At the Scorpio New Moon, on October 27, we saw no less than five planetary bodies in Scorpio – powerfully setting the ‘cosmic intention’ for the month…….which is to transform. One of the things Scorpio rules, is excretion, and the transformation of matter. It might not sound very pretty, but where would we be without it? Dead vegetation would not turn to humus, to nourish the next generation – and we would not survive, without the body’s ability to excrete the waste products of living in physical form. Scorpio is the transformative process of decay and regeneration. Ruler of Scorpio, Pluto, is of course ‘God of the underworld’ …… It is in this underworld, in the hidden, invisible realms, that all transformation takes place. Scorpio is secretive – because it must be. These processes could not occur anywhere else, but in the invisible realms. And that is why Scorpio, and Pluto, have the potential to hold such power. Everything in the visible, manifest world, has its birthplace in the unmanifest.

So, then – this month of November, Scorpio’s month largely, is the time of year in which we are invited to transform ourselves, to let go – and to set new creations, or intentions, as the energy is more rarified now between the visible and invisible worlds. Halloween of course, or All Hallows Eve, is a celebration of this season where the veil thins between the spirit world and the physical world – where spirit beings, ghosts, and keepers of the hidden, elemental wisdom (witches) come out to play. The time is ripe for clearing out the old – getting rid of clutter and waste, in whatever form it may take. Be willing to release, to let go. Clean out your cupboards, your garage – give away everything you no longer have a use for. And, most powerfully, set your intentions to create the new. Allow your dreams to flood your conscious mind through writing your intentions – and then feel them settle down into the unconscious, the hidden realms – believing that they are taking birth here and will come into manifestation. It is powerful to bring emotion into your intentions, as feelings help transform thought forms into physical reality. November then, is a perfect time to do this inner work, to sow the seeds in the dark, fertile place where all things begin –in the invisible.

Saturn is moving forwards now, steadily moving through the last degrees of Libra (however, it backtracks next year, so our Libran work is not over yet). Meaning, we are still occupied with relationship work – with finding integration between our needs for solitude and self-reliance, and our needs for loving connections. With the Sun in Scorpio this month, this relationship theme takes on a more intimate, sexual tone. If this area of your life is feeling less than you know it could be, then use the Plutonic energy to find the courage to make changes. You are more powerful than you know, and you can transform your situation. Sometimes, Pluto is ruthless – it cauterizes, annihilates, breaks down, destroys. The most essential thing with Scorpio and Pluto in all of this, is honesty. Raw, naked honesty. So maybe it is time to empower yourself and speak your truth. Nothing is more powerful than the truth that comes from the heart. Scorpio encourages us to be willing to go there – to penetrate our vulnerability (from the Latin ‘vulnere’ – meaning ‘to wound’)….. to open our hearts and speak honestly. As we do, as we go into our vulnerability, or our wound (we all have them), we find a magical transformation takes place. We can heal our wounds through having the willingness to enter into them, to say what we feel, to be brave enough to hear the response, and to resist the temptation to run away, to close our hearts. This is the time to do it. And as always, we can speak our truth with loving kindness. Ruthlessness may be part of Pluto’s repertoire, but it has its price.

The Full Moon this month occurs on the 11th, in Taurus. Chiron goes direct this day also – signalling the energy, or awareness, of our personal and collective wounded places is now gathering momentum. See above.
Full Moons always pack an emotional punch, with lunar frequencies pinging our body/minds. Our DNA is effected and we should never be surprised that this manifests as a heightening of the activity of our emotional or pain body. And this body is a tool of the ego. Therefore we can expect the pain body to rear its head. The Moon has much to answer for – and our best defence is simply this awareness. Acknowledge what is happening and cultivate (easier said than done, I know), detachment. Become the witness – noticing what is happening in your body and resisting the impulse to react to the emotional pain you feel. Mindfulness, meditation, yoga, or other conscious bodywork – is very helpful around the Full Moon; anything that takes you out of the ego and into the heart – or simply into the present. (The ego dwells only in the past and the future).
In Taurus this Full Moon heightens the world of the senses – so make the most of this energy to indulge your senses. Not just food and drink – but basking in beauty. Spend time in nature and with the animals; get creative. Use up the emotional energy in spirit-soothing ways.

The Sun goes into Sagittarius on the 23rd – which we will talk about later. So that leaves just over three weeks to begin to birth the new – to think about what you need to let go of, and what you would like to manifest in your life. Life is unending transformation, we might as well go with the flow of the cosmos and embrace it. Letting go is the most potent way to do this – we need not worry about how the transformation will look at the other end, what will come in place of all we have released – the universe will take care of that. Just trust the process – and let go…….. And enJOY. Always remember – the power of love and laughter. (Watch Bill Hicks on youtube – he’s a genius, and very funny – brilliant Scorpionic humour)… See you next month.