware; realize this is not YOU feeling what you are feeling; it is the body/mind – the egoic personality. The deeper you, the real you, can sit back and witness the show.  If you can find this detachment, rather than react – as the reptilian brain would have you do – consciousness will calm the waters and bring peace. This is living consciously.

On the evening of the 19th, the Sun follows Neptune into Pisces. Pisces people, it’s now your turn to bask in the light. For all of us, there is a heightening of sensitivity and compassion, as barriers, hierarchies, class distinctions, seem less meaningful, and we feel our connection with fellow planet dwellers. We may want to lose ourselves in other states of consciousness – as the mundane world can feel too harsh for some. Or we could choose to use our sensitivity in more creative ways – taking advantage of Mars backward period to turn inwards for inspiration, rather than acting out in the world.

Chiron is also in Pisces – where he will stay now for the next eight years. Chiron symbolises our wounds – personal and collective. Are you feeling a theme here?  My guess is the ‘wound’ Chiron has arrived to draw our consciousness towards – with the aim of healing it – is the wound of our separateness. Pisces, sign of unity, oneness, higher consciousness – hosting Chiron – is sure to alter the frequencies coming at us to help awaken us to our plight. Our plight is having reached the depths of the kali yuga, the most dense of all the vedic ages – the most materialistic age, or cycle. We are now ready to leave this density behind – and Chiron, the wounded healer, along with Neptune – the cosmic messenger of unity…..will help us do this. Sometimes we have to feel the pain more intensely, before it can be healed.

On the 22nd, the New Moon in Pisces offers us yet another chance to ‘begin again,’ as a new lunar cycle commences. This invisible Moon in the earliest degrees of Pisces is conjoined to both Chiron and Neptune – forming a bridge of possibility. Everything begins in the imagination – and the energy now is deeply infused with imagination. Let it take you into your own heart – and feel what your heart most desires. Write your dreams and intentions – and send them into the ethers – you might like to write them and then burn the paper. Or you could make a medicine wheel – using crystals, stones or anything that speaks to you. A medicine wheel is like a visual prayer. Establish the centre – representing Great Spirit. And then mark the four directions –  East (air element – new beginnings), North (fire element – passion & excitement), West (water element – change) and South (earth element – retreat, dream, reflection) ……… as you do, setting your intentions for the month or the year ahead. You can place crystals in the spaces between the four directions, completing the wheel – with each one, adding to your intentions, your hopes and prayers – in this, pivotal month of a pivotal year.  Go well, and Cosmic blessings to all hearts.