Hard though it is to believe, we are here, at the last month of 2011!  December’s a paradoxical time as the fun and frivolity of the festive season and end of year gatherings, vies with frantic rushing about to ‘complete’ projects before the year is done. But with Mercury still going backwards until the 14th, forward movement is going to prove a bit challenging. Especially around the 5th, when it squares Mars. Best then, to enjoy the lively, social Sagittarian energy, and do your best to let go of the rest.  Sagittarius is the sign of the philosopher – so take your cue.  Become ‘philosophical’ – what needs to be done, will be done, and the rest doesn’t matter.  It’s crazy to run around getting yourself in a stew (because of communication glitches and meanings going awry)  – when you could be enjoying yourself – at least until the 14th that is.  After that date, Mercury is back on track and progress should be smoother.

On the 11th we have the year’s second total Lunar eclipse – with a Full Moon in Gemini. Although Lunar eclipses are considered less powerful than Solar eclipses (the last of which fell on the eve of our general election here in New Zealand –  alerting us to the possibility of our leader (symbolised by the Sun) being ‘eclipsed’ in some way)…….Lunar eclipses nevertheless exert an influence. Their influence is felt more on a personal level, as the Moon effects our emotional body. Back in the day Lunar eclipses were considered a ‘bad omen’.  The Moon is an ‘emotional control centre’ – it alters the electro-magnetic frequencies coming from the Sun (itself a receiver and transmitter of frequencies), impacting our DNA and thus the body/mind.  It is a very complex subject –  suffice to say here – on the day before – as well as the day of, the Lunar eclipse, be as conscious as you can – and you may feel the emotional, or pain body, as Eckhart Tolle calls it, awaken.  When it does, we tend to act unconsciously – old habits, karmic patterns, conditioning – is to the fore. We need to stay very clear and tell the ego (mind/body) just who is in control.  Easier said than done I know – but this last Lunar eclipse of 2011 is another opportunity to practice……….to practice coming from the heart rather than the ego.

So what else is happening in December? On the 21st Venus moves into Aquarius, oo la la – just in time for the silly season: those parties where no-one-is-responsible-for-what-they-do-after-midnight. Aquarius loves socialising, people, the opposite sex – ruled by reckless, change-seeking Uranus as it is – there is potential here for, well, misbehaviour.  On another level (or perhaps the same one) a certain detachment comes into our relating. Good to know. If your partner is acting a little cooler than you’d like, more aloof, doing a fair impersonation of the ice queen, perhaps you are giving as good as you are getting…..we are, after all, all falling under the spell of Venus’ change of sign. More positively, you can use this energy to broaden your affections – in a non-sexual way that is; simply spreading kindness and empathy to all you meet.  Snobbishness is anathema to Aquarius – the higher Aquarian knowing and showing no preference or distinction based on wealth or social standing. Venus here now then, showers all our relating with this altruistic ray.  We’ve talked about the flip side – but the potential is always open to us to take these energies to the higher ground. 

The summer solstice occurs on the 22nd – as the Sun slips into Capricorn. The longest day – already! Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate. Celebrate mid-summer, almost-Christmas, being alive. Talking of Christmas – in pre-Christian days the festival of Saturnalia was celebrated on the winter solstice (the 22nd)  – being the day the Sun had reached the depths of its journey south – before being ‘reborn’ in the skies to begin its northward trajectory three days later. Hence the ‘Sun/Son was reborn/born’ on the 25th.  All Christian festivals are astrological in origin and significance. Esoteric truth has long been ‘hidden’ from the masses – and here we find it ‘hidden in plain view’….with the early Christians ‘borrowing’ the Christmas story  (the Sun/Son being born) from ancient (Babylonian) traditions – where the stars, planets and their movements, and an awareness of the cosmos itself, guided all human activity.  On Christmas Day  – take a moment then to notice the Sun, the Moon and the horizon – observing the Sun and its path across the heavens……..feeling, perhaps, the truth behind the apparent reason we are celebrating on the 25th. Our Sun, God of our solar system, portal to higher dimensions of consciousness, receiver of cosmic frequencies of wisdom and intelligence……….worshipped by our ancient ancestors…….our Sun, having reached its zenith, is poised to begin its six month journey back through the heavens – taking us, as it does, through the changing frequencies of the zodiac.

Christmas Day this year is the day of the New Moon – in the sign of Capricorn. This New Moon conjoins with Pluto – God of the underworld, and squares Uranus – God of awakening. Truth telling and emotional intensity is likely to flow with the wine at Christmas dinner.  Being alert to this possibility, make a mental note to self to breathe deeply, stay calm, and keep silent.  All things will pass – and as with everything connected to the Moon, none of really belongs to you.  Emotions, feelings, are the legacy of old stories and in reality, we have the ability and the power to release them.  We do not need to stay identified to feelings generated in us by conditioning, habit and karma. With consciousness, we can let them all go, and in so doing, lift our personal vibratory frequency, healing our hearts and bodies as we do.  So – my suggestion for Christmas Day is to walk                  lightly, speak lightly, breathe easy and keep your energy humming.  Pluto’s propensity for darkening the situation will only occur if you do not stay conscious.  Here, Venus in Aquarius will help – use it to detach from emotionally charged situations – or those with the potential to become so.  Act as if you are watching movie, even if you are part of it – and play a role of your choosing.  Uranus is likely to be urging a break-out, rebellious drive – so again, be aware of this energy and keep a cool head: least said, soonest mended – as an old saying goes.

And we come to the end of 2011. Jupiter finally moves direct on Boxing Day  (having been retrograde since August) – so things are getting ready to move ahead; plans that have been on hold, or ticking along too slowly are about to blossom. And with Saturn moving out of opposition with Jupiter, yet another break has been released.  All good if you are gearing up for a new project in the New Year.  When the Sun meets up with Pluto on the 29th, this could be a good day to  empower yourself by making a list of goals and thoughts for personal empowerment in 2012. This only happens once a year – and the timing is perfect this year.  We can use these last three days of the year to really take stock, to go within – think about our accomplishments in 2011 and where we would like to go with them in 2012.  The Moon’s aspects now favour spiritual healing – being linked to Neptune, Chiron and Vesta (Vesta is an asteroid concerned with self-awareness, sexuality/spirituality – and the signs Virgo and Scorpio). The Moon is positively linked to Saturn – indicating the potential is there to help us integrate our emotional needs with responsibility, our social needs with our need for solitude.  The energy is clearly indicating our best way to see out 2011 is in honest dialogue with ourselves, in the privacy of an inner sanctuary we create through turning inward.  It may be the peak of summer holiday time – but you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve on a deck chair in the sun, glass in hand, paper and pen in lap.  Take the time now to clear the decks, heal inner blocks, breathe, do some gentle exercise – preferably in nature – and be ready to welcome the New Year on Sunday.

Have a warm and wonderful, safe and happy, fun-filled December !  And see you in 2012.