Uranus is poised to enter the sign Aries – on May 28 (here in NZ)….. This is a once-in-seven-year event – Uranus’ ingress into a new sign. True, it will retrograde back into Pisces in July for the remainder of the year…..so this is just a taste really, of things to come.  Aries of course is the sign of new beginnings! Jupiter will join Uranus in Aries a week later. So what does this mean?? Who knows – is the short answer. Uranus is the planet of ‘surprises’ – so there you go.  Whatever comes with this ‘new beginning’ energy, is going to be unexpected.  Jupiter represents truth – Uranus freedom, so truth and freedom come together in some new way. Wherever Aries lies in our own charts, will be the sphere of life we will most likely see shift, under this potent new direction.  Bearing in mind of course, there will be some back-tracking (with the retrogrades) – so things will not really get moving I don’t think, until 2011. But this is a taste. There may be some endings to see to, some completion to be signed off through the last half off 2010, in preparation for our new chapter.  Uranus represents individuality and originality – so there is a sense of coming more into our own; owning our uniqueness. Aries is not afraid of stepping out, speaking up, letting the world know it is there – so perhaps this is where many of us will feel the shift. We will feel a stronger urge to be authentic. We’ve all had enough, quite frankly, of the BS of the past couple of years – where our security has been so seriously undermined by the ‘powers of authority’  who have engineered our financial enslavement. So many of our ‘issues’ spin from this place. We are living, still, in 3D – and in this place, material security is paramount.  True, we are edging away from this ‘reality’ – towards something so much bigger and better. But old habits die hard. And here is where we still find ourselves.  Truth and Freedom joining in a place of newness sounds to me like a rally call to stop settling for this imposed reality and start creating our own. Aries is the pioneer, the leader, the trail-blazer.  Where can we trail-blaze in our own lives??  Where do we most need to stop following the herd? Where do we most need to stand up for ourselves and own who we really are? We are not ‘one of the masses’ – we are unique individuals, on a mission toward individuation – meaning the fulfillment of the highest expression of our beingness. There is nothing herd-like about that.  Uranus is Excitement. Aries is Fire, Passion, Courage, Outward thrusting energy.  This is the drive we need right now to get out of the rut we’ve been shuntered into. We didn’t choose it – but now we can choose to be free of it.  Truth and Freedom. Time to be who we are – unapologetically, fearlessly. Let’s embrace this new energy with excitement and find within ourselves, the courage to be the unique sparks of embodied spirit that we are – pioneers of a new way of being, a new and potent truth – and a new life.