I’m thinking about the subject of Surrender alot right now……… With Neptune making a Solar Arc to my Asc/Dsc (a sensitive point in the horoscope) – there is sufficient reason to think about surrender – because it is one of Neptune’s key preoccupations.  Letting Go.  Learning to let go, or non-attachment, in Buddhism, is possibly one of the most challenging ‘human nature’ bits we have to slash our way through in this life.  It goes against our grain, really, to let go. We’re so much better at holding on.  It isn’t hard to figure why that is.  Basically we are all insecure, fearful and angst-ridden – full of unexpressed rage about finding ourselves in this condition of separateness – the mantle we took on when we incarnated.  Fear makes us want to hold on………to any and everything:  people, possessions, ideas, beliefs, stuff…….    Letting go is easy to say, but so hard to do. I think it is particularly difficult for ‘Neptunian’ people to let go.  The heart pain we Neptunians feel, over anything to do with loss and surrender, can be completely all-consuming.  For a time at least. Until we eventually get it……..after many tears and conversations with friends and self.

Why is it – that individuals sensitive to Neptunian rays, (and that means anyone having a significant Neptune transit) – struggle so with this concept??  And yet, during Neptune transit – surrender is precisely the ‘cosmic task’ being asked of us.  How then – can we make it easier on ourselves??
Any thoughts??