Fiji Sunset…

Fiji – my favourite corner of paradise. The sun, the sea, the stars…. when we sit in stillness and enter into the luminosity, the grandeur of the natural world, in a place of beauty – we can touch a little more easily, the infinite……  We enter the infinite too, through our imagination. Imagination is the doorway……..the portal to the infinite, that the rational mind tries to keep closed.  These are the domain of Neptune – beauty, imagination, the thinning veil of sunset, paradise…  We NEED to feed the part of us that resonates with Neptune’s vibrations. We NEED to escape the everyday world, through immersion in natural beauty, through our creativity, our imagination. Our desire nature fuels our soul’s longing to connect with the imaginal, ethereal, other-worldly dimensions of Neptune.

I find it fascinating that the word desire means ‘of the stars’….. As we make our unique life journey, we are walking with the destiny suggested by the stars, symbolized in our birth charts or natal horoscopes.

Our desires are written there, in the symbolic language of astrology. Our desire nature is ‘dictated’ if you like, by the frequencies reflected in our horoscopes; that is, the vibratory frequencies of the planets, as they are ‘arranged’ in the unique pattern of our charts.

For example, if our Sun is in Aquarius, we will desire connections with like-minded groups of people, we will desire a social network, and at the same time, we will also demand our freedom to operate within this network as we see fit.  If our Moon is in Pisces, we will desire the experience of different levels of consciousness, of the intangible, symbolic side of life. To this end we may pursue an involvement in music, or art, dance, or literature – or we may want to experience a different consciousness through taking drugs or alcohol (the darker path)! Pisces is ruled by ‘other-worldly’ Neptune.

We separate from unity, and make the trek through polarity, through our desires. Our task is ultimately to return to unity, to our source. But first we must go out into the world, express our uniqueness, create, experience life in form. We must learn to work with the personality we have been given (or earned) – as illuminated in the birth chart. We must learn about consciousness and how to define and express ourselves through our consciousness. And we must learn what love is.  Love in the world of form, is the major component of the syllabus we working our way through here.

Through our desires, we are lead to experience all of this, our self-consciousness, our creative self-expression, and our capacity to love. And through desire, we learn ultimately to transcend our egos, as our understanding of love grows, and to make our way back to unity.

We are here as part of the collective, and our journey involves immersion in the collective energy. At this point in our evolution, ego consciousness has reached its zenith and is poised to fall away – as we become more conscious of our divine origins and of our true nature………