I’m back from a week stay in Heaven…..  Well, Fiji to be precise.  What is it about the tropics that makes the whole of life feel so different?  I was thinking about this as I sat watching the sun sink on yet another perfect day…..the white sand warm beneath my feet, the tepid, crystal clear ocean – from which I’ve recently emerged – hynotically lapping the shore. Serenity – in everywhere I look, everything I feel. Palm trees becoming silhouettes, circle of sky a symphony of colour, sun sinking – changing clouds into works of art in peach, silver and coral, sun radiating love, it feels, in her farewell.  The air is so warm it’s like being in a delicious bubble of softness where boundaries all dissolve away.

And that is it!  That is why, I realize, it all feels SO good.  In such a warmth and beauty, our boundaries fall away and we merge with our surroundings. Well, I do anyway. The feeling of calm, tranquility, awe – in witnessing this divine spectacle – all serves to dismantle those rigid, impermeable membranes that normally separate us from this world. That keep us in the illusion of separation.

And I am then taken, in my thoughts to the question of polarity, or duality – and oneness. I feel so completely merged in Oneness here, on this beach, with this sunset. I feel this way too, when swimming or just floating about in the warm ocean that surrounds this exquisitely beautiful little island.  I know why it feel so good:  ‘real life’ has been left far behind – meaning the assorted daily fears and anxieties, concerns, responsibilities, lists of things to do, to accomplish, to feel guilty or regretful about.  All of it has dissolved. Polarity – where fear lives, has dissolved.  This is the closest I can get (just about) to feeling the deliciousness of Oneness – here on planet earth.  I haven’t had the ‘enlightenment’ experience. But this is good enough for me. I am fully present, fully in this moment.

Now it is but a sweet memory.

Three weeks ago I began a year long course in death.  We will meet once a month, for two hours – and share our thoughts on death.  Inspired by Steven Levine’s book “One Year to Live” – the intention is, through thinking about our deaths, we will come more fully into our lives.  This is to be a journey in consciousness.  Immersed in the Oneness of a Fiji sunset (with, or without gin & tonic) – I felt closer to the mystery. The veil that separates duality from oneness, is part of the same veil that separates life from death.

More to say on this another day.