Phew! That last week of September certainly wasn’t a walk in the park. If you had a tumultuous week – you were not alone. The Sun opposing Uranus AND squaring Pluto – as well as Mercury squaring Pluto (!) – was not a pretty combination. Slightly unnerving to note that this series of Uranus Pluto oppositions is far from over. Could late September be a taste of what’s to come? If so, well, we are all going to need as much consciousness as we can muster. To my way of thinking – the most important thing we can do to survive, happily, these challenging times, is hone our ability (we all have it) – to STAY PRESENT. More than ever, we need to keep our power in the now. Watch yourself, become the witness, observe your moment to moment actions and thoughts with a sense of detachment: this is me, doing this, in this moment. When we occupy our conscious mind with awareness of each minute, we invite greater consciousness in, and we close the door on the mischievous mind’s (ego) fear-mongering. The result is a sense of peace, ease, opening of heart.
But what is this month about? October is predominantly Libra’s month – the sign of balance, equality, and relationship. So straight off, we know a focus on our interactions with others is part of the line-up. The cosmos is asking us to turn our gaze outward, away from ourselves – so it’s wise to go with it. In other words, let go of the ‘me, me, me’ – which you’ve probably been doing in a less than positive sense while the Sun was in Virgo (self-criticism) – and instead give your attention to others – lovers, partners, kids, friends. Funnily enough – when we do this, when we start to care more about others and less about ourselves, our own problems diminish.
All this begins quite symbolically, with a conjunction of Venus and Saturn on the last day of September. This enmeshment of the rays of Saturn with those of Venus, is about an integration of our need for relationship and our (equally important) need for solitude. So here we go. How do we integrate these seemingly very opposite needs? We can start by honouring our need for space, privacy and the freedom to pursuit our own interests. We do not need to be joined at the hip with our lover. Oh, look at this – on the 3rd Venus conjoins the asteroid Juno (we have several days leeway around this date). Juno has the power to ‘transform relationships’. The message is very clear. Time to change, to transform, to heal – the way we relate. With Saturn – IN the sign of Libra, and conjoining Venus as October begins, the power of this transformation lies is accepting our need for solitude, as well as our commitment to our relationship. We are not currently in a relationship with an intimate other? No exclusion – we are always in relationship with others – friends, family……all worthy recipients of our commitment, care and kindness. And above all, we are always in relationship with ourselves. How about entertaining the idea of taking seriously (Saturn) our commitment (Saturn) to LOVE (Venus) ourselves ?? How does that look for you? How kind are you towards yourself? Most of us are our own worst enemies – constantly criticising everything from our appearance to our efforts in the world – and don’t even start on the mistakes of the past ! Let’s decide, this month, now in fact, to drop all that. Find everything you can to love about yourself and bask in your own beauty (for a change).
On the 9th Venus leads the planetary shift into the sign of Scorpio. So now we have all this Libran energy infused with the intensity, passion and seductive powers of Scorpio. Those words speak volumes in themselves. So, as conscious seekers, how can we best take this energy to the higher ground? Scorpio certainly has a dark face (secrets, betrayal, dark sex) – but we don’t need to go there. The higher ground of Scorpio is – here it is again – transformation and healing. Venus is in Scorpio – so the power is at hand to heal and transform our relationships.
Do you detect a theme? It continues. The following day, Mercury links up with Juno. Time to talk about it. Communication and understanding has the power to heal every wound. Make the most of this energy by sharing your thoughts – remembering to do so with kindness. Keep Scorpio’s intensity out of the range of anger, and instead take it into the heart – intensity of love, depth of passion, sincerity, compassion.
The Full Moon on the 12th is in Aries – the opposite sign to Libra. The light is being shone on Saturn (it conjoins the Sun) – highlighting everything we’ve been saying about taking responsibility. We may have to dig deep, probably will, as old patterns surface (emotions run high under the Full Moon influence) – to maintain our resolve to do the work, be mature, act with dignity and accept the sometimes bleak bits of commitment (how it impinges on our freedom!) Never mind – it is important work we are doing here. Saturn always brings its rewards in time. If we flag the lesson – we will only meet it later on down the track. Best to use the energy now do what we need to do – to strengthen our connections with others, lovers, friends, people we work with – and to think (and act) less in our own interests. Co-operation – Libra’s middle name – is the key.
Mercury trips into Scorpio on the 13th (it’s all go!) – so time to express all the passion and intensity we feel. Why hold back? Open your heart and watch the grip of self-protection soften. What’s to lose? Only the pain of holding the pain.
Then on the 15th Venus opposes Jupiter – we’re integrating our need to relate with our need for more. Love, sex, the good things in life – we may well go all out to indulge in, under this influence. I hate to be a wet blanket – but try not to lose sight of Saturn in all of this. Then again, we are just as capable of learning through the good stuff, as through the pain. As long as we keep the balance. Saturn in Libra is asking us to do this. It’s no longer all about us. And equally, it isn’t all about them either…!
The Sun goes into Scorpio on the 24th of the month. We are becoming now, more interested in the depth in our relationships, than the superficial. If you’ve recently started a new relationship – it is likely to go deeper, become more intense, possibly more painful – as the Sun moves through this sign. We’ll talk more about that next month.
A Scorpio New Moon on the 27th brings the month to a conclusion by underscoring the power of intention in our relationships. Take everything you’ve been working on this month, and create new intentions, at this potent time beginnings. That Venus is squared to Mars this day seems to further imprint the cosmos directive to bring integration to our relationships. We can have it all, we can be it all – in our relationships – if we stay mindful, present and open. The time for keeping the heart’s doors closed in pseudo self-protection is over. As we prepare to be birthed into the new age, all of that separateness stuff is becoming obsolete. We are all one. And the long trek of evolution to date has been about taking us to the limits of our separateness (the ego’s role) before we prepare to turn around and circle back to Oneness. Hallelujah.
Have a beautiful, peaceful, harmonious month – keep your power in the present and the future will take care of itself! Moreover, LOVE in the present and be assured of LOVE coming back to you (tenfold) in the future.!