It’s party time! The Sun’s in Leo. Sunny Leo, in its pure state, is famed for its love of a good time. Ready to roar (so everyone knows it’s there) party animal Leo knows how to extract maximum pleasure from life…….….and can you imagine a more perfect antidote for the standard depression of late winter?
Nope……but, as usual, the celestial picture is never quite that simple. The Leo New Moon, occurring on July 31st is joined by Venus. So far so good. Venus’ presence here underscores the pleasure/romance side of things. However the angles are a tad stressful. If a scintillating new encounter occurs, stay wary. If it seems too good to be true – that’ll be because it is. These aspects don’t look like smooth sailing. But hey – maybe it’s our fault for getting too serious about love and relationships in the first place – thinking every time: ‘maybe this is the one’…… craving permanence, when really – this month at least, the energy seems to be about enjoying yourself while you can, having the presence of mind to stay light about it, and keeping expectations out altogether.

If someone really does knock your socks off, just stay cool for a bit – wait until Mercury turns direct again on the 27th. From the 3rd, this trickster planet is retrograde – urging us to reflect, and reconsider. On the 8th, it moves backwards into Cancer – joining Mars there. Oh great. Just when things were looking like hotting up, an oversized wave is poised to pour cold water on open hearts. We love Cancer, for its enormous depth of feeling and sensitivity, for its mothering and protective instincts. But when fiery Mars dives in on the 3rd, watch the emotional current pick up. Mars energises the feeling nature in Cancer, heightening all our protective and defensive instincts. Concern for loved ones notches up a level and we may find ourselves with heavy hearts – as our link with our children and families seems more vulnerable all of a sudden. On a personal level, try to find healthy channels to release these intensified emotions. With the Sun in Leo, get creative, socialise more, have FUN. What better way to release emotions than go out dancing with friends? And if romance comes along, remember the caveat above – hold no expectations, keep it light.

As far as creativity goes, this Mercury retrograde period is a perfect time to work quietly on creative projects. In fact many planets are retrograde this month – appropriate for this late winter month. So the general trend – despite the Leo Sun’s urging us to lighten up and have fun, is more towards introspection and reflection. We can do both. If you are working on creative projects, resist the impulse to roar about it, until after the 27th. Instead think about re-working, re-fining, re-creating, re-wording. Then, when Mercury goes direct again, you can bring your creations out into the world.

On the 5th Neptune backtracks into Aquarius again, for a six month visitation before finally committing to Pisces, where it will stay for many years. This last burst of Neptune in Aquarius affords the fixed signs, particularly those in the late degrees, an opportunity to zone out and tune into the universal waves of transcendence (and escape) one last time. A great six months to get creative Aquarius, Leo, Taurus and Scorpio – healthier than the experience of ego wipe-out (!) Once Neptune is fully immersed in Pisces we will all begin to move into a new consciousness that has as its foundation, the undeniable reality of our Oneness.

Mercury slips into Leo on the 8th – now’s the time to get the creative juices flowing.

From the 9th to the 11th stay very mindful. Surprise events may catch you sleeping – as Mars’ harsh aspects with the outers Uranus and Pluto (in Cancer) trigger deep emotions. Factor the possibility of things getting quickly out of hand, in all interpersonal dealings – then decide if it really is worth expressing that thought, or not. Molehills can become mountains all too easily at this time, putting you back a thousand years.
The Full Moon this month occurs on the 14th, in Aquarius. Untypically Aquarian, the energy of this Full Moon has a relationship flavour – with Venus opposing the Moon. The capacity to see others more clearly, with the gift of Aquarian objectivity, is heightened.

Meanwhile, Pluto continues is backward passage through Capricorn, prompting further expozays and shake-ups of those in power. Watch for more skeletons to be dragged from the cupboards of corrupt organisations, as well as individuals. Oh how the mighty have fallen could become the catch-phrase for this time in his-story. (It is only his-story)..

The Sun slips into Virgo on the 23rd, lighting up our desire to be more helpful, to be of service to our fellow-man. Egocentricity takes a backseat now, as Virgo energy prompts us to become more conscious of what skills we have to offer, to help the cause of moving us all out of the hole of self-centredness, and towards a more Neptunian awareness of our interconnectedness.
A New Moon in Virgo bids August farewell, on the 29th… We’ll talk about that in September….

All up an interesting, not-all-is-as-it-seems sort of month. Keep Mercury retrograde in mind, without being overly obsessive about it. Life goes on – and the flavour of the Sun in Leo (for the first three weeks of this month) is about ENJOYMENT. Sometimes we need permission to enjoy ourselves. That permission has just been granted. Have fun.