All over the planet weather patterns have changed. Natural disasters are occurring almost monthly, at the same time as we’re experiencing the fall-out of the worst global financial collapse since the Depression (and the astrologers are saying it’s not over yet!) Simply, life as we knew it has ceased to exist. Because I don’t buy the ‘official story’ on climate change (that it is attributed to the man-made impact of greenhouse gasses), I’ve been interested in what actually is going on. What is responsible for climate change and the disasters – natural or otherwise – because there is little doubt, something is up?

At the risk of pointing out the obvious – it appears the Sun has a major role to play in the earth’s temperature; and has done forever – long before we began burning fossil fuels in fact.  Europe has just experienced its coldest winter in 160 years, coinciding with a ‘solar minimum’ period – which began in 1985. Minimum refers to solar activity. We are half way back to a ‘Maunder minimum’ which is: ‘a prolonged period of very low activity on the sun’. The last time this occurred was in the latter half of the 17th Century – a period referred to as a mini ice age.

Now, we may be half way back to another mini ice age (and it certainly felt like that in Wellington last winter) – but here the story takes a twist. Every eleven years the sun’s magnetic field flips – the north pole becoming the south and vice versa. This ‘flip’ coincides with a period of tremendous solar activity – a ‘solar maximum’.  We are now approaching such a period; which indicates it is unlikely we will continue on into a full Maunder minimum, but rather, the reverse will occur. We have entered ‘solar cycle 24’ – as of late 2008 and this particular cycle is predicted to produce solar flares up to 50 per cent (!) stronger than those of the last cycle. And, what is more, this cycle will peak in 2012!

At this time, the Vedic Kali Yuga cycle comes to a conclusion, along with the Mayan’s 5,125 year cycle.  The Kali Yuga is said to be the most dense of all the cycles of the ages; one dominated by greed and warfare.  Not only do we have two major cycles known in the ancient worlds coming to an end in 2012, but the date also coincides with our ‘galactic alignment.’  Once every 26,000 years the solstice sun lines up with the mid-plane of the Milky Way. According to the Mayans, this rare galactic alignment signals a great transformation on the planet.

There is little doubt we are in the process of a major shift. We are in the transition now – and so is our planet.

This story has many layers – as the physical implications blend with the metaphysical. We are not just physical bodies on a material planet; we are spiritual beings living in an ensouled universe. The cosmos is a living, breathing, conscious entity and there is a spiritual, or invisible counterpart to everything in the manifest or visible world.  Hold that thought….

Our earth is protected by a magnetic shield – which prevents us being burnt up by radiation. Solar flares when they occur, slam into, and compress the earth’s magnetosphere. (The leftover energy falls down the magnetic lines of the planet’s poles – creating the northern and southern lights.)  According to clairvoyant, speaker, writer and founder of Mastering Alchemy ( Jim Self, the predicted increase in solar flares of cycle 24 will have the effect of breaking down the magnetic field around the earth which is part of the ‘veils of unconsciousness that hold polarity in place’. Wow! I cannot say all I would like to on this – but you can intuit the significance for yourself, I am sure.  I believe much of what we are all experiencing and feeling right now, is about the beginnings of a break down of polarity.  Behind polarity, lies oneness – and this is where we are heading.

What is occurring during this transformational shift we have entered into (due to peak in 2012) is occurring across every aspect of our being.  Our heartbeat is expanding – in attunement with the energetic pulse of our planet, which itself is being pushed to a higher frequency by the bursts of light flooding in from the central sun, via Alcyone (the sun of our galaxy), and via our own sun. Metaphysically, light is information – in-formation. This light, stepped down from the centre of our galaxy and beyond, is altering our DNA. We are metamorphosising! And we will continue to do so for the next two and a half years.  The earth herself, is cleansing the density of her lower fourth dimensional (astral) energies in preparation for this shift. The earthquakes and natural disasters are part of this cleansing process. (The lower astral holds all the dark, negative thought and emotional energy ever generated by all the individuals living on the earth. No thought or emotion simply disappears…) This is all part of the rebirth process we have entered into – and no birth or rebirth, ever occurs without pain. Many of us are experiencing our own individual rebirth pains in the form of financial disaster (the word ‘disaster’ btw means ‘against the stars’), relationship break-ups, health issues etc. We too, are being ‘cleansed’ – of all the thought and emotion we no longer need – as we prepare to move into a whole new way of being.

It is our unconsciousness which keeps us in the fear and separateness of the 3D world – or the world of form.  We are being asked now, to let go of fear and of separatist thinking and embrace a way of living that is centered in the heart; a way that will take us into the fourth and fifth dimensions.  When we live from the heart, love replaces fear.  As we expand our consciousness we will know oneness is who we really are. We will see the illusion of separateness for what it is, and when we do, life will change in ways we cannot begin to imagine.

It will be imperative for us to become as conscious as possible, as we move through this transitional time. Why? Because, we cannot move into heart based living until we expand our consciousness to the point where we ‘encompass and transcend’ the ego. It is the ego that keeps us anchored in the density and fear of the third dimension. Evolution always progresses through a system of ‘include and transcend’.  We are being called on now to include, which means accept, our ego nature (don’t fight it in other words) and transcend it – which we do by going beyond it – by way of our higher mind. Ego then, no longer determines our perceptions and beliefs. Our divine essence does. We let go of the illusion that we are separate – and embrace our infinite consciousness. This is how we live from the heart.

It’s exciting to be in the world at this time, and to be part of the magical mystery tour that is taking us who knows where. We cannot know where we are going and what life will look like when we get there – but the signs are here, for those with eyes to see, and they are all pointing in the same direction – to the heart. All we have to do is stay as conscious as possible, and in this way, we will move from fear to love.  If we choose to stay unconscious, the days ahead will be challenging indeed. At the end of the day, we are simply consciousness having an experience – and all experience is transitory.  Behind the illusion of separation, we are all one, and we are all infinite consciousness.