September – Spring, new beginnings, new life. It’s that time of the year when we breathe a collective sigh of relief to feel the kiss of warm air on our skin and delight in the emerging abundance of the natural world – tuis feeding on kowhai blossoms, brilliant green leaves unfurling, magnolias and cherries blossoming.

The contracted, icey grasp of winter is losing its grip and life is feeling fresh with promise. And it is Virgo’s time of year. Virgo – purification and perfection. No wonder the urge to Spring clean comes up now. It is perfectly timely to clean and purify our surroundings – throwing away the dross of unused, dust-gathering items – and usher in a fresh new energy, in keeping with the world outside our door.

Virgo’s New Moon occurred on August 29, and it heralded a more benign energy than some we’ve seen this year. The Moon and Sun’s linkage with Pluto and Jupiter hints at greater abundance, the wealth of hidden resources coming our way. Think then, about where and how, your life is abundant. There may be many reasons to give thanks – and so encourage more of the abundance of the universe to come your way – than just the material. Wherever Virgo lies in your chart – this is your clue to the direction of your blessings this month.

September begins with a strong ‘sign’ of the recommencement of our healing journey – as Chiron goes direct on the 1st. All those of the ‘Chiron in Pisces’ generation (most of the 60’s) are in the throes of their Chiron Return, as the ‘wounded healer’ moves back and forth through Pisces for the next seven years. Kahlil Gibran said : ‘Doubt is a pain too lonely to know, that faith is his twin brother.’ Powerful words to keep in heart and mind, if you are working your way through pain, loss, separation, suffering. Keep the faith, in other words! Nothing is by chance, and the universe is compassionate. Everything that comes to us is for us……hard though that may be to see at the time.

On the 25th, Chiron slips back into reflective mode, as it retrogrades again. The earlier part of the month then, may be a time to openly confront the issues that burn at our core. Later, we can take them inside and work on healing them.

Jupiter has decided to go retrograde just as September begins, in Taurus – slowing down our drive to expand and improve ourselves. We may be quite content to sit and watch the world go by. Well, until the 17th that is, when Pluto changes gears and begins its direct journey through the zodiac. Note this date as one to begin the transformation (again) in earnest. Is it an inner, or an outer one? Either or, Pluto, when active is not about letting us sleep-walk through life. Like it or not, the skies are saying it is time now, to plunge down into the depths, stay very awake, and initiate the change that all transformations ask of us. Life is a healing journey after all. Time now to stop staring at the television and hoping it will all be okay. Maybe start with some good Spring cleaning!

On the 9th, Mercury goes into Virgo – a helpful energy for all forms of research, report writing, analysing. Virgo ruled Mercury will be urging us now to pay attention to the finer details and to sort things out. Purification and perfection remember; are underscored from now on.
Venus slips meanwhile out of Virgo and into Libra, on the 15th – signalling an easing up of our social relationships. Greater tolerance for others’ perspectives replaces a critical, fault-finding attitude towards our nearest and dearest. A helpful energy for creativity, interior decorating, beautifying your surroundings.

Mars, lagging behind – leaps into Leo on the 19th of the month. Out of the moody, watery oceans of Cancer – and into the fire of fun! – Mars wants some pleasure now. Leo is about joy, romance, pleasure, creative self-expression – and yes – being the centre of attention. We all have Leo somewhere in our charts – so now this area of life becomes energised and enlivened. If Leo rules your 2nd house of money – you might find new, creative ways of making some. If it rules your 5th or 7th houses of relationship – then be ready for some fiery, passionate times. Mars energy is about making things happen. In Leo, it is colourful, creative, impulsive – lively. Enjoy it while it lasts.

On the 23rd the Sun changes sign and enters Libra – the Spring Equinox and demarcation of our year – Spring officially begins, so prepare for your new beginning. When Daylight Savings begins on the 25th (yay!) we will know we have come through the dark times and as the wheel turns once more, recognize the value of every season – of the year, and of our lives. We are all on this journey together.
Happy Spring Cleaning!